SaLuSa  13-November-2006 

It will soon become apparent to you that a new vista is opening and although the path will still be strewn with difficulties, progress will be inevitable towards the goals of change and the conclusion of this cycle of duality. Many actions are soon to be brought to an end and most importantly the problems in the Middle East. There will be no overnight solution, but circumstances have developed that necessitate a different approach than hitherto. 

What you have recently seen is the power of the people from all over the world, exercising their power of consciousness in a way not realised by them. A move in consciousness achieving a positive effect through the culmination of the last few years, during which much anti-war feeling has been strongly expressed. The mid term Presidential Election has focussed people’s attention on it, and sent out a message that cannot be suppressed. This has strengthened their resolve to see not just an end to the Middle East war, but all confrontations wherever they may be. 

Meantime, we closely follow developments, and see that so far you are admirably coping with the challenge to ground the Light upon the Earth. So much so, that our open intervention is unnecessary at present, although we will still abide by the authority given under Divine Intervention. As the years of this century have passed by, you have surpassed our expectations as to your level of achievements. What had looked to be a formidable task that may have been beyond your capabilities, has slowly come under your control. We speak here also of a level that is immediately above yours, from where you have successfully drawn the Light. 

Nothing has given us such encouragement as the knowing of your melding together into a wonderful Light Force. Your Light is both a detectable and measurable force that will continue to grow at a faster rate than ever before. There is nothing on Earth that can prevent its ultimate success, which will be the coming together of all souls that have chosen the Path of Light. Ascension is assured, and indeed it has always been so as the preordained ending for this period of time. Its magnificence and importance cannot be overstated, and it is difficult to convey in earthly words the beauty and wonders that await you. 

As members of The Galactic Federation the wonders of the higher dimensions still thrill us, but for you coming from the lower dimensions it will be truly stupendous and overwhelming. It will be just reward for the time you have spent away from the higher dimensions, and the lower one’s will soon become a distant memory in the light of such harmony and beauty. For many of you it will be matter of familiarising yourselves again with realms that are your true homes. Many dear friends from ages past await with great expectation your arrival, and you will then know who are your life long families. 

The family structure is different to that on Earth, and your selected parents took charge of you fully knowing of your future plans that would take you to Earth. They helped prepare you for the most challenging experiences that would come your way, and they wish to share with you the joy and happiness of a successful mission. The fact is that you have never lost touch, as often in your sleep state you ventured into the higher realms once again and met those close to you. It would have caused you emotional disturbance to have carried such memories back to Earth with you, and of necessity they were veiled from your waking state. 

I am SaLuSa one of many who hail from the Constellation of Sirius, and we have many of our kin with you. Originally you came from many different parts of the Universe, and all now rises up yet again. Your destiny is to keep on progressing in this way, and you will find evolution is always on the move. The Creator’s realms are continuously being re-created and are never static. Life is one great movement of never-ending energies, that express the Creator’s vision for all Creation. 

You are coming out of the darkest times that have led you to the lowest levels that Man has ever known. Greater through these unique experiences you will now quickly return to the Light, thus taking the lessons with you to the advantage of many others who may yet follow in your footsteps. Life is about lifting up all others on the path that leads ever upwards and onwards. The Creator draws All Back to Source, to start the cycles all over again, always expanding and contracting, the breathing in and out. 

 Love and Light permeate All That Is, and all creation carries this manifest energy of Oneness. Be aware and become the Gods that you are.    

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey