Ela  10-October-2007


I am Ela from Arcturus, and for a long time our interest in you has revolved around the growth of your consciousness and in your understanding of energy, and its various applications. We have explained how it is being beamed to Earth from many sources, most notably your Solar Sun. It is the Light and Life Force of your system, without which life would cease to exist as you understand it. We are but one of many contacts with you, that have explained how energy dominates your everyday life. It comes at you from all directions, and affects all forms of life. Every living form absorbs energy and also gives it out, and it can operate in a positive or negative manner.


By now many of you appreciate that what you draw to yourselves, is also planted within the Earth and there is an interaction between the two. You are dependent upon each other for your existence and quality of life. You are a single entity of mass consciousness, that in turn also affects every other form of life way out into Space. You therefore have a great responsibility to each other and all life wherever it is. On Earth there are many life forms that are invisible to your eyes, and although their vibrations are slightly higher than yours, they are nevertheless affected by your presence. Now you should be able to understand the dependency you have on each other, but Man has a greater responsibility than all others.


Your thoughts, words and actions all carry energy that manifests as thought forms, and these can in some instances remain on Earth indefinitely. They can become so powerful that they link with like energies, and continue to influence you for better or otherwise. Over millennia of time the negative aspects have been dominant, and led to a decline in the quality and level of life upon Earth. Low points have been reached where the destruction of your home became a real possibility. However, there are Beings both on and off Earth, who have taken on a mission to uplift you into the Light and that has been very successful.


Now you have grounded a powerful Light Force that is rapidly transmuting the dark energies, and it is awakening more of you to the truth of your reality. It is a time when there are great thoughtforms of Light that seek to link with Man. It gathers pace and is instrumental in bringing the higher vibrations to Earth. It will eventually reach a point, where you will experience more noticeable changes in your body. The benefit to you will show itself in a greater degree of health, and protection against outside influences. Aging and ill health are both expected to come to you in the latter stages of your life. However, this will no longer be the case as you rise above the limitations that you have placed upon yourselves.


Those thoughtforms that have travelled through many lives with you are breaking up. You are creating a new reality consistent with the new and higher energies that will eventually lead to Ascension. It is therefore necessary that you release the old paradigm, as a new Man is emerging that will reflect the original etheric blueprint of perfection. Try to change the way you think of yourself, by believing in and cultivating a new vision that no longer clings to the old one of disharmony and lack of balance. Project your idea of perfection about you and believe that it is for all Humanity, and you will surely help it manifest in your time upon Earth. As you are beginning to understand, it is up to you as to which reality you choose.


Thought and desire coupled with willpower are the most powerful tools that you can use, and all of you are contributing to the changes taking place. The Lightworkers that have taken on the task of releasing the old energies bound to the Earth, have been most successful. Mother Earth has cried out for your help, and your response has alleviated a situation that could have led to great upheaval. Physical changes are still going to be necessary, but the future of the Earth is assured and life will be protected as far as possible.


The plan for the cleansing was conceived as soon as your Industrial Age began. It was anticipated that you would fail to recognise the damage you were doing before it was too late to reverse it. The Galactic Federation has held the balance on Earth for a long time, and serious pollution has been cleared or minimised to protect you from its effects. Your Ascension is not just important for you, but is part of a great plan for the complete Universe. In no event could you have been allowed to fail on this occasion.


We of Arcturus are one of a number of Star Nations that will be amongst the first to arrive on Earth. There is much work to be done, but already preparation has taken place through our contact with various groups throughout the world. We come from levels that many of you will rise up to, and it will signal your return to your real home. Earth is a school that many souls have joined up with, because of the wonderful opportunities it offers to evolve at a faster rate. Nowhere else in this Universe is it possible to do so as quickly, and that is why so many civilisations are represented here. It is the expression of the Creator’s desire to experience duality through you, whilst allowing you an opportunity to expand your own consciousness.


You tend to think of us and other Space Beings as alien to your life form. That is not so, and many of us are so much like you in appearance we could easily walk amongst you without being noticed. You all have homes and other families outside of Earth, and some have incarnated together for that reason. As soon as First Contact becomes possible, you will begin to learn about your true heritage amongst the stars. We all have a common source within the consciousness of God, and will accompany each other on our journey through the wonderful realms of Light. There is beauty unparalleled upon Earth, and life forms abound everywhere in their own expression of the Creator’s plan.


I am Ela and ready to greet you as one of the Galactic Federation members. We have patiently waited a long time for the approaching re-union with you, and have so much to impart that will quickly raise your vibrations. Use your positive ability as great Beings with a never-ending capacity to love all life, and your path will light the way for others who are just awakening.  


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.