St. Germain  07-November-06 

The result of today's months events in the U.S. will again signal to mankind where their consciousness is heading, and its power to mould the future. The wish of the people cannot be ignored for much longer, and their desire to bring peace into the world is building up an energy that will bring about its manifestation. This will happen regardless of any attempts of the dark to subvert such a happening. 

Understand that mass consciousness according to its vibration, attracts like energies. In your recent past this is why both the benevolent peaceful ET's and those of the dark were allowed to approach your leaders with proposals to help you move on. It was a question of choosing whichever group that enhanced and assisted them in their plan for mankind. The Illuminati  ensured that offers to help establish peace and eradicate the war mentality were rejected. Instead, they chose to work with the Greys in exchange for rapid advancement in the technological field. Unfortunately their interest was one of self-aggrandisement, and interest in establishing a formidable power base to place themselves ahead of other major powers. 

For over half a century you have been subjected to the result of the hidden agenda to enslave mankind. At present it appears to verge upon complete control, and threatens to remove the last vestiges of your freedom. However, there is a continual war waging at the higher levels, and it is a question as to whether the Light can overcome the dark energies. Presently, those of the Light are on balance winning and it is gradually weakening the dark, who in response now seek to impose the most draconian laws. It has to be asked as to whether the populace are taking notice of the erosion of their rights, and if they care sufficiently about their sovereignty to mount a challenge to reverse the likely outcome. 

We see a state of flux where those of the Light are doing their best to maintain their stance against the dark, and it is effective. However, blind acceptance of further laws to rake away your rights, is often fuelled by the fear tactics that continue to be used to create opportunities for the dark. It is clearly a time to look hard and long at what is being proposed, allegedly in the interests of your security. It is regretful to have to say that the enemy is within as well as outside of you. For our part we empower those who are prepared to stand up and confront the dark powers, often at some risk to themselves. The period you are going through is to some extent going to determine how you will enter the New Year, which promises to be the most exciting time. 

Exciting because we see the changes that must take place and will lead you into more peaceful times. It is a matter of how you create the opportunities for the changes, but be assured that no matter what happens in the next few months you will break out of the clutches of the dark. It has to be so, and for our part we shall be behind those who are destined to play an important role in establishing the new order. Much still happens behind the scenes and is largely kept secret, and approaches the dark forces in a way that is not necessarily obvious. We have the advantage of surprising them with our moves, and when we are ready they will succumb to the forces of Light. 

The Light has slowly established a strong foothold on Earth, and as it grows exponentially it will not be defeated by any action that the dark can take. The Light will always be victorious in these contests, and the reality is that it is no match against it. Remember that these are the end-times and Man has all but completed this cycle. Your future lies elsewhere, and when the new cycle commences you will have become fully aware of your next round of experiences. Most of you are destined to go forward with the new Earth, and you will fully participate in the preparations for such a momentous transition. Some who have come to assist in these times, will return to their own homes in the higher dimensions. 

The 3D Earth was always intended to carry you this far and no further, as it will have served its purpose. Mother Earth like you has earnt this opportunity to ascend and thus draw this cycle to an end. There will come a day not too far into the future, when you shall look back and understand the sacrifice that Mother Earth has made on your behalf. Your enlightenment on such matters will commence once the changes can fully commence. There is so much that you will need to understand, but foremost is the truth about yourselves. 

You are all without exception great Beings, and you have played out many roles in the course of your experiences. Understand that is one of the reasons we encourage you to be non-judgemental, as you are all one together in the great experience of duality. It is soon to end as you should now be aware but it requires your full attention, because as Light Workers in particular you are carrying out important roles that will determine how soon the final act can commence. 

Keep alert and be aware of what is happening around you, and do not allow your focus to be distracted away from your work to bring Light to Earth. You can be instrumental in bringing calmness and balance to those around you, at times when Humanity responds to the actions of the dark. Aggression often begets aggression and any such actions feed the dark energies. The Middle East still poses the biggest threat to mankind, but forces greater than those on Earth monitor the situation and are permitted to ensure that it does not get totally out of hand. 

You are never left alone to face the dark and you will shortly see the action of those who are now openly opposing the Bush Administration, make advancements that will turn the tide of events. You are progressing well, albeit slowly but bit by bit you are closing in on those who have overstepped their positions of power. Leadership is a most important role, and in your current era those who have chosen these pathways are motivated largely by greed and power lust. The time is upon you when that shall change, and a new direction taken which will reflect the desires of the people who seek peace. 

I am St. Germain, and tell you that you are about to embark on a new phase in your experiences and the truth shall prevail. Take heart from the signs of change that will herald an end to the actions of the Illuminati. They have taken you to the depths of depravation, and it shall engulf them in a quagmire of their own making. Soon you will rejoice as the old guard are removed, never again to despoil this beautiful Earth and the souls that gave up their Light to experience within this dimension. The journey is almost over, so go about your work with a new found energy and share your knowledge with others who are less informed. Fear must not be allowed to dictate how you perceive the coming months, because the dark will use every conceivable trick to entrap you in their web of lies and deceit. 

I remain your Brother in Light and Love, and together with my companions oversee the affairs of Earth. Our Light is sent to you in abundance and we are just a thought away from you. In your darkest moments know that we are there for you all, and call upon us to soothe your brow and cast away your fears. We are Light omnipotent and in reality that is All That Is, and never forget your true status as representatives of the One Light in which all has its existence. I leave in Love and my energy remains with you so that you may take it into your very being.  

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey