Atmos  24-November-2006 

It is clear that those of the Light can now move forward with full confidence. There are more than enough signs that progress is rapidly escalating, and positive evidence that major shifts are well on their way to taking place. When they are announced there will be a tremendous outpouring of relief, and many who had no idea of what was about to occur will give their immediate support. 

Vast numbers of people still cling to old and outworn ideas, but are nevertheless seeking answers to the worldwide problems. Without knowledge of the Light it is difficult for them to see where they are coming from. However, there is a prompting of their consciousness from within as their coding is awakened. In reality they came into this period fully aware that there would be massive changes. Not everyone is necessarily going to take an active part, but acceptance of what is about to happen will be vital to its success. 

More people than ever clearly see that the world cannot keep going on its present path, but cannot see the results of work by the Lightworkers to set the changes in motion. Much of what is taking place is kept secret of necessity, and this applies to both on and off-world activities. You will understand the need for meticulous planning, as all must be in place for the final thrust of the Light.  

Do not be disappointed if you are not personally involved, but know that everyone can make a contribution by focussing on the Light. You need no other means to combat the dark and subdue their ability to continue manifesting their plan. Already they are finding it difficult, as people are no longer blindly obedient to their constraints and oppression. Man knows that there are better and fairer ways to share the bounty of the Earth, and the coming prosperity programs will provide an abundance of help. 

The wealth of the world is in the hands of too few people, and this will be addressed so that is more fairly distributed. Lack has been at the root of so many disturbances and problems, but the dark intentionally keep you in a state of need to have control over you. You will find that a totally different attitude will prevail once it is seen that a new dispensation will ensure a fair distribution of your wealth. Even the idea of looking after self first will gradually disappear, as it will be seen that there is no need for anyone to promote themselves above others. 

When Man accepts that he is his Brothers keeper, others will be put first according to their needs. There is much rebuilding to be done to gain the confidence and trust of those who have been downtrodden and ill-treated for centuries. Look at your history, and you will find that certain groups have been continually persecuted and often simply because of their colour. It is time to see beyond the outer appearance, and accept that all are born equal in their claim to a fair share of help and assistance in their times of need. 

For too long a selfish attitude has prevailed, and as a result millions of people are experiencing lives of bare existence that has hardly supported them. Of course many of you have recognised the problems, and although wishing to bring a change of circumstances have individually been unable to help in any meaningful way. Again all of that will change, and when First Contact is accomplished it will ensure that you have the back up needed to address the many problems that are crying out for attention. Adequate food, water, shelter and medical supplies are a first priority for those people living in deprived areas. 

These are not necessarily in the poorer countries, as even the ones that are considered to be wealthy have sections of their population that are in dire need and living in poverty. Even in your land of plenty there is a dramatic contrast in living standards, and for example still many of the victims of Katrina are destitute. These situations must be reversed, as everyone is entitled to the essential needs that ensure an acceptable standard of living. Is it not a blight upon the conscience of the world that so many are dying because their plight is ignored? 

Naturally the changes must go hand in hand with a declaration of peace, otherwise the misery of millions will continue. War is the Illuminati’s way of maintaining control over large parts of the world, and their ability to cause chaos and death will be removed very soon. Our plan is helped by the opening of hearts and minds that have seen the truth, and are already putting themselves forward to help upon our arrival. This is your Earth and has been your home for eons of time. We shall come with massive help, but it is also your responsibility to help put your “house” back in order. 

Our presence in your skies is to become more evident, and we shall do this without concern for the weapons trained upon our craft. This is not out of bravado, but simply because we can nullify any that are about to be activated. Of necessity we have monitored all military action, and are well aware of any intention to introduce new and more diabolical weaponry. You have lived for eons of time in confrontation with each other, and it has become accepted that wars are a necessary part of your lives. This is patently untrue and would have no place in a world that was built on Love and Light. 

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and a peaceful world is to descend upon Earth and dismiss any activity that has been designed around your war culture of ages past. The cost in lives has been beyond measure, yet they are your lives where you have returned to Earth time and time again to learn your lessons. It is time to recognise the truth in the saying that “what you do to others, you do to yourself”. Karma is tied to the wheel of rebirth, and that too shall eventually cease to be necessary. You are lifting up into the Light and the dark times will be completely left behind, and we shall all celebrate such a wonderful achievement. We send our love in great measure to accompany and strengthen you on the last steps of your journey. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.