St. Germain  20-November-2006 

Keep looking ahead and reflect on the changes as you see them occurring, knowing that what is happening on Earth right now is setting in motion the final phases of this cycle. Many different events are shaping up the paths to changes that will be clearly seen as major steps in your progress. 

For us who see and understand what is taking place, it is most gratifying that a response of the magnitude of Light you are creating is shaping your true destiny. You are gaining confidence in your approach to the problems confronting you, and have learnt how to put the Light to good affect. The band of Lightworkers increases all of the time, and even many of those who have hitherto distanced themselves from such souls are coming a lot closer. 

To accept the truth requires of you that you live it, and that is one of the most difficult changes to make. It is a responsibility to live as ones who have moved out of the grasp of duality to rule your own lives. Ones who have moved nearer to your true reality as mighty Beings of Light. The remarkable thing is that it is so natural for you to live this way, and it becomes easier and not harder as you tread this path. 

It is a fact that much unrest amongst people is because you have lost your way. Not that you should feel guilty at all, as in losing your true knowledge of self you are reflecting your drop into the lower vibrations and diminishing consciousness. It was known it would happen, and is part of the challenge for you to find your way back. No one will be stuck in these lower vibrations forever, but in the light of their limited understanding some still feel unready to release from them. Progress will commence from the time such souls are prepared to leave the old ways behind, and reach out for a new and higher way of life. 

Once you move more into the Light, your life will take on a new purpose and it will overcome many earthly difficulties. It is the dark energies that impact upon your consciousness and cause upheavals in your lives, and this is their way of controlling you. Once you break that hold, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to maintain your new freedom. What you need to do in life to fulfil your life plan becomes clearer, and also possible with your new found understanding. 

One of the hardest changes concerns your attitude to others who are often categorised according to colour and creed. See that all have the same origin having come from the Source of All That Is. You are forever linked with every other soul, and your approach should be one of recognising that you are All One. Even the darkest of the dark are from the Source, and perhaps you could see that they of all souls dearly need your love. 

It comes down to many lives where judgement of another has been made without fully understanding the purpose of life. Yet teachers have always travelled with you on every journey, but often they are ignored and their wisdom falls on deaf ears. Now you are with many souls who have come to Earth specifically for this time, to be available to those who are awakening. If you seek out these ones, you will surely find them eager to direct you on your path. Their influence and understanding will help you take a great step forward and determine where it will next take you. 

You have the older wise ones amongst, but now you also have many young ones who are already so far advanced that by example they show you the potential of Man. It covers areas such as healing and meditation and invites you to consider new ways of living. It also shows you that such gifts are available to all who would change their ways and open their hearts to the Light. 

Once you begin to gain understanding of your true status, you will find yourself naturally gravitating towards a life style of serving others. It comes through recognising the Oneness of All That Is, and knowing that everyone has a place in your evolution. All is best served through treating all as One and help lift up those who are struggling to find the Light. Be aware however, that specific life plans are set to lead you into opportunities to express yourself. If you have attracted the dark side to you it is going to enter your life, and how you handle it will determine its ability to have a lasting affect upon you. 

Dear Ones, life must sound rather difficult, and you may wonder how you are supposed to make headway when thrown into the morass created by the dark. The answer clearly lies in how you handle yourself, and whether you have learnt the lessons you came to experience. You can be presented with the same one time and time again, and indeed that will be so until you can prove that you have succeeded in overcoming the attraction of the dark. 

Given that freedom of choice is always yours, some will not easily be able to rise up and will choose to remain at the lower level. There is no reproach or stigma attached to such choices, but karma resulting from them will have to be cleared before you can move on. Even those of the Light will continue to be tested and that is the nature of experience in these realms. You will always need to be on your guard, but as you move more in the Light so you are drawing to yourself the very means of protection you need. 

As you become more confident of your own ability to stay within the Light, you will find yourself able be centred at all times and be calm. These are the times when you do your best work, as you are instrumental in helping others to do the same. Your influence is continually at work, and your Light will reach out and join up with others thus creating great areas of Light that will repel the dark energies. These in turn link with others until a network is developed that gives even more strength to each point of Light. 

I am St. Germain, and can tell you that at present you are entering the most exciting times as Light envelopes the Earth, and it is continuing to grow exponentially. It is your assurance that the changes are well under way and are speeding towards their conclusion. Go about your life with every confidence knowing you cannot fail providing you aspire to move into the higher vibrations of Love and Light. 

We know that events can never move fast enough for you, and it is a testing time for your patience. However, you can best help by bearing in mind that your most acceptable contribution is one that sees you assisting the Light. Do it through your own discipline in establishing a peaceful environment wherever you go, and you will be doing as much as is possible to ground the Light. 

See the Light at the end of the tunnel, as it is shining brightly and beckons to all who would take that path. It is, and will always be open to anyone who “sees the Light” and it is never too late to lift your sights higher. It is your choice and as such it will honoured. 

I will leave you with the thought that everything is in the Now, and you have therefore already succeeded in bringing this cycle to a conclusion. It now remains to manifest the changes upon Earth, and these are progressing well. We are as always with you, and our Love will strengthen you for this final part of your journey. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.