Ag-agria  27-November-2006


So much is in motion now that must ultimately bring the changes that are not only being sought by you, but are laid down as part of the plan for these final years. Your collective consciousness picks up on them as they forge ahead, and consequently you feel enlightened as to what is taking place. Many times it would appear to you that your thoughts are your personal ones, yet you will find other people gaining the same impressions.


You attract the energies that are compatible with your own, and this also applies to people who are drawn to each other. There is no mystery at all as to how those of a similar leaning are brought together. It happens everywhere, and it is clearly just as apparent with those of the Light as of any other persuasion. Obviously, you come into life predisposed to certain expressions of Self that reflect what you have established previously.


Spirit is empowered to direct you to parents that are suitable for your upbringing, and this is the first step in moulding your character. However, you are already genetically coded so that certain facets of Self are highlighted to impose themselves upon your life. It is part of the planning that accompanies you, to ensure that your life plan offers the opportunities that are essential to itís outworking.


If your lives were not ordered in a way that ensured that lessons came up at appropriate times, your opportunity to progress would be disorganised and disjointed. Look back at your life, and it is certain that you will detect a pattern that is like a series of stepping-stones. Sometimes you will even find evidence of repetition, where an opportunity has been presented again so that its lesson can be fully learnt.


Life progresses at a rate that has been pre-determined by you prior to incarnation. For some life is continually hectic where for others it can be more leisurely. On Earth in the cycle of duality your evolution goes forward extremely rapidly, and it is the place to be if you want to speed it up. Embodied within all of it is your freewill, and whilst your Guides will do all they can to keep you to your life contract, ultimately the final choice is yours.


You can help yourselves by trying to understand what reasons are behind your lessons. Accept them in good heart even where sadness and sorrow are the result. It is very rare for life to be one continual series of happy and blissful experiences. That is more likely in the higher realms, although you will still have chosen a path that is going to leave you with experiences you need. Evolution is ongoing and consistently lifts you up through one level after another. On the basis that you are brought together with like kinds in these realms, your journeys are more in harmony and balance with each other.


Therefore, when you ascend there will be a wonderful energy permeating everything around you, and you will be within it with other souls that are very much of a like vibration. The Law of Attraction is just one of the Creatorís ways of laying down a path that fulfils your needs on Earth, but also allows you to progress upwards in the company of other souls that are very similar. That pathway often divides up so as to allow you multiple choices, but eventually all leads back to the principal one that is destined to carry you ever higher.


Even without the coming Ascension, you would as individuals still have had the opportunity to uplift yourselves. It has taken place many times where certain people have achieved it while still upon Earth. Ascension is open to every single soul, and those who through their own dedication are in preparation will attract the powerful energies being sent to Earth. It is a special time where you are making the decisions as to whether or not you want to ascend. That decision for very many of you has already been made, and indeed goes back many lifetimes.


If your friends or loved ones seem not to be on the pathway to Ascension, love them with all of your heart as they are not lesser beings. They are every bit as great as anyone else, but choose to remain in the lower vibrations until they feel ready. You have to allow for the fact that you cannot know the life plan of others. Simply respect their choice, and allow them to see through you the peace and love that accompanies one who has become enlightened.


These really are times when there is a mixing of such a great range of energies. Some are too powerful for those who remain in the lower vibrations. The result is that they become very unsettled by them, and in part this is responsible for much of the disruption and chaos in your societies.


The parting of the ways results in sadness at one level or another, but Lightworkers realise what is happening and can alleviate much of it through their own understanding. Questions will be asked and it is time for frank and truthful answers. There is and always have been choices for you to make that reflect your own destiny, and your Higher Self has been guiding you to it. It matters not what others do, and there need be no sense of being left behind as all will eventually come together again.


I am Ag-agria of the Galactic Federation, and we are those who have gone before you. However, we remember and love our fellow beings, as with many we have had strong connections in the past. We serve others and our pleasure is in doing so, and it is the way of those who have ascended and you too will soon join those ranks. We express the Love of the Creator for all of creation, and we see you as ready to stand along side of us.


Man has been hardened over millennia of time because of his experiences, but now is the time for letting go all that no longer serves your higher purpose. Be that which you really are as a soul of immense strength and power, and a co-creator of God. Give of your love so that others may see the harmony and peace it brings, as we too embrace you with ours.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.