Ag-agria  19-November-2007


Dear Ones how well you are doing in coping with the changes that are taking place. Although the outcome is not clear to you there is a belief that all will be concluded in victory over the dark forces. That is something to contemplate in view of the continuing threats from them, and comforting to know that there is a limit as to how far they can go. There is if needed an ultimate date by which the changes must have commenced, so although you do not know precisely when it is, you can nevertheless be assured that the New Year promises some remarkable developments.


It is clear that matters cannot remain as they are, and before long there has to be a victor between the Light and dark. Already there is so much pressure upon the dark that they are unable to move further forward. This causes them to fly into all directions at once, seeking an outlet for their anger over their failure to achieve their goals. We see they are weakening on the political front, and if they lose further support they cannot carry their plans further forward. It is apparent to so many people that they have the power to make a substantial difference, and at last people power is seen to be working. The right people are emerging as the front-runners in your polls, and this a credit to all concerned in promoting their policies.


Clearly people are now being asked some serious questions, and it is a matter of whether you want more of the same soul destroying policies, that have reduced America to a shadow of its earlier greatness, or want a restoration of the Constitution and all that implies. We are greatly impressed by the sudden emergence of many people who are standing up for the truth and in their own Light. It makes us realise that our faith in you has not been misplaced, and we anticipated that you were not prepared to lay down and allow yourselves to be trampled upon. Your awakening has touched upon the realisation you hold the power because you embrace the Light, and you make it work for you.


We tell you time and time again how powerful you are, and now you are beginning to see the absolute proof before you. Whatever happens your power of thought cannot be taken from you, and as long as you continue to apply it for the good of all it will bring results. There is of course unending help from us and the many Higher Beings that follow your actions. Light attracts Light and we can register the changes that are occurring, and can confirm that they are increasing very rapidly. Millions of small soul lights have started to come together, and now beacons of Light are present all over the Earth. These in turn grow even faster and they draw more and more people to them.


There is no limit to how far you can go when working with the Light; as when all else has disappeared it is all that remains. Many ask what can I do to help, and we would say simply recognise your ability to bring the Light to Earth. Find those quiet moments of mind to meditate and consciously seek the Light. Mentally see it being drawn to Earth and entering the Light grids, and ask that it be used “for the good of all”. It will be attracted to those areas that are in need such as the Middle East, and bring a much needed release from the influences of the dark.


Fear and depression cause people to act differently from normal, and are fuelling the never-ending supply of volunteers as suicide bombers. When your future looks bleak and hopeless, it is easier to sacrifice your life for what you see as a worthy cause. We do not condone this type of warfare, but understand the conditions that lead to it taking place. The apathy on both sides means that the Middle East war is heading for a meltdown, and cannot be sustained. Most far reaching is the lack of morale amongst the troops who realise that they cannot win this war. Mutiny is not a word that is mentioned, but even those in high places are seeking ways to end it.


Do not give one iota of your energy in falling for the fear raising tactics of the dark. Everything they do is overplayed and calculated to keep you subservient to their will. Devote your attention to the actions of those who present themselves as your prospective representatives, who can be recognised as being inspired by the Light. In this respect your future lies in your own hands, although be aware that we support all of those who are honest, truthful and work from the heart. For those of you who sense a calling to help the Light, bide your time as many will be called into action after the major changes.


Meantime we closely monitor all events occurring on Earth, and consequently can reasonably predict future events. They are reaching a crescendo, and it will be an extremely interesting time to see exactly how the dark will fall. It will eventually be far reaching, and those who have broken their oaths to stand by the people will find themselves removed. Such appointments cannot be taken lightly, and it is paramount that those who represent you are working for the Light and do not ignore their responsibilities. Decadence is a disease that spreads like wildfire, and only the strong and dedicated can resist it.


Can you imagine the remorse that people will feel when they realise that they have let you down, and not least of all themselves. The shame of having the truth of your misdeeds paraded before others is soul destroying. However, all have the opportunity to change the course of their lives and can still contribute to the remainder of this cycle. The Love and forgiveness that will be expressed will motivate some people to start anew, and they can make amends in this way. We do not condemn those who have gone astray, and nothing is more heartening than a soul who has recognised their Light within.


I am Ag-agria of the Galactic Federation, and ask that you see all other souls as having the same potential as you to come into the Light. Do not be too critical of those who have gone astray, as very few of you have stood entirely within the Light through your many lifetimes. The forces of Light and dark have been necessary to allow the cycle of duality, and now it is time for completion and to uplift you fully into the Light. For all that happens there is a great energy of love carrying you ever onwards, and it has always been with you, and will be so for all eternity.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.