Ker-On  26-November-2007


For those of you who are awakening to the changes, and understand the shift in your reality it is a most intriguing time. You live and plan for your day to day existence, yet at the same you are withdrawing from your earthly life and beginning to live in the Now. You no longer have a future on Earth as the cycle draws to its natural conclusion, and the breaking down of what you have been used to is a sign that the changes are well advanced. At the same time you are lifting up into the new energies, as they fulfil the vision of the new Earth and bring it into manifestation.


Your future is unfolding as the higher energies cause what is of the old vibration to disintegrate. It is the removal of all that no longer vibrates in harmony with the new energies. That also includes every individual soul, as the cleansing is not limited to Earth alone. The problem of those who do not desire to change has been addressed many times, and freewill will allow them to move on to an appropriate level elsewhere. As you will realise, you cannot take any material possessions with you, and it is wise not to put too much importance on them. Once Ascension has taken place all your needs will be covered by your new powers of creation. You will want for absolutely nothing, and as a Being of Light you will have no need for possessions as such.


The new ascended Earth will be your home and appear familiar, as it will still bear a resemblance to the old one. However, the old structures will have gone, and the new ones will be of crystalline nature that holds and reflects the light. All signs and evidence of destruction will have disappeared, and everything will permanently shine out in its illustrious range of colours. All will be pleasing to the eye as shapes and sizes will blend perfectly with each other, unlike your present earthly assortment. There will be no disintegration or failure of any creation, as all is created through the power of Light and if need be could last forever.


It is the letting go of the old Earth that will hasten the arrival of the new one. You are the pivot for all of that is taking place, as you allow the changes to occur naturally. It can be chaotic particularly where the physical Earth changes are concerned, and many souls will choose to leave it behind. Each time there is a major upheaval and destruction that involves loss of life, please bear in mind that it would have been part of their plan. When your time has come and life can no longer offer you anything else, it is a welcome relief.


We know that some of you worry about the manner in which people leave, because it often involves pain and hardship. I would like to put your mind at rest, as you should be aware that each soul passing over is met with great love and compassion. Any trauma connected with it, is quickly removed through the healing process and the uplifted vibrations that they enter. As a result memories of the passing soon have no relevance, and joy and happiness returns at their release from their earthly commitments. It is often the case that meeting your loved ones that have preceded you is all the upliftment you need.


Those dear Ones that have left the Earth are not in any way disadvantaged when it comes to Ascension, as all realms will be cleared and Humanity will move forward to new locations. The plan is perfect and all move on according to that which is best for them. As we have emphasised before no one else does the choosing, and you will find yourself exactly where you are best able to continue your evolution. You constantly move upwards, and any retrograde step is compensated by another opportunity to make a speedy recovery on your path to enlightenment. Every chance is given so that you can uplift yourself, and many souls have volunteered to be on Earth to give such help.


You will find that when you reach a certain level of understanding your inclination and desire will be to help others. That will never leave you and is a measure of how far you have evolved. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to be in the presence of a multitude of souls, who have so much understanding and love for others that they put them first? Many on Earth aspire to be like it, but you find it difficult in a material existence, as virtually everything is measured by the availability of a means to pay. Clearly not all help is of this nature, and there are different levels on which it takes place. Even a kind word or a smile can work wonders and uplift another person.


You may not be able to do everything you desire to help others, but your vision of a world that is predominantly of this nature is manifesting now. Soon there are to be great changes that will alter the direction of mankind. It will be a time of wonderful revelations, and the opportunity for a new way of living will have arrived. Those who deliberately stand in your way will be removed, and no longer able to dictate the course of your lives. Freedom unlike anything that you have experienced for eons of time will bring a new sense of purpose into your lives. There will be a marvellous coming together of all people with a common bond to bring back love and peace.


We could say that everything you have envisaged is just around the corner, and it is true that time wise you have only a little longer to wait. Although you may not see much evidence of it, it is emerging even now as the old way of living falls to the side. You have set in motion the wheels of change and they are turning faster, and many have noticed that time continues to speed up. You are forever creating your new reality, and now you are on the verge of seeing the result of your desires for a better world than what you are experiencing.


I am Ker-On from Venus and suggest that you let go of the old ways. Concentrate on the new vision of an Earth of beauty and opportunity, one that reflects all that exists in a state of perfection as originally conceived. One where all souls recognise the Light within each other, and the Oneness of All That Is. It is coming very soon and it should give you the strength to rise above the negativity that is all around. You also have our help through the might of the Galactic Federation and its many members. We serve you as our fellow travellers, and we accompany you with our great love for Mankind.


Thank you Ker-on.

Mike Quinsey.