SaLuSa  4-November-2009


Those of you who are of the Light, cannot fully receive or enjoy the fruits of your endeavours until Ascension. Meantime however changes will take you nearer to completion, and gradually there will be a clear line between those who desire to ascend, and those who have declined the opportunity. This is inevitable and therefore fully expected, and the consequences of the incoming higher vibrations that lift those of the Light even higher. There will be a co-ordinated plan between our allies, and us of the Galactic Federation and events will follow quickly once they get started. At each stage we shall prepare you for what follows, as it is so important that our actions are clearly understood. We do not thrust things upon you without due consideration as to how it will affect you. Our ways are gentle but firm where we meet opposition to what has been planned. In fact, from some higher levels you are getting much support, as it is seen that without help it would take you many years to overcome the state your Earth is in. Indeed, without the Creator’s plan for your release from the dark, you may not have recovered or even survived.


You have no reason to know how near you came to obliteration, but we assure you that on more than one occasion over the last century you came so close to it. Our intervention was approved by the Higher Council to ensure that your cycle was completed successfully. So you will see Dear Ones, that regardless of what was planned against you for your end times by the dark Ones, it was destined to fail in its aim to enslave you. So please make your way towards a New Year of many dramatic and uplifting events without any trepidation. You of the Light are already the victors of a long running battle that has seen many civilisations come and go. Stand firm, and stand upright when you meet any remaining challenge, and let the truth be your banner.


In your times on Earth you have had many experiences, which should leave you strong enough to cope with the remaining years of this cycle. At times it will seem hectic, but the object is to clear out that which has no place in your future. There are experiences to come that will be pure bliss, and heaven will become a place that exists upon your new Earth. Imagine how quickly you will recover from your earlier experiences, in the peace and tranquillity of the Light realms. It is to be your haven and home where you will create exactly what you desire, and want for absolutely nothing. Do not therefore worry about short-term difficulties or shortages, as our plan will put right anything that is out of harmony with it. You are to receive all that has previously been denied to you, and much more.


Global warming is bringing rapid changes to your weather systems, but they will not be catastrophic. Naturally physical changes will occur on Earth and we are aware of what will take place, and are allowed to direct them in ways that will minimise their effects. Be assured that in the end it will all prove to be in your interests, and the world will experience more stable temperatures and variations. It will eventually prove to be temperate and ideal regardless of where you are. As with the Human Race, the animal kingdom will also change and a number of species will completely disappear. They will be mainly those who normally live in the more extreme conditions, and are unable to adapt to the new Earth. They are not lost for all time but will find another planet where they can continue their evolution. All life is immortal and there are no exceptions, and changes take place all of the time as indeed you are now beginning to experience.


We know you are just as concerned about your pets as you are your family and friends. They will be looked after with the same love that is given to you, and you will not lose total contact with them. They will remember you as you remember them, and mutual love will bring you together again in the future. Animals are not dumb as some think, and have feelings just as you do. They also seek love and kindness, and can often teach Man a thing or two about them. In recent years you have found that animals can show great love for you, and your wonderful Dolphins are one example of how a species has revealed high levels of intelligence. In the future you shall regain your ability to communicate telepathically with them, as they do with you.


As you are beginning to understand, there is much that will change and affect you all personally. However, it is all part of your upliftment into the beautiful dimensions where virtual perfection exists, and all works together in harmony. No more suffering or disunity and instead enjoyment, happiness and fulfilment. You will have time that is yours to spend as you desire, and the Cosmos will be your playground and by then you will understand your responsibility to all life. The thought of all of this may be somewhat frightening and you feel apprehensive, but you will by then be equal to the task of expressing yourself as the God Being that you are, and always were.


You the Light Beings are the key to the future of Earth, and through your efforts it can move safely with the minimum of danger to Humanity. You are the beacons of Light that shine out brightly and bring more to it. You will determine how quickly you rise up, and how prepared you are for the final step in the process of Ascension. You have done so well against obstacles that have stood in your way, and we encourage you to maintain those high levels and help everyone around you. Remember that most of you took this incarnation for that very purpose, and now you are here you will want to complete your assignment successfully.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and marvel at your resolve in conditions that can be daunting. You are truly the Warriors of Light, and you carry such a responsibility that it can sometimes seem a burden. Yet you carry your load without complaining, seeing only the great service that you are carrying out in love on behalf of all souls. We are truly blessed to have such stalwart souls on our side, and we shall be with you for the remainder of this cycle, and as your protectors. Is it no wonder our love for you overflows with great appreciation for your service to us all? God Bless you all, and may you receive all that is your hearts desire that is wholesome and pure.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey