Ela  22-November-2006 

I come to you dear friends from realms that are both your future and your past. Eons of time ago you were fully arrayed in the beautiful splendour of multi-colours that depicted your place in the higher dimensions. You wore your colours so that all would know of your demeanour, not that it was in anyway a show of egotism. You were known by the Light you emitted, and it was glorious and splendid in its purity. 

It is not that you have now fallen from grace, but you would have been unable to remain in the lower dimensions with full knowledge of your greatness. The lower vibrations immediately impacted upon you very quickly, and you were pulled into the duality of both positive and negative vibrations. As many of you now know, the veils of forgetfulness were drawn across your eyes so that you could fully immerse yourself in the challenges presented. 

You have never stopped being the great Masters of Light that you are, and in this most opportunistic time of transition you are beginning to find out the truth about yourselves. To greatness you shall return and rightly find your places again amongst your brethren of the White Brotherhood. Part of this stepping up will occur with Ascension, as it is a new beginning of a new path leading ever upwards. 

The positive energies being sent to Mother Gaia are locked into the Earth, and she too is helping you to awaken to your Higher Self. Accordingly, many of you should now be feeling more settled and at peace with yourselves. Slowly you are learning how to hold the higher energies and in no way should this feel strange. On the contrary, it is a most natural state of being that is re-awakening something deep within your subconsciousness. You have been here before and it is enabling you to break with the negative energies. 

How wonderfully well you have taken on the challenge of preparing for the end-times, and you hardly need reminding that many dark souls are doing their best to distract you. You cannot come to any harm unless you “invite” it or it is part of your chosen path to fulfilment. There has never been a time quite like now when the Earth and her inhabitants are receiving so much attention. Working unseen, Mighty Beings come close determined that you shall receive every conceivable help. It is the majesty within their souls through their link to the Creator that enables them to carry out the Divine Plan. 

Changes reach out far through the Universe, and could you ever imagine that the Earth would be left behind. No, and it is just as important as any other planet, but more so in view of the great uplifting that is to take place. Can you see how the Creator’s plan is conceived in the perfection that leads all back to the Source? You worry and concern yourselves over the activities of the dark, but their cycle must also be completed. Allow others to progress on their chosen path, knowing that all will be continually coming together in the course of time. 

The Creator sees all in the Now from beginning to end, yet cycles continue in a never ending interplay of experience in realities that are forever being recreated. As you move upwards so you will choose your path into even higher realms of beauty and perfection, that are unimaginable whilst you are on Earth. Yet, once in a while exceptional experiences give you a fleeting impression of such harmony, and in that moment the world stands still. 

Everything you can do now to raise your vibrations will increase the certainty of your Ascension. It is a personal matter that only you can carry through, although help is always at hand once the decision has been made to rise up. It is in the order of service to others that your Brothers and Sisters offer a helping hand. This occurs at all levels where many are ready to help create a pathway for you. It is possible that you will elect to become At One with those of a like consciousness, and so experience as a group soul. Your soul will nevertheless still retain its individuality whilst also experiencing through others. 

Become now that which you are already, and believe in your ability to manifest your highest visions of yourself. As the vibrations continue to speed up, with ease you will find it possible to develop a heightened awareness. The Earth and its cloying restrictions upon you, will soon disappear as the changes become stronger and the dark energies less effective. It is happening now and many are controlling this aspect of their lives. 

In a time not far away, you will have your freedom restored to seek and experience to your hearts desire within the Creator’s Kingdom. Would this not seem worth every effort that you are expending right now? In the blink of an eye you will have left this dimension behind, and its memories will become less important to you. Very soon you will understand the meaning of the Now and Infinite Life. 

I am Ela from Arcturus, and its powerful energies are playing upon Earth as part of the continual plan to lift you up as soon as possible. There can never be any doubt that Earth and those souls who are in readiness will ascend. The many Councils of the Heavens, the Angelic Realms and the Elohim are present, and this mighty army wielding the Sword of Light will lead you onwards. 

Live in love for your fellow travellers, and recognise their right to create their own path that may be different to yours. Never waver from your own path, and set your sights firmly on what you seek from life. You are the Gods who have power unlimited, but have yet to realise it. We commend you for your fortitude and determination to achieve your goals, and we love you for wearing your hearts upon your sleeves. You are truly magnificent in the creation of your own Light that shines out in a brilliance telling of your Love for each other.  

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.