SaLuSa  28-November-2007


We find that the people of Earth are generally of great faith in the future, sensing that there are enormous changes now in the process of taking place. Couple that with patience and endurance, and you will find a path that is going to fulfil your expectations. There is a feeling in the air of the new energies that are permeating your atmosphere. Many are linked into the grids that carry the Light around Earth, and that is penetrating those areas where the dark are most dominant. Over eons of time such areas have attracted those who are themselves of the lower energies.


The dark cannot draw you into their ways unless you respond to them, and where you have done so it is because you have a natural inclination towards those energies. You bring these potentials with you when you incarnate upon Earth, and your challenge is to overcome them. It is part of Karmic cleansing in preparation for your upliftment into the higher realms. Sometimes you are clear of them except for some lingering and partial attraction. In these circumstances, it will be more of a test to determine whether you will succumb to such temptations.


If life were without its temptations and challenges there would be little growth taking place. There is no shame in having plumbed the depths and risen up again. In fact, you are to be applauded for your determination to overcome the weaknesses of lower Self, and see that evolution is the coming of the master of such situations. A Master you shall be, and your creative powers will return. Earth is a fiery place where emotions sometimes run rampant, and your test is to remain cool, calm and collected in such circumstances.


Certainly there are times immediately ahead where the truth will bring out the worst reactions in some people. They presently have little understanding about the true reality of Earth, and are cocooned in their own beliefs that do not extend to spiritual understanding. Many are in a state of denial about their true selves, and look for material satisfaction without feeding their Spirit. Matters will change in the near future, as the truth of Mankind regarding his Higher Self and source within the Creator will be made clear. It can still be rejected, but that will exclude such souls from taking part in the Ascension.


The different levels of existence are no different to the type of grading you get in your schools. Earth is a great classroom and clearly there are a multitude of different levels of understanding within it. What is happening now is a natural form of selection, that tends to draw people of a like kind together. See how evolution proceeds without interference from us or any other sources, except of course those on Earth. Deviating from the true path is your choice, and in its own way presents no problems providing you find your way back again. To gain experience is exactly why you are here, and there is no purpose in being hard on yourself for going astray. Learn the lesson that is presented to you, and try to ensure that you do not repeat your errors.


It is far better to have experienced whatever attracts you, and know whether it has a place in your search for the truth and upliftment. Many punish themselves unnecessarily believing that they have to serve a penance. All actions, thoughts and words are seen for what they are when you leave your earthly life. It is then that you can decide whether you owe it to yourself and others to have further experiences. Ones that will put it all into context and enable you to have an understanding of the result of your actions. The dire after life that is often depicted for you, is by no means representative of what truly takes place. The fires of Hell are in your mind and only exist if you make it your reality, and the more darkness you attract to yourself the more you are creating the lower levels as your home.


You can do a lot whilst on Earth to ensure you go straight into the realms of Light after your life expires. It is in the living of all that aligns with the Light, and trying to create the perfect life upon Earth. That is almost impossible for you at your present stage of evolution, but living with the intention of doing so will drive you forward as far as you can possibly reach. As you can see, all of the effort is worthwhile and you lay down the foundations for your next life. No effort is wasted and even if you end on a low point, there has to be a gain in it for you. Each life is a continuation of the last one, and it is therefore wise to see each one as an investment in your future.


With Ascension beckoning your efforts need to be in the right direction, and allowing for the old you to quietly slip away will enhance your preparations for it. By your actions you will set out a path in front of you, and if for you that is Ascension then try your best to live it now. Treat all as equals because you see the soul within, and know that you are linked together. Give of your love without fear or favour knowing that it is the Light that exceeds all expectations. See the positive where negativity rules and allow for others to experience in their own way, giving a helping hand when they wish to lift themselves up.


What we ask you to do is exactly what we do for you, and we have nothing but love in our hearts for each and everyone. We know the problems that you face, and understand your reasons for straying from the path of Light. We see you for what you really are, and also the great Beings that you are becoming. Your future is with us as your Star Brothers and Sisters, and we welcome you back into the Galactic Brotherhood of Light. All of this is too much for some of you to comprehend, but as we connect with you again and are able to openly contact you that will all change. We are nearer than ever to you, and we see our pathway opening up as the debris of the negative forces is being swept away. We are completely together in the ending of this cycle, and we too are destined to uplift with you. Ascension is a cosmic process that involves your complete Solar System, and we are here to ensure its smooth and successful completion.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius a member of the Galactic Federation, and we figure quite prominently where the Earth is concerned. We are here to ensure your safe transition from duality into the Light, and we look forward to working with you all in harmony and peace.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.