SaLuSa  16-November-2009


There is beauty everywhere if you care to look, and it is nature at work. You see the flowers and trees, animals and birds in the Oneness of the physical forming energy of your Creator. You peer into your seas and lift your head up to the skies, and all moves in wondrous harmony and fulfils your needs. Yet it is Man who has upset the fine balance between it all, and for eons of time has plundered the Earth to feed his insatiable greed. The Earth does not have unlimited resources, and it is only in recent times that you have understood the necessity to preserve what you have already. There was ample to meet your daily needs, until your resources were seen as a means of bringing wealth to those who could market them. Now you find that overuse has led to serious shortages, and the balance of your planet is being put at risk. There are attempts to bring about rescue plans, but your big industrial giants prefer to put profit before yours and the planets wellbeing.


Why do we mention these things now Dear Ones, it is because although there is some grasp the importance of taking action now, finding agreement between the different countries is extremely difficult. How you treat your Earth is an indication of how far you have progressed spiritually, and is also a measure of how you treat each other. Until you accept that you are reliant on each other, and that you are the guardians of the Earth and all its life forms, there will continue to be disharmony between you all. However, caring and sharing is something that will return, as you advance towards the end of this cycle, and it will happen quite quickly. It will come with the recognition that unless you do so, you cannot overcome the inequality that now exists. You are one family on Earth working towards the recognition of your soul purpose, and realising that you are all reliant on each other for your success.


You are becoming enlightened as to what you need to do to help Humanity through the process of Ascension. Because of it you now understand that recognising the divinity of all life is extremely important, if you are to open your consciousness to the truth. You are not rising up in isolation, as the new energies are lifting up the whole solar system. The Oneness that exists extends everywhere in all directions, and this is another reason why we of the Galactic Federation are here to assist you. We see clearly where our help is required, and without it the tasks you face would become overpowering and beyond your capabilities. We can save you so much time, and overcome the problems you would face financing the many projects to restore your Earth. Our services will cost you absolutely nothing, as we come on the divine orders of the Universe Overlords, and we happily share with you whatever we have.


We want you to understand that we come to you not as strangers, but your spiritual family with the utmost love in our hearts. So many of you are directly related to us, and we come to find our own so that we may be re-united once again. Your memories of where you originally came from have long been overshadowed by the dark energies, but now they are being transmuted by the powerful Light that permeates your Earth. As some of you have awakened we hear you say that somehow you know the Earth is not your true home, and you look up to the skies from whence you came. That restless feeling of belonging elsewhere urges you ever onwards to find the truth.


Dear Ones, you do not have much longer to wait before we appear by invitation, and then there shall be worldwide broadcasts of our existence. With time the truth of our connection to you, and our place in your history will be revealed. We have closely followed your journey through duality, and there have been times when we have been allowed to contact individuals and groups, who have shown spiritual progress. Your present situation is greatly encouraging and one of great promise, inasmuch that many souls are reaching out to us. Once again we find that our presence is allowed through the Law of Attraction. It is further enhanced by the Ascension process that will come to fruition with or without Man, as a Universal event that is part of a greater Cosmic Cycle.


For you we are proof of the existence of higher Beings, and we come with the reassurance that there is a Supreme Creator regardless of what name you might use. There is but the One of All That Is, and this knowledge should enable the different churches to agree on the common source of their Gods. There can but be the One Truth, and where you are open to learning the greater truths they will be placed before you. It would be most pleasing to see Man put aside his religious differences, to find the truth that would instead draw them together. It must come in time but there will be no forcing of the issues, as it is your freewill choice as to what you believe. Yes, freewill is what has created your reality, and it is freewill that will lift you up so that you can find the true path to spiritual freedom.


As you will no doubt realise, there is a great deal to do to get you on track for Ascension. We come not to restore the old as you know it, but to help you re-create the perfection that once existed from the time you first settled upon the Earth. You have forgotten what it was like to live in complete freedom and harmony, and to go where your fancy took you without any aspect of fear. What joyful occasions are awaiting you, and all in quick succession as you lift higher into the new vibrations. Start now to picture in your minds what that will mean, and how it will feel to be free from the lower vibrations you are in now, that weigh heavily upon you.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and even I get overjoyed when I think of the marvellous events that are to come. I feel your relief and great happiness, when you understand that you are to be released from the wheel of re-birth. It will have served its purpose, in having brought you to the point of completion with the closing of the cycle. That opportunity has been placed before all souls, and allowances should be made for those who are not yet ready to leave it. Send them on their way with your love and blessings, and they will rise up another day in some future cycle. Some of you may desire to return to them to fill a roll similar to what we are doing now. The higher life is service to one another in Love and Light, and a wonderful satisfying experience.  


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.