Ag-agria  07-November-2007


If you could fully comprehend your greatness and your destiny to return to the higher realms, you would not have any cause for concern. You would know that your future is in safe hands, and that the cycle of duality has reached its climax that spells its end. That which has been set in motion cannot be prevented from manifesting unless it is at the sole request of the Creator. How you set out the pathway is up to you, but regardless of whatever takes place the end times will bring about Ascension. The Earth has also reached the end of its cycle, and like you is preparing for the changes. Therefore some physical discomfort will be experienced, but it will not be to the degree that some have predicted in the past.


Meanwhile you should concern yourself with your own evolution, and determine which path you desire to follow. As the Light continues to stream down upon you, take the opportunity to draw it to you by consciously raising your vibrations. Be calm and peaceful and keep your thoughts at as higher level as possible, ignoring the temptation to get involved with the negative energies. That means detaching yourself from them when you hear or read of their effect. Better still send out Love and Light to those persons or areas of the world that are identified with the trouble spots.


Each one of you can do your bit to raise the Light levels purely through the power of your thought. Live continually in the Light and you will find life will become so much easier. You need not carry the worries of the world upon your shoulders, but you can envision what it would be like if they were transmuted. It is your power of positive thought that makes a difference, and you may be assured that you are assisting the higher Beings who oversee the affairs of Earth. You are never alone in your battle to bring about peace, and many of you have linked that support to those that you now recognise as your true leaders.


All despots, tyrants and dictators eventually bring about their own end. Clearly the dark forces cannot exist without support, and that is ebbing away as the Light takes hold. The world at present is going through a period of intense cleansing which is unavoidable. Energies that have accumulated from eons of time ago are being revealed and played out so that they can be removed. These are the dark areas of the world where over centuries of war the very earth itself has become saturated with the blood of its victims. It leaves energies that continue to remain until they are cleansed away. Everything is energy, and there is an interplay between all life forms that determines the level of Light at which you exist.


Now with our support and the immense love of those that direct your events, the upliftment is underway. It gladdens our hearts to see such a response to the Light, and in consequence the next stage will soon commence. You are setting it up so that we can finally carry out our promises to you, and we are extremely near to that time. Your wait will be well worthwhile and the next period leading to Ascension will be truly magnificent. Even if you are aware of what is planned, you will still be astounded at the pace at which things will move. It will be dramatic and exciting for you, and what a relief to know that your journey is almost over, and you are firmly on the way to the higher dimensions. You will learn how dependent you have been upon Mother Earth for your existence, and how she has sacrificed much to carry you through this cycle.


Mother Earth is also lifting up and is being restored to her original pristine condition. Many of you have heard of the beauty and harmony that exists in the higher realms and it is your destiny to return to them. In so doing you too will have uplifted to those pure vibrations that manifest everything in perfection. Have you not always felt that life was meant to be different and much better than what you have been experiencing? In your subconsciousness you have deep memories of your times in the higher dimensions, and you will soon realise that it is your true home. Duality has been an experience that has enabled you to help transmute the dark energies, whilst at the same time raise the level of your own Light. There is no better experience for fast-forwarding your evolution.


There is a lot of serious acting taking place as the confrontation of dark and Light takes place. You take your roles to heart and together you are revealing the result of having become veiled from the Light, and literally losing your way. If you can accept the end times as the final act, you will experience the curtain coming down on duality. Life is a continual series of cycles out of which you grow, and all souls take their part with the goal of lifting each other up. There is realism and consequences in playing your roles; as for your time on Earth it appears as your true reality – one created by you. Life and its experiences will tend to seem less serious if you can allow for the need to learn lessons through them. They serve an important purpose, and once they are completed all souls can move on to the next phase of their lives.


Accepting life is infinite and you are immortal should reveal to you your high status as a part of God. All is connected and therefore whatever you do makes an impression upon the whole. It is in the acceptance of your place in society and the effect you have as one individual, that helps your understanding of Self. It calls for care and consideration in your attitude and approach to others, as all thoughts and actions carry energy with them. You and everyone else are continually recreating your reality, and we applaud you for having recognised this fact and your determination to bring Light to Earth.


I am Ag-agria a Guide to Michael and one of many that have come from Sirius to help mankind’s ascension. You are to become Galactic Beings and join the Federation of Ascended Planets. There are great organisations beyond Earth that comprise of millions of souls, each part of a wonderful collective of Lightworkers. Contact by thought is instantaneous, and great forces can be mustered in very quick time working for the evolution of all life. You need never doubt that your future is in safe loving hands, and we love you as our own and will take every care for you and your coming upliftment.  


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.