Diane  01-October-2007 


Many events are coming to a head, and soon one will explode upon the scene, and you will realise that you have witnessed the first important change. Human awareness is forever changing, as the Light breaks down the dark energy that lies in pockets around the Earth. There are some hotspots such as Baghdad, and it will take a long time to cleanse that area. The Middle East in general has been a centre of negativity for millennia of time, and is one that Lightworkers are invited to focus their Light upon. It is the last bastion of the dark forces, and what happens there will determine the future of the world.


Remember that you are not alone in your efforts to bring peace to a troubled world. The Forces of Light are allowed to back your efforts, and do so both from the higher realms and from the Galactic Federation craft around your Earth. Out input is mostly directed at areas that are contaminated through pollution, and we stand with those who are involved in these activities. A healthy Earth makes for a healthy population, and we have already carried out much work in this connection. In fact we have kept dangerous levels of radiation and radioactive fall out to a minimum for many years.


It saddens us that those who claim to be “liberating” Iraq are the very ones that are causing widespread pollution and disease. We ponder what kind of mentality uses D.U. shells and other weaponry that is causing harm and illness to all occupants, including your own forces. Areas subjected to such diabolical weaponry are destined to be dangerous to human life for hundreds of years. Fear not however as we will totally cleanse these areas once we can safely approach them. After millennia of time warring amongst yourselves what is happening in the Middle East is a salutatory lesson to all Humanity.


We ask when will peace be on the agenda instead of war and conflict? You have been brainwashed to accept wars as part and parcel of your lives, and you have to ask yourselves why Humanity has not risen up against such policies. You allow the resources of the world to be wasted and destroyed, all in the name of conquest. All is not lost however, and a great Light has descended upon Earth that is at last reaching people and awakening them to the truth. Some will always ignore the obvious that stares them in the face, but in time the truth will carry such a powerful energy that only the diehards will be able to ignore it.


Duality was never expected to do other than give you the experiences of the lower vibrations. Finding harmony and balance has always been the challenge, but Man has become so immersed in them that he has forgotten his true self. The instinct for survival has been an important aspect of your make up, and without it you may well have perished. However, it was hoped that as the vibrations were lifted up, they would be replaced by ones that brought people together in oneness of purpose.


Modern communications have opened the world up to everyone’s gaze, and no more are the cultures and ways of others a mystery. With the widespread movement of people across the globe, you have also come to realise that there is little difference between you. The aspirations of most of you are to be allowed live in peace and harmony, but your warring leaders and military have always planned otherwise. The future of Earth is however assured, and it will be fully restored in spite of the widespread damage to the environment. Your future is no longer in the hands of those who are your elected leaders, but greater forces that act on the orders of Higher Beings who direct your activities. The Galactic Federation has many allies that earnestly desire peace for all people. There are also others not directly in contact with us who have expanded their consciousness, and become aware of what is needed to place the Earth on a peaceful path.


The Forces of Light are on Earth for a special mission, to bring peace through changes that come from both within and without. This important period in your evolution is not in the hands of the dark, although they would like to prevent your progress onto the path of Ascension. The end-times are already laid out before you, and whatever delay is caused it will not prevent your ultimate rising up into the Light. You are simply required to break away from the old patterning and paradigm, as a new one is there for the taking. Do not fear loss, as you have so much to gain by stepping into the Light.


Your expectations are naturally high, and we see that as essential as long as you hold fast to your ideals and are not distracted from your path. You are the creators of the future that is planned for Man. You are bringing it into being by drawing the higher energies permanently to the Earth. Bear in mind how strong and powerful you are, as your vision of the future is the one that you will bring to yourself. Freewill operates at all times and will not be taken away from you, as it is the Creator’s gift to all in this Universe. You are therefore creating the manner in which you will shift into the higher realms, unless of course you wish to remain in the present dimension.


You are so near to achieving the breakthrough that will see the major predicted changes coming into being. All is ready on our part as it has been for quite a long time, and we adjust to the shifting scenario to be able to act at a minutes notice. Our presence in your skies has alleviated the fear engendered over many years that created an image of marauding aliens that have designs upon Earth. Far from that image, we have followed your progress and helped where permitted to ensure completion of your cycle according to the greater plan.


I am Diane from Sirius, and as we have often told you, we are very close to you having taken part in your evolution in the early days of your development. Our interest has always been one of lifting you up, and that has been a challenging task. All has turned out well under the guidance of greater forces than ours that have planned your release from the cycle of duality. It has been a mission of love and great compassion for you at all times. Love is the energy that surrounds you and is the very essence of your Being.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.