Ag-agria  15-November-2006 

Everything is continuing to speed up, and you only have to look back a relatively short time to see that a great change in consciousness has taken place. It would have been surprising had it not been so, in view of the amount of Light that has been beamed to Earth. I speak here to Lightworkers who have an awareness of the power of Light, and have every expectation that it will reach high levels and bring about a dramatic change. They should therefore be up-lifted by what is now apparent, knowing that there can be no turning back. 

We see that many more people are joining the ranks of those who have become enlightened. This is how the Light works, as it attracts more souls who find that the 3D Earth no longer satisfies their needs. There is a reaching up for the truth through which comes an understanding of Self. Once it is realised that you are not your physical body and survive without it, the concern about after-death experiences ceases to occupy a place of prime importance. Released from such concerns of the fear of death it is no longer an issue, but instead one can enjoy discovering the higher realms and the beauty that they hold. 

The truth is how you perceive it according to the level of enlightenment you have achieved, and it will be interpreted in many different ways. This is why we would encourage you to allow others to find their own path to the higher truths. All will arrive there in their own time and often it is through sheer experience. It is different when seekers approach others for guidance, but in reality all truth is within. Intuitive thinking is all that is required to continue the careful climb up the ladder of understanding. 

Rigid thinking is not conducive to growth, and many still succumb to the teachings of others to the exclusion of all else. It is important to keep an open mind, and allow for your cherished beliefs to be challenged in the light of alternative reasoning. As we have often told you, be ready to accept a new version of the truth even if it conflicts with the truth of yesterday. You are in times that give you the opportunity to expand faster than ever before. No one is excluded from the opportunities that present themselves, and the truth is manifesting all around. 

Having reached a certain level of attainment, you find that you will be able to see duality with clear eyes. No longer will the actions of the dark impinge upon your consciousness, no longer will they evoke fear within you and no longer will they distract you from the path of Light. The first signs of being in command of yourself and able to tame the ego, are when you can build a calmness all around you that is not disturbed by outer happenings.

In the midst of the attempts of the dark to keep their plan afloat, sit back and observe what you will clearly see as their demise. The break up has commenced, and the old ways of working no longer serve the people. A period of indecision will be followed by the emergence of a new order, and it will become quite clear that the manifestation of the last days has started. New people and new ideas will abound in a climate where they will have their day of recognition and fulfilment. 

For the moment, forget any ideas of a rigid time scale for these coming events. We have tried to give you indications so as to keep your spirits high, but in essence everything will manifest in its own good time. It is powered by your collective consciousness through the Laws of Attraction and will continue to be so. It is not to say that the future is not predictable, but it is subject to your desires and upon which you place your focus. Your recent mid-term election is such an example of what you can achieve for the Light without resorting to violence or threats. The ways of the dark are not those of the Light, and they will never serve the greater plan for Man. 

Having established our position around your Earth, I can tell you that we of The Galactic Federation are far from idle. We not only constantly monitor what is happening day to day, we also have advanced knowledge of the truthful intentions of all of your Governments. People are no longer easily fooled by their utterances, and the time of meek acceptance is long past. You have been lied to and deceived for so long you have become adept at seeing their charades and attempts to mislead you. 

The mood of despair and no hope belongs to yesteryear and now has no place in your vision of the future. It is time to fully grasp the monumental happenings that are taking place and concentrate on them, as your future has been assured by the great Councils of Light. If you could have the awareness of the power that is wielded by them, you would have no doubt at all about it. Many channels are opening up with Beings in the higher realms, and these are your means of learning about them. 

I am Ag-agria from Sirius and assigned to Michael for his work. Much preparation was made for this service in the name of the Light. If you aspire to also do something of this nature and feel able to do it, simply try it by setting aside a quiet time and relaxing, and see if you can develop an awareness of linking with the higher realms. You could start by contacting your Higher Self, and if you are successful there is no reason why it should not be developed further. 

Once you can remain in the higher vibrations, you will find a great peace within and your presence will also help others. Your influence will bring calmness, peace and hope to those who are presently overpowered by the negative happenings in the world. In the West terrorism is a real threat, but it is fuelled by constant references to its existence to perpetuate the feelings of fear. It is used to cajole you into accepting more restrictions on your freedom. 

Dear Ones, live in the Love and Light and  surround yourself with it, as it is your complete protection. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.