Ela  21-November-2007


Dear Ones, from our levels of existence in dimensions that are of a high vibration, it is quite an experience for us to drop down into yours. It is so heavy that we are amazed that you can have a normal life. When compared to ours you carry the burden of being in conflicting energies, that cause you much difficulty. It takes a certain type of soul to be able to stand within their own Light and not be affected by the negativity.


The challenges experienced within duality, are ones that determine your ability to rise up in the face of so many obstacles that cross your path. It is not that this was not foreseen, as the object is to show that you can overcome the dark energies and still find your true self. The cycle of duality is now ending and those of you who have risen above it, are the Wayshowers for others who are still awakening. You are indeed magnificent Beings to have persevered through many lives, and still hold fast to your belief in the Light.


The Earth has many distractions for all of you, and some fall so far back that they have lost their ability to see beyond what is immediately around them. They are cocooned by the lower energies that they have attracted to themselves, and fight to break out. Not everyone looks to the Light as their means to create another reality for themselves. Some are lost and despair that matters will ever be any different. It is not helped by the fear created by the dark forces, and they feed off such people.


However, the battle is not one sided, and the Light is shining out and becoming more intense and will eventually link with all souls. Sometimes it requires a new way of living, such as a new direction in your life that takes you away from the lower influences. Some will not give up what they enjoy even though it only satisfies the lower senses. However, in time it will be realised that there is more to life, and there will undoubtedly be some period of introspection. It often comes later in life when your lifestyle catches up with you, and you question what you have achieved that is worthwhile.


When people look for a new way they often turn to religion, but it calls for a certain type of obedience to their teachings. That is often considered to be restricting and too demanding after a life of free thinking activity. So what do you do, as it seems that there is no easy way to get out of the loop. I would say that the first step is to create those times of peace and quietness around you. Make time to allow yourself to determine what it is you want out of life, and how you are going to achieve it. Then apply yourself in such a way that you take it slowly, and adapt to the changes that you desire. Once you feel the benefit of your endeavours, it will create a platform from which you can launch yourself into greater challenges.


There is so much more satisfaction to be gained by focussing on the Light. It opens up new facets of your life that are rewarding, and your consciousness to greater goals. It will seem quite natural, and your soul will know that your true home is in the Light, and you will find much peace and satisfaction. It is the knowing of yourself as it really is, and listening to the voice within which is your guiding Light. Life will take on a new look and a purpose of direction that is rewarding. This is the value in using your freewill to experience as you wish, and not be beholden to anyone else.


Guidance from the higher realms is always there, but you do have to be prepared to listen and take note of what you are intuitively hearing. There is no gain trying to run before you can walk, but many awakening souls have immediately started out on a new journey. They have found the inspiration to change direction and put all of their energy into it. It is finding your purpose in life that will power your intentions to make something out of it. From a Karmic point of view there are of course other factors that play a part in your destiny. However, once you are prepared to be guided that will come into play.


The ultimate goal is to find the path that will lead you back to the Light. Having been immersed in the dark energies for so long, it is not easy to break out and realise that you are not at the mercy of them. Yet, the Light is forever there within you seeking to link with other streams of Light that are perpetually flowing around you. You attract what you desire, and it is necessary to be your own Master where it is concerned. You may be like a cork bobbing up and down in the ocean of life, but you can bring direction and purpose into it.


Think of the rewards that await you just by stepping onto the path of Light. The cycle of duality is about to end, and it is up to you as to whether you join it. Of your own choice, you can leave duality behind and set your sights on uplifting into the Golden Age. Intention is the key, and once you make that commitment so much help immediately comes to you. We who have gone before you know that you are subconsciously aware that your true home is within the Light. Therefore the idea of moving out of duality should be an easy one to accept. If you could just glimpse what lays ahead you would have no hesitation in making changes in your life. It starts with Self and as you become more in line with your Godself, so you will find it becomes so much easier.


It is no secret that Love is Light and is the wholesome energy that streams out from the Creator. All is held within its embrace and would not exist without it. Love is your greatest asset, and there is not one person who cannot find it within their hearts. Love Self and love all others, because you are a part of the whole that is God. Love unconditionally and seek nothing in return, and all will come to you. The Laws of Attraction determine what comes to you, so it is up to you how you progress in your life. If others seem to get in your way, accept it as a cleansing of past connections and bless them as they go on their way.


I am Ela and come from Arcturus, a great orb of Light in your skies. Our love is constantly beamed to you, and we directly approach many souls who are our messengers. We are also members of the Galactic Federation, and in time you shall see us along with the many civilisations that it comprises. We are here to fulfil the Creator’s plan and are Ascended Masters. We are coming closer, and our energies are slowly becoming One with yours.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.