Atmos  24-October-2006 

Let there be no doubt that you have entered a period of time that is already an indication of the changes that are beginning to manifest. Disruption and uncertainty will exist for some time yet, but the underlying benefits will result in firm decisions being made about your future. This applies to activities both “on and off” Earth, and the next focal point will revolve around the result of the mid-term election in November. These will highlight many of the important issues facing people worldwide, and will set the stage for what is likely to happen over the next few months. 

Always, we look for ways to assist you but as we have informed you many times, we cannot be involved to the extent that it could be construed as outright interference. Inasmuch as the Illuminati guide and direct the dark, we are allowed to work with the Light, but direct intervention can only occur with authority from the Lords of Karma who oversee the affairs of Earth. The plan for the end-times is thus protected, and will come to fruition in good time regardless of how often it deviates from the path. This is why we continually urge you keep in mind the broader picture, and see beyond the attempts of the dark to confuse you. 

A week ago many of you were participating in a wonderful opportunity to give further strength to the Light, through the creative power that you hold within. You used the energies playing upon Earth wisely, and as a result the thoughtforms for love and peace were greatly enhanced. This will help speed up the changes that will finally create conditions leading to full open contact with your Space Brothers and Sisters. First, the dark must be removed which will then enable us to officially take part in our initial meetings with the new representatives. They will reflect the new found purpose and direction of humanity, who will finally take the steps that will put behind them all of the difficulties and ramifications of living in duality. 

Our help will ensure that the changes are speedy, but even so it will call for your appreciation of the size of the vast tasks that are to be carried out. You will be astounded at the nature of the superb futuristic technology that will be used. Many ideas are emerging within your scientific communities that touch upon the technology our equipment uses, and this will make it easier for you to work with us. The ideas are implanted within certain people with the capacity not only to grasp them, but also develop their feasibility for practical use. We have prepared you in many ways for this fantastic period that is about to break upon you. 

Spiritually, you have been guided towards the truth for many centuries. Now you find yourselves surrounded by many souls that have come to Earth especially to help you find fulfilment. Many have come to you from afar even other galaxies, enabling those who seek the higher truths to find them. Never have you been given such assistance, and combined with the uplifting incoming energies there is every opportunity for each seeker to progress. Many of you already feel the benefits within Self, and it can be recognised as one of lightness that carries with it a peaceful contentment that deflects the negative energies. As such, you are part way to achieving total control over your emotions which is most important in such volatile times. 

In the present circumstances wherever you are, your best contribution to create peaceful vibrations around you is to live in the Now. Live your highest concept of the truth, and do not be afraid to speak that truth. The time for plain speaking has arrived, and this is why your dark leaders do everything in their power to prevent it. The Draconian laws that would suppress free speech cannot possibly stop the growing awareness among people, that is allowing the truth to spread very quickly. The consciousness of humanity is continuing to open up, and as the vibration increases it awakens even more people who are being drawn into the harmony being created. 

The U.S. Government is preparing diabolical weapons for their Star Wars program, with the intention of controlling all of the space around your Earth. They intend to do so to the exclusion of every other country also including The Galactic Federation but this audacious plan is doomed to failure, as we have been appointed to protect you. You have already been given member status of The Galactic Federation, and until you can adequately protect yourselves we shall do this for you. Have no doubt that if your Government were allowed to go ahead, such weaponry would also be turned against the people of Earth. Bear in mind however that even as defenders of your freedom, we would in no way initiate or provoke an attack. 

There has been no change in our overall plan where you are concerned. Timing is always subject to events that can potentially change almost on a day-to-day basis. Our options are still open, always leading to the conclusion that shall fulfil the Creator’s plan for Humanity. We say no more so as not to expose our allies to unnecessary risks, as the dark will stop at nothing in their attempts to fulfil their hidden agenda. We can circumvent much that is planned, as we know of their intentions and will not allow matters to get out of hand. 

The Bush Administration has no intention of leaving their bases in Iraq, but circumstances are forcing their hand. Public opinion is fast reaching a point where it can no longer be ignored, and they may consider leaving only to establish them elsewhere in the Middle East. Your military chiefs are also reluctant to continue supporting a lost cause, and their influence may yet play a big part in bringing about beneficial changes. In Congress many are unhappy at general developments, but the power of the Illuminati within politics has created fear amongst them, and they are subjected to threats if they dare express themselves. 

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and like many of Michael’s contacts come from Sirius. I am also one of his Guides, and prepare him for a slightly different role following First Contact. This applies to many of you, and some are already sensing that they too are linked with us. We have fond memories of our association with you over millennia of time. We know you well, and when we finally meet you shall see how much we are like you, particularly in our appearance. 

The critical period for changes is here, and there should be much activity from this point onwards. Great energies have been set in motion, and as the Light grows stronger so it transmutes the dark energies and their ability to extend their grip upon you. Indeed, they are losing their hold over people in spite of their overbearing arrogance and belief that they are still invincible. The in fighting amongst them will also be a factor in the final break up. History will show you that the tyrants and dictators are never able to indefinitely maintain their power over people. It may have taken time before the fall took place, but it is as inevitable as night follows day. 

I come to assure you that all goes forward as desired, and whatever happens momentarily keep your focus always on the ultimate victory that shall be yours. The future will reveal all that has been hidden from you for so long, and already the veils are being lifted to reveal the truth. A concerted attempt is being made to bring official recognition of our existence, and this will precede our final contact with you. For too long you have been denied your right to receive us, and know how we are very much connected with your evolution. 

We are your true Brothers and Sisters from Space, and will joyfully look forward to openly meeting you once again. Yes, we have had contact with you all through your history, and some ancient stories still tell of such times. Greet us in your hearts and know we will bring love and blessings to you all, and many we consider to be our own. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.