Atmos  12-November-2008


Wonderful uplifting energies from space continue to bathe the Earth, and your progress towards Ascension moves ever onwards. Already the result can be seen as more people find their consciousness is opening to the truth. The resultant upliftment and increase in vibrations is isolating the dark forces even further, and their efforts to overcome the Light is proving impossible. Some are vulnerable to their fear laden tactics are still struggling to find the truth. However, the Light will continue to increase in its power, and may even yet open the eyes of those who are still held in the dark.


The coming weeks are going to be so important, as you assess how you are to rise up out of the calamities that have befallen you. It would seem that the challenges are too formidable, but be assured there are plans that will take shape very soon that will come to your rescue. There is much that needs to happen to clear out the old systems that have no place in them. A new Earth and a new way of life are to manifest, and they presently rest in the visions that you hold that will sweep the old away. You are the creators of your reality and we shall assist you in bringing the changes about. There is already talk of how your problems must be approached from a different angle, and the opportunity to bring in new ideas will be taken.


The suddenness with which you have collapsed is not surprising to us, and it was predictable as you could not sustain the old ways of financial dealings. That you must approach the problem differently is quite obvious, and you have those amongst you those who have sufficient foresight to see the answers. The changes will inevitably cause hardships but that is the price you must pay to move into a new way of living. Once established, you will then find abundance and freedom from the old ways of lack and restricted freedom. The answers lie in working towards the benefits of the NESARA act that will provide the answers to your needs. The World Trust that will launch the benefits is well protected, and will be released at the appropriate time.


There is a period now approaching when many important decisions will be made, and they will lay down the basis for everything else that needs to follow. Given time and your support the direction you are going into will become apparent. It will not be backwards and re-establish the old paradigm, it is the time for bold decisions and the confidence to do exactly what is required to go forward. You have many souls of the Light now coming up who have answered the call, and will provide the expertise necessary. There are even many amongst those of the old regime, who given the chance have the inner knowing of what is required. It will be prudent and sensible to give them your support, as others will decry their appointment.


At last you have the prospect of Lightworkers finding their way into positions of authority, with the power to guide you towards fulfilment. We have to ask you, do you really believe that the powers of those that oversee your evolution, would be less than the dark forces? The plans for your release from them have been in place for eons of time, and it was known that you would enter a period of intense Light and you are in that time now. See beyond what is happening now as the emergence of the plan for your freedom, and the opening of the pathway to Ascension. As you must know by now the cycle must end within a few years, and at the same time allow you to move onto a new path. There cannot be any other conclusion to your time in duality, it has been decreed as such and it will be so.


We of the Galactic Federation are of necessity fully aware of our role in the end times. We await our orders to proceed with the final open contact with you, and that will be the start of an extremely interesting and active time for you all. We work with you, Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Beings, and together we represent your release from the last gasps of the dark forces. They must be removed before global control is co-ordinated and directed in a way that benefits you as planned. We will contact all governments as part of our protocol, and it will be made clear that total co-operation is expected. We come to work with you on a plan that is to lift up your world and your people. It is worldwide in its scope, and will address problems that have brought about your present conditions.


Eons of time ago your Earth was prepared for your coming, and was a veritable Garden of Eden. Civilisations grew and Man reached peaks of development only to repeatedly fall from grace. The higher vibrations were gradually lowered until you lost sight of your spiritual heritage. From thereon you have grovelled in the darkness and lost your way, as successive civilisations were guilty of their own demise. Your final cycle is now playing itself out, and unlike previous ones is destined to signal your success. Instead of falling to the dark influences, you are now on course to move fully into the Light. It has taken our presence and that of many Light Beings from the higher realms, to guide you safely to this important time in your evolution. You will safely reach the end-times as intended, and much credit must go to those Lightworkers who came to Earth for that purpose.


Life is ever ongoing, and every experience holds good for your future. You chose to enter this cycle of duality, as a great challenge to survive the temptation to be pulled into the lower vibrations. You knew that you would likely forget your true being, but also that you would never be deserted or denied by God. There is no shame or disgrace attached to your experiences throughout your time on Earth. They are just experiences however negatively you may view them, but what is important are the lessons you have learned from them. It is often referred to as a game and if you can see it that way, you may accept that you have all taken dark and Light roles. Perhaps you may also accept that the experiences have benefited you as far as your evolution is concerned. They have provided you with a greater understanding of the lower vibrations and power of the Light, and you have still risen up unharmed.


I am Atmos a Sirian, and we greatly appreciate the sacrifices you have all made in the interests of furthering your spiritual understanding. You are wonderful souls and we love you immensely.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.