St. Germain  29-November-2006  

As we look at you all and register your level of consciousness, we find a beautiful blossoming of a new awareness that is going to carry you forward to victory.  One that has already established the Light upon Earth in all its glorious power to speed up the changes. One that is manifesting the very opportunities that are needed to remove what was once the stranglehold of the dark. 

Never again in the remaining years before Ascension shall the dark dictate the course of Humanity. Instead the path has been clearly defined by the Light of millions of souls, who have risen up out of their slumbers and forgetfulness. They have recognised their true selves and purpose for being here in these momentous times. 

Now many walk their lives in one big prayer desiring what is best for all others. They see where upliftment is necessary, and their joy is to hold the vision of what would achieve it. This is attracting the energies for change into action, and with the speeding up of the vibrations the new reality is forming. Your success can be measured by the more subdued actions of the dark. Your Light is taking away their power, although they still harbour dreams of achieving their plan. 

The Light has amazingly grown in such a comparatively short time, and continues to gain strength. More souls are awakening and recognising their true ability to mould the future, and so it shall continue at even faster rates. This is what we anticipated, and it has given us the authority to assist you in even more meaningful ways than previously. We can respond to your positive prayers for help, and this is what we have always encouraged you to do. 

Working with the Light has required a great deal of faith on your part, as the results often take time to manifest. Progress cannot always be measured in ways that are necessarily apparent to you. However, now look around you and you will surely realise how much has changed since the Millennium. It was the time during which people were released from the fears of Armageddon, and similar prophesies that were expected  to take place. Instead, you raised your consciousness sufficiently that you overcame such dire probabilities. 

It was the turning point in your lifetimes, not without a little help from Beings of the Higher Realms. However, it was your impetus and desire for change that gave us the authority to do so. Man has never felt too comfortable or assured that his prayers are answered. This is partially explained by the idea that God will respond exactly in the measure to which your request is made. You will find that the most successful prayers are those for the good of all, although it does not preclude those for self. The energies you create by sending out your thoughts, are drawn together through the Law of Attraction creating a greater thought form. Therefore those that reflect the desires of the majority of the people are those that will have the greater chance of manifesting. 

We in the Higher Realms “hear” your prayers and are bound to respond to them, but there is a measure concerning the timing as to when it is made. We have to consider the overall picture, and you must bear in mind that the dark also have a place in it. Our input is to add further power to the thought form, and it is done in such a way that changes are achieved more often in a gentle and peaceful way. Even so, the Lords of Karma decide when a major change can take place, as it must be in accordance with the greater plan. 

On the face of it, it would seem to many that there is no plan at all. Chaos appears to rule and to a degree that is also true. However, what is not readily understood or seen is the outworking of the Light. It is subtle and effective without drawing attention to itself, because it works by transmuting the dark energies. As this happens, so the balance moves towards the Light that we can truly say is in its ascendancy. 

Many tune in to the Akashic Records and register the possibilities for change. Hence, you are finding more predictions are in evidence, as the changes become that much nearer to manifesting. Be aware however that the Earth is in a continual state of flux, and although the goal may be constant the manner in which you reach it has many possibilities. In particular, do not hold too rigidly onto dates that may be given but see them as a measure of how near events are to manifesting. 

You cannot be denied the coming period of joy and happiness. The peace you seek will come and seem unbelievable after the many lives you have experienced in times of confrontation and war. The collapse of the great civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria left you to pick up the pieces, and ever since you have been fighting to lift yourselves up out of the lower vibrations. The lowest point has since been reached, but now your resolve to move out of them has gained you the opportunity to leave them behind once and for all. 

What you are achieving right now is all credit to you who toil upon Earth. There is a determination and dedication that is born out of millennia of challenges, where your will has been forged in the fires of hell. Hell in this context is not some condition that exists off Earth, but is the very state created on it by mankind. Now proudly shine your Light to open up your path to Ascension, as it is the right time to leave duality behind.

I am St. Germain and stand at the helm of your ship, guiding you to the Promised Land. The Golden Age awaits your presence with all its promise of a land of milk and honey. A fairy tale existence where all is in absolute harmony and balance, and where happiness and beauty go hand in hand. Your journeys and experiences in duality will have proved well worthwhile, and the prize is the realisation of your true Self, in everlasting Love and Light. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.