SaLuSa  22-November-2010


What a lot of activity has taken place over the last few days, and it has certainly been a time of introspection. Humans generally act first and think about it afterwards, and a little controversy is good at bringing the best or worst out of people. I do not intend to preach at you, as my role as the energy of a group of Beings from the Galactic Federation is to set the truth before you. I am also part of a massive Brotherhood of Light that is approaching the subject of your Ascension. We are to do our utmost to ensure that you have every opportunity to ascend. In the course of our program, we try to lift you higher in your understanding of how the spiritual side of your life is so important to the final outcome. Of course it is also necessary that you are acquainted with the process of Ascension, and understand how you can incorporate into your life, whatever you need to succeed. 


Along the way you have been presented with many challenges, and some have required a great deal of faith on your part. The path was never going to be smooth, as for eons of time through many lives you have fallen into the pattern of the lower vibrations. There is no judgement connected with it, as in truth you could not avoid such an outcome. The vibrations attracted many lower entities and they proceeded to use you for their own ends. However, everything is of a cyclic nature and you know fully well that your present one is about to end. You are also aware that it is a chaotic time as the old ways try to cling on, and the dark Ones go to extremes to prevent the changes but to no avail. What has been decreed will pass even if it is uncomfortable, and you will in the future marvel at what took place and feel privileged to have been part of it. Be sure to understand that many, many souls would have gladly taken your place, but you have all been chosen because of your potential to bring to each other the experiences you need. The end times are a perfect end to your time in duality, and again when you look back you will see how it has lifted you into a higher state of understanding and advanced your levels of spiritual understanding.


In the full nature of everything you have experienced, you have tried all manner of incarnations and you have been through all the different religions and spiritual groups. To extend your understanding you have also spent time with the dark Ones, so that you could understand the different energies that motivated their ways of expression. That has been a feature of your many lives, and it is why we warn against being judgemental, because there are few situations that you have not experienced yourself. What you see around you today is in part your creation, and as a civilisation approaching the changes you are required to play your part in bringing back the Light that has been lacking.


Now I come to the part that you are particularly interested in relating to the last message and the consternation and controversy it caused. It was intended to highlight the fact that we are continually acting against the dark Ones, and their attempts to cause a major upset as you go into the final stages of Ascension. If they had their way it would be prevented and they would proceed with their agenda for your total enslavement. We have as you might say, clipped their wings and apart from having to allow freewill to still operate, have the authority to stop any action that would seriously affect your Ascension. There was always the chance that some of you would home in on the comments directed at Obama and be upset. However you have had to deal with the views of others who have a different understanding of the end times, and if you see the long term implications you will realise that they will have no affect on the outcome at all. It is a fact that there are so many different beliefs held regarding the manner in which the final days of this cycle are played out. We do not interfere with them, and according to your expectations that is what you will experience as part of your personal journey. In other words souls must be allowed to experience what they have created for themselves, and their personal understanding in all matters.


The result of the last message was not intentional, but there are always liable to be a number of ways that they can be interpreted. We certainly did not intend that you should conclude that we were suddenly supporting the adverse comments against Obama. Our support of him has been total at all times, and he is a most special soul that together receives our full protection. There have already been a number of attempts on his life, and why Dear Ones because he is seen for what he really is as a great Being of Light. He will when able to fully express and act on his plan, bring peace to the world. We know that there are campaigns to undermine Obama and have him removed, as the dark Ones were expecting to get their choice for President into the White House. That was not to be, and your expanding consciousness and successful attempts to bring Light and Love to the planet was in part responsible. The Law of Attraction is perfect, and when the Light becomes the dominant force there is no place for the lower energies. In that respect you are to be complimented for your untiring work to bring Light to the Earth.


In conclusion let me say that you must stand strong in your beliefs, and see further than the attempts of the dark Ones to distract you. They are here, there and everywhere making as much mayhem as they can, and using anyone that will fall for their negative thoughts and actions. Be sure that once you are well into the Light you will not fall for their attempts to distract you. Our channel Mike was not put out by the views of Colleen who has her own strong beliefs, and the reactions of some of you were to say the least a surprise to him. However, it has made many of you reflect on your own response, and that can only lead to a greater understanding of yourself.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and love you all as you are as great souls of Light. See that in all those you meet, see the perfection that is there and not the outer skin of duality that will soon be transmuted.


Dear Friends,

On a personal note I must tell you that yesterday I received over another 170 Emails, and virtually everyone was in support of my work and me. I really cannot find the time to reply to them all as much as I would have liked to, so I will once again tell you much your support means to me.            

                                                                                         Mike Quinsey.