Diane  22-October-2007


Matters are moving swiftly to a conclusion, and many openings are beginning to reveal themselves whereby the major changes may commence. A number of options are poised to strike at the remaining moves planned by the dark, and start the first open revelations of their real intentions. They are very clever at hiding their actions, but time is no longer on their side and they panic and make mistakes. It is a path upon which there is no return for them, and they have fully committed themselves to continue their battle for supremacy.


The confidence of those who are brave enough to speak out is growing, and it is encouraging others to be as bold. It will be a time when the truth shall find more support amongst those who have been unaware of what has been happening. The power of the people is returning and they are helping create the energy for change. We are able to strengthen your hand, by working with our allies to consolidate any inroads that are made against the dark forces. It is a game of serious consequences for them, as they will realise that their opportunity to achieve their aims has been lost. Tyrants or Dictators never leave quietly and the last thing they will admit is defeat.


Matters are nicely poised for a major revelation that will enlighten the people further. We are ready to take full advantage of any lapse that will give us the chance to further our own cause. We stand fully prepared and have moved into the final phase, that will bring a sudden end to the rule of the dark. It will be a strange time of confusion and yet relief, that at last you can see a future that addresses the many wrongs that exist right now. Most importantly it will give you back your freedom to determine your own future. It will restore your rights and it will be found that Humanity has not only been desiring a major change of direction, but is ready to put themselves wholeheartedly into it.


We know fully well the level of consciousness that exists, and it is rapidly becoming lighted with the desire for Humanity to take a higher path. There is a tiredness of being repeatedly led into confrontation and outright wars, none of which were unavoidable. Those with power have contrived incidents and reasons that have been deliberately set up to further their own ambitions. A major factor in the change of heart of the people has been their recognition of the Oneness of all souls. The "us and them", has become “We” along with the realisation that what you do to one, you do to all. That you sink or swim as a collective of countries, and co-operation is essential to the goodwill of all people.


You may not see the ideal situation as yet, but simmering below the surface of human consciousness is the desire to bring peace to Mankind. It only requires a few brave and outstanding souls to rise up and lead the way. They are in fact already with you and simply wait the right opportunity to oust the last cabal. It has taken an immense amount of planning to reach this point, but all proceeds extremely well. See how the outspoken representatives against the actions of the dark are becoming so well supported. People have been praying for new leaders, and they are rising up amongst you.


It is not by chance that matters have directed you towards another path. That has been carefully organised for many years, and largely achieved through awakening people’s consciousness. For this reason many Lightworkers have incarnated for the specific reason to be active at this time. The Light is not at the mercy of the dark forces and never has been. What you have experienced over millennia of time is the outworking of streams of energy, that you set in motion during the dark times of bygone centuries. The Laws of the Universe require you to be responsible for clearing what you have introduced yourselves. It is not in any way punishment, but as you reap so you shall sow.


Humanity is like any individual soul, and the Higher Forces are allowed to help as you make that climb back into the Light. All that happens is part of your experiences that will not be wasted, and are instrumental in your spiritual growth. You have come back to Earth time and time again to further your own evolution. It is lifting you up into the Light as you awaken to the opportunities to break away from the old paradigm. What served you well even just a century ago is no longer appropriate for those who aspire to a better way of life.


People no longer seek a temporary peace on Earth, but one that is everlasting and lays the foundation for the permanent peace. It requires the removal of the influence dark forces and their minions, and that plan is near to completion. The highest authorities of Heaven have answered your desires, and great Lighted Beings now oversee the plan of the Creator. All will end in the perfection that is in the Creator’s mind, and has been decreed for your Universe.


Love is the strength of each soul, and it is giving power to bring about the necessary changes that must precede First Contact. The energy of Light is loosening the hold of the dark by transmuting the dark energies, and weakening their ability to bring fear into the hearts of the people. There is no place for fear where the Light abounds, and we encourage you to hold fast regardless of whatever moves are made to unsettle you. Your Light is your protection and unless you drop your guard, you cannot be affected. Carry the assurance of your beliefs knowing that you are growing stronger day by day. There are never ending light energies being sent to Earth, and the more you can absorb, the more you will attract to yourself.


I am Diane of the Galactic Federation and from Sirius, a great star that shines brightly in your night sky. It is one that continually beams Light to you that is helping to uplift you. Many other stars play a big part in your upliftment, and they have also sent their representatives to you. Many are amongst you and work without knowing their true origin, but soon they will be awakened to their link with us. Your release from the dark and enlightenment as to the nature of your true selves is well under way. Our task is to prepare you and Mother Earth for the completion of this cycle, and in readiness for Ascension. You are grand souls who are greatly loved for your service to the Light.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.