Ag-agria  5-October-2007


How you love to hear about predictions, and currently there are no shortage of them. It is inevitable that people with psychic abilities will feel that they have picked up strong impressions of events that are upon you. Where they are positive in nature and do not transpire, do not be too disappointed. What is happening is that probabilities that are near the surface and ready to manifest, are being picked up. In other words allow for errors in understanding, but take the positive news out of it. However, it also requires that you are discerning where the source of the prediction is concerned, as there are nevertheless some who delight in giving out deliberately misleading information.


You are in times that are full of potential, and much is happening that is reaching a climax.  Sometimes the feeling of an impending event is so powerful that many pick up on its energy. It is interpreted according to the level of consciousness that the person holds. So the same energy can evoke somewhat different pictures in the minds of those receiving it. You are in any event becoming more sensitive to the energies around, and precognition and similar impressions will become more prevalent.


At our level we register the potential within the Human consciousness through the use of our advanced and sophisticated computers. We can tell from one second to another which level your Mass Consciousness has reached, and it does change quite dramatically according to what is going on around you. When you experienced the last big tsunami that resulted in much damage and loss of life, there was at first fear quickly followed by an upsurge of love and compassion for those involved. At present there are those who are despondent and see no future for mankind, but also others who have awakened to the importance of the changes and see a positive outcome.


You are Beings that show how you feel because you have an immense capacity to be emotional. It can be uplifting and joyful, but also at times very damaging and harmful to you when it is of the negative energy. Emotions are what you love to display and they also have a very powerful effect on others. Part of your challenge within duality is to harness your emotions, and not allow them to rule you. Often where emotions are concerned they are initiated by your ego, and you are quick to react if you feel that someone has offended you. It is no good telling yourself that you have no control over them, as they exist only because you have allowed them to rule your life.


Coming events will bring all kinds of emotional responses from you, particularly when the last cabal is brought down. The truth of how you have been oppressed and manipulated for eons of time will offend and shock so many people. Guarding against allowing your emotions to run away with you will be so important. By all means enjoy and celebrate your release from the control and clutches of the dark, and live in the potential for positive change that will follow and look to the future at all times.


Even now you can positively project your mind into the future as you visualise it, and in so doing you will hasten its manifestation. All is energy and your thoughts mould it into form that will come into being. You do therefore need to guard against linking your energy with thoughts that are promoting the fearful ideas of the dark forces. They never cease trying to control your mind, and creating unrest and despondency are just some of their tactics. Do not fall into the trap of believing that you have no power to shape your future. You are powerful Beings who are only now realising your true potential. If your Mass Consciousness was to rise sufficiently, you could change the world in the twinkling of an eye.


When you can believe in yourselves and reclaim your sovereignty, it is you who will set the course for Man. Ascension will take place regardless, but the manner in which it passes is very much down to you. We of the Galactic Federation are your mentors and guides, and no doubt you will recognise our presence as one of benevolent and peaceful beings. You will be consulted and we will work together with you to instigate the changes that will restore your planet. It will be an adventure in which we are to make our technologies available to you. It will not take long before you close the present gap that exists between us, placed there due to the restrictions and limitations that have deliberately retarded your growth.


Your leaders understandably are scared of the impact that we are making, in spite of their attempts to conceal our presence amongst you. They wish to hold onto their power over you, and will relinquish it only when we confront them with the edict from the heavenly forces that have decreed the plan for mankind. No one can override the Creator’s decision to lift your Universe up into the higher dimensions, and the Earth cannot halt or delay that event.


At our level we can see how you are on the verge of a great breakthrough, that will really bring rapid changes. The Light is pulsating around you, and grows all of the time and you are changing with it. Your awakening is speeding on, and with it comes the realisation that you have the future in your own hands. The dark sense this and do all they can to distract you from your path. It will be to no avail as their empire is breaking up, as they can no longer exercise the power that they used to have. They huff and puff but greater powers than theirs are being established upon Earth. The people are taking back their power and never again shall it be taken from them.


I am Ag-agria and welcome these opportunities to contact you, as you need to know that there are forces working with you to ensure you take back total control of your Earth. You are to be released from the hold of the Illuminati and their minions, as their time is up and a new era has commenced in which they have no place. Love and happiness will return to your lives, along with hope and the assurance of a new Earth befitting of your Higher Selves.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.