Diane  19-November-2008


There is a growing recognition amongst you of the new energies that are releasing you from the lower vibrations. There is a feeling of freedom and courage to step forward and give out your contribution to the Light of Truth. For too long it has been suppressed and falsehoods and outright lies allowed to stand as the truth. These coming weeks will see more people coming together, and they will feel liberated and able to come out of the darkness into the Light. We encourage you to move as quickly as possible, as you will thereby assist those who take up their new positions in your Government. It is time for a new breath of air to blow away the old ways of deceit and manipulation, that have held progress back for so long.


Your hopes have been raised many times previously, but now you can proceed with the full confidence that your desire to see beneficial changes is being answered. It takes people of the right persuasion and desire to lift Mankind up to take you forward. The pretence of those motivated by reasons of greed and self first, are being seen for what they are and they can no longer fool the people. It will be all change and they will reach far and wide. We know there is some hesitation to go along with new ideas, but there has to a clean sweep eventually to allow them to manifest. Your biggest setback is the media who still peddle news that is in support of the old ways of “shock and awe”. However, you are entering a period of change that will suddenly open the floodgates to truth, and those that do not embrace it will fall away.


Matters are speeding up and changes quickly coming, but please exercise patience. You have come a long way in a very short time, and must allow for the coming together of the new Government. New policies have to be put in place and co-operation achieved, through a general consensus that it is the way forward. Our influence is positive and helping your President Elect to understand his role in the coming months. The world awaits his leadership and it is a mammoth role that has been undertaken. Those who take up these appointments do not do so by chance, and have a clear life plan mapped out which is why they find themselves where they are at this time.


It is the unseen forces for good that have led you out of the darkness, to grasp this unique opportunity to change the direction of your lives. Many have taken it and so the die is cast, and it is progress in the right direction from this time onwards. Many still cannot understand what is taking place and see only the gloom and doom, but given time they too will realise that the old ways are being assigned to the past. You must change or remain trapped in the old matrix, and if that is your desire it shall be your choice and determine the path you shall tread. You have all infinity in which to experience, and there is no reason to feel guilty if you cannot release from the present levels of duality.


For those of the Light this period is something of a revelation, fulfilling the prophecies of ages past. It has moved beyond Armageddon and all that it implied, and the final years will be ones of massive changes without the death and destruction associated with it. Of course physical changes are necessary to cleanse and restore the Earth, but they will be under our control instead of the dark forces. Once we can openly reach out to you, we can work together and reduce the risks to an absolute minimum. Just bear in mind that some souls have elected to leave Earth through them, and it is part of their life plan. Let it be clear that death is not the frightening experience that many believe it to be, and at your time of transition you are accompanied by loving Beings from the higher realms. It is for many a welcome and happy release from their meagre lives of poverty and suffering. Your passing is not painful, but an experience of moving into the Light and Love.


As time progresses so many Lightworkers shall emerge and with their knowledge and understanding, to guide Humanity into a greater Truth. They are already working now and you can find them if you desire to uplift yourself. As soon as you put out such thoughts there is a response from those who accompany you through life. They will guide you in the right direction so that you may move according to your choice. Life may seem chaotic and have no real direction or purpose, but that is really down to you. Instead of being pulled along with the flow, be prepared to set your own course regardless of those around you. Humans have something of a herd mentality and are used to being under the control of others, but this need not be so.


It is now time to look inwards and decide whether you wish to determine your own path in life, or still move in the old vibrations that hold you back. After all, your presence on Earth is to experience the value that duality can give you. However, you were not meant to remain in it for all time. It is not your true reality, and you are far greater souls than you can imagine. Believe in yourself and accept that you are sovereign Beings, entitled and able to lift yourselves out of the darkness and ignorance that has beset you for eons of time. We come as many others to show you your future Self, and bring you to the realisation that you are not just physical Beings. You are souls with the capacity to love and be of the Light as a natural state of being. It is not just for those who have lifted themselves up, each of you have the same potential as a God given right.


We would say “Wake Up” with gentleness and love, as we see quite clearly who you are as you carry your baggage around with you. Release your darkness and step into the Light, and first and foremost forgive your self of your past indiscretions. Love yourself as we do, and then go through life forgiving others. You cannot move on all of the time you hold others in a mindset that refuses to forgive. Do you not realise that you undertook the very experiences that have brought about such situations. They are of your choice as hard as that may be to accept, so it is an experience that you should learn from and then let it go. If you can do so, you will find a new rhythm and purpose in your life and will enjoy the freedom you have given yourself.


I am Diane from Sirius, and it is with sorrow that we see how you torment yourselves because you cannot give freely of your love. We love each and every one of you and see you only as beautiful souls of Light.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey