Atmos  21-November-2008


Dear Ones, try to put aside your worries and concerns, and know that you approach a most uplifting period in the history of Mankind. Many aspects of the changes move on, and they converge into a scenario that will become clear as you leave this year behind. Everything proceeds as planned, albeit we would have liked to see more progress where First Contact is concerned. We wait in readiness for the signal that will clear the obstacles that remain, and we are otherwise ready in all respects to openly reveal ourselves. It is an event that must take place; therefore you are assured of presence amongst you very soon. Yes, we have made this promise often and that is because several times it has reached the point of manifestation. We have many concerns in this connection, not least of all your safety and the protection of Mother Earth. Our ways are peaceful and we do not entertain the idea of confrontation with your dark forces. We are quite able to deal with them, but we always err on the side of caution and have immense patience. We have not come so far to mar our planned open contact with you.


Your worldly problems continue to grow, and what they are showing you are the ways greed has taken over your normal aptitude to be fair and honest in your dealings with other people. It has almost become a way of life, leading you down the slippery slope to ruination. Some will say you are already there, but you have not yet seen the full impact of the changes taking place. No manner of action will restore the old systems, which have become outworn and totally useless for restoring some semblance of order and viability.


The dark forces influence those who are easily misled, and lack the spiritual understanding or beliefs in the sanctity of Man. We of the Light come by invitation to all of those who seek the ways love and cooperation, and see each other as a part of the whole. You are all in this testing time together, and as you put your efforts into moving on the quicker the changes will take place. Many still seek the comfort of the ways that they have become used to, and feel unprepared for major upheavals. They are however impossible to avoid and are part of your learning curve as the final piece in the jigsaw of life. You came to experience the ways of Man that are without spiritual direction. Now you can clearly see how things deteriorate and fall apart, where there is no consideration for your spiritual progress and evolution.


As much as your mentors try to guide you there is no edict that says you have to comply. That is the beauty of freewill that makes the choice yours at all times. Even now you can decide which path to take, but because it is the end time there is much emphasis on the opportunity for you to ascend. If you only knew what that meant in terms of the joyous and happy life you would lead, you would concentrate on preparing yourselves for such an occasion. When all your needs are catered for and you could have a wondrous and exciting life, free from earthly worries and concerns what would offer you a better way forward. Your Ascension in a higher physical body puts an end to matters of health that concern you on Earth, as it is of such a vibration that it is not prone to the illnesses or disease that you now experience. Can you imagine what it is like to live in realms where you can create what you need for your existence? Where every soul you meet is trustworthy and honest, and each one is an aspect of the Creator’s Love and Light.


The Universe abounds with life in all types of manifestation, and regardless of which form it represents it is correct for the conditions in which it lives. Inside each form is the same soul as you although they may be at a different level. All seek experience and you will measure their spiritual advancement according to the dimension that they reside within. On Earth very few of you have the ability to “see” the light that emanates from all forms of life. If you could, you would be able to identify those who are of the Light. For their protection perhaps you would consider that is just as well, as the dark forces have many times tried to purge the Earth of those carrying the Light. Fortunately, those who are on Earth to lead people out of the dark work quietly, and without drawing attention to themselves. As you seek, so you will be attracted to them as you know “like attracts like”.


All of the spiritual and religious institutions exist simply because there is a need for them. If not they would not exist, so you can see which direction people are going into. Hence you now have so many New Age movements and teachings, because you are ready for them and desire them. If you seek ye shall find exactly what you want where your spiritual evolution is concerned. Remember also that it will be part of your life plan, and you have already set out the levels that you wish to attain. Do not decry those who are still searching and sometimes lose their way. It is necessary for some to experience that which is not totally wholesome or within the Light. Be sure however that each and everyone will eventually find their correct path. It matters not how long it takes, although the end of this cycle cannot wait much longer for those who are undecided.


When we come to Earth and you understand the truth you will have yet another opportunity to lift yourselves up, as we shall explain how you are all aspects of God. There is but the One True God and acceptance of that fact alone will bring people together. Dear Ones how can there be so many gods, except that there have been erroneous teachings in the past? Each claim to be the only one, which is clearly creating the differences between you. If you accept One God of All Love that is given to all without exception, where is the necessity for people to divide and set themselves apart? All we can say is that you should step back from rigid belief systems, and be prepared for greater and truer teachings than those previously set before you. If you cannot do that, clearly you shall remain caught up in a mindset that will limit your opportunities to move on.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and very soon many of you will be invited to meet us on board our Federation ships. There are many different types, and you will be amazed at the cities that are created on our Motherships. Some of you will also be overwhelmed by the tranquil energies and upliftment given by them. It is a taste of what you will find everywhere in the higher dimensions.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.