Diane  23-November-2007


Many people have a belief in a human like God, and that makes it difficult for them to conceive or accept the idea of a Creator that is the energy in which you have your very being. The Creator is the body of All That Is, the consciousness of All That Is, and therefore the driving force that motivates and moves All That Is. This is why when you desire to contact the Creator you go within yourself. It is a strange concept that every one of you has a direct line to the Creator, but it is so even if you have not awoken to the truth of it.


In any moment of need or doubt go inside yourself and develop a recognition of what it is like to “talk” to your Creator. It can come to even those who are rejecting the idea, and you have a perfect example amongst your own people in Neale Donald Walsch. His “Conversations with God” books reveal that God is able to converse with you in a manner that you will understand. Creator or God, it makes no difference as you will always have that contact whether you acknowledge it or not. In these times where you are assailed by so many threats, it is important that you are aware of the sanctuary of peace within.


Once you are aware of the higher forces and realise that it is possible to contact them, it is like having many friends accompanying you on your journey through life. They have always been there, but many have conditioned themselves by refusing to accept their presence. In acknowledging the help that is around you, it is creating your inner world where you can retreat when necessary. It is more aligned with your true reality, than the illusion you live in that many believe to be their only way of existence. It is the breaking down of if that is now taking place, and it has to be set aside to allow the old to be transmuted. It no longer serves any purpose when you are being uplifted into the higher vibrations.


Many will cling to the old reality out of fear and dislike of change. However, it is inevitable and desirable that you gracefully let go of the old. The new reality is already here simply waiting to manifest, and as you draw more Light to Earth it becomes that much closer to you. It is the coming into the perfection of the original patterning that existed before you dropped down into the lower vibrations. It is the withdrawal of the conflict of duality, that has allowed the dark and the Light to fight for supremacy. An experience that was put in place to test the resolve of people, when faced with a challenge to maintain their Light in the face of darkness.


The truth is that the Light can only be subdued and not extinguished. Now so many have come to recognise their true selves, the upliftment has begun and it will continue regardless of what attempts are made to prevent it. Such enlightened souls are the leading the way, and helping lift up others with them. The momentum is such that it will continue unabated, and will gather strength as it does so. It is your lifeline out of the conditions of chaos and confusion, and allows you to see the potential of the Human Race to rise above it.


As we have often told you the Creator has decreed exactly how the end times work out, and we of the Galactic Federation and many other sources of Light are here to ensure that it is so. You can hardly envisage or understand the importance of your tiny planet, but it is the last key that opens the door to Ascension for your Universe. It waits for Earth to transform and return to the higher realms. Once you have reached them many truths will become more comprehensible to you, and you will in any event have become Beings with superconsciousness, and that allows you to know of all the secrets of the Cosmos.


In the near future you will become Gods in your own rights, with unlimited power to create. You will be co-creators with God, and your travels will take you on a journey through the innumerable Galaxies that exist. It is not a dream, but a reality that offers you the opportunity to serve others from a high station. You will be fully prepared and confident, and it will be quite a natural experience for you. It is where you were before you came to Earth, and where you were always destined to return. It may seem a long way off at present, but it is a lot nearer than you imagine. It is the quantum leap in your consciousness that propels you into the higher vibrations, and that will take place as part of the Ascension process.


You will forever expand your consciousness and become part of a group consciousness, and that will eventually become one again with the Source. It is a natural progression for all souls wherever they are in the Cosmos. You will always gravitate to the level that you have achieved within Self. It is the Law and ensures harmony and balance in all things. In duality you fight to lift yourselves up out of the darkness, and as you become more aligned with the Light you are leaving it behind. Already many see well beyond their earthly existence, and understand that you will manifest what it is you intend for yourself.


When you realise that all things are possible through the power of thought, there is no reason to limit yourself in any way. It must be of the highest intention and it must be for the good of all. That will not be as difficult as you may consider, as already your level of consciousness is enabling you to comprehend the perfection that can be achieved through correct thought. There will come a time when they will always be pure and untainted, and it will be quite natural to you. There is so much more to Man than you see at present, although it is true to say that many dear souls now aspire to the uplift into the higher vibrations. They have realised that you are living an illusion, and to get out of it you have to break the chains that have held you down.


I am Diane from Sirius where harmony and peace exist, and it is where many of you going. Your true homes are all within the Infinite Light that finds its highest expression in the higher dimensions. We will be so pleased to welcome you back, and help you once again find your true selves of Love and Light.


Thank you Diane,

Mike Quinsey.