Ker-On  17-November-2006 

There is a magnificent Light glowing upon Earth, and for many the festive season beckons and there is yet another peak beginning to develop. Each time you create an opportunity for growth it adds to that which already exists. A feeling of love and togetherness is strongly permeating the different levels of existence, and bringing hope and comfort to many. 

The Light created in these circumstances remains for a long time, and it is instrumental in lifting people up. Those who earnestly seek peace have created a new level of awareness and it will continue to grow unabated. This will prove to be another great step forward, and the move away from the dark and their negative energies will become more noticeable than previously. 

A new paradigm is being created and it is cementing the foundation that has gradually been laid down for many years. It was always seen that it would be a slow process, but it has provided the opportunity that has been sought to broker the changes that are required to take a quantum leap forward. Everything is now rapidly moving forward to completion, and it will bring the long awaited events that will clearly reveal the future opening up before you. 

For you at the heart of everything that is taking place on Earth, it can be a confusing time and although you cannot necessarily see how the Light is growing, many can feel the new and uplifting energies carrying them forward. In the midst of chaos a certain assurance is given to you that brings a positive feeling that all is well. You sense intuitively the coming together of people all over the world who have created a grid of Light that is their expression of peace. A peace that is not defined in any particular way, but one that brings changes that will allow it to manifest. 

We, who walk with you in this time of great purpose, are gratified that our work is yielding results. It has sometimes been difficult to keep you looking ahead with all of the distractions of Earth. Your power is unlimited, but many have yet to recognise it and sometimes become morose and downhearted. You must try to cut yourself off from the attempts of the dark to deflect you from your path. Shutting yourself away is to shy from the challenges that presently confront you. By all means know what dark schemes are planned but instead of allowing them to find a place in your lives, set your own Light against them and so reduce or nullify their ability to cause you harm or distress. 

You are always able to contribute to the goal of the Light, to establish many nodal points where it can enter into the grid of Earth. Set time aside to meditate and focus your mind, and in so doing visualise Light moving out from your centre in all directions around you. It will link up with that being projected by others and it will permanently establish itself. We can then use these points to beam further energies to Earth, which will be attracted into the grid. 

Many are noting the changes within self, and be assured that you are not deceiving yourself. You cannot help but be lifted up by drawing the Light into self, and the resultant changes become your strength and power. There is a mighty army of Lightworkers that is increasing all of the time, and it is changing your world. The old style of leadership is no longer acceptable, and will have no place in future and will be unable to function. This is confirmed by what you are seeing taking place right now, but it will still be a while before there can be the total changes that are desirable. The die has nevertheless been cast, and although the old guard will create turmoil they will be unable to cling onto power. 

For us who stand both in front and behind you, it is a time when we rejoice at the response you have made in the face of the puppets of the dark. You are now seeing how powerless they are when confronted by the Light, and there is a great measure of confidence and determination being generated. It is carrying you forward and setting the scene for further changes that will gradually become more apparent. There has always been a plan to complete this cycle in victory for the Light, and it will be so as Heaven has decreed. 

Great gatherings are taking place as many life forms link with you of Earth in these final stages. They come to both observe and support you out of their love for all souls engaged in them. It is something of a special and unique occasion, as the battle lines have been laid down and the contest is drawing to its conclusion. You have many stories in both myth and legend that epitomise these times, and the continual fight between the dark and Light is well known. Is it not normal for the Light to be victorious, and indeed why should these end times be any different. 

Humans are always loath to accept changes because it inevitably causes upheaval, and the period you are entering will be no exception. Already it has advanced to where the Earth herself is highly involved and you must bear in mind that she is a key player in the unfolding drama. Do not be concerned about the dire predictions that are being made, as everything is in the hands of greater powers than those on Earth. You will continue to do your part in pushing for change, and we shall oversee the events and eventually be able to openly assist you. This time is very near, and amazing progress will be made once we come together in our common goal to restore Earth to her pristine beauty as you once knew her.  

I am Ker-On from Venus, and with the fleet of craft that has been stationed around Earth for quite some time in readiness for action. We literally watch the activities that are taking place, and are allowed to guide and assist those of you engaged in Light work. Also use your intuition that is your guiding light and is an aspect of yourself, your Higher Self. Love your ego but make it your servant rather than your master. Hitherto it has tended to become the dominant force in your life, but now it must be in accord with your higher desires and not otherwise. Measure all against loving actions that are in the best interests of everyone, and do not forget yourselves. You are benign souls who reflect the Light from the higher realms, where all is of the love vibration. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.