Atmos  2-November-2007


Once you find your path of Light, all else will slip into place. Life will become so much easier, as you take it as it naturally comes and respond without having to think about it. Being of the Light and living within it is your true reality, and brings with it a peace of mind and spirit. Nothing can impinge upon your consciousness unless you draw it to yourself. Therefore being in a state of Unconditional Love you are quite positive and assured in all you do.


First live in peace and harmony with yourself, and it will come more natural to extend it to all other people. Man has been taught to believe in establishing Self through confrontation and domination, and this has only led to the alienation of others. When your leaders act in this way, they become as it were a role model for you and you tended to follow their example. That is the way of the dark, and you are now crying out for leadership that promotes peace that is everlasting, and that will come. Changes long predicted are nearing manifestation, and a new era is already emerging.


You can be part of the changes and hasten them along by becoming a warrior for the Light. You link with others and without realising it become a force to be reckoned with. You wear no badges or uniforms but shine out your Light wherever you go, and are achieving so much more than you are aware of. Your Light attracts others and helps their emergence from the dark to one of awareness and understanding. On an inner level you are experiencing the truth of your spiritual Self, and find that it is Love that really does make the world go round.


Spiritual evolution is for each individual very much a private matter, as no one else can understand your needs or where you are on the path of Light. It is about intention and desire, and getting started by recognising responsibility for yourself. It is true that others who have found their path will offer help, but ultimately it is you who have to decide the manner in which you go forward. Many people are sparked into action through a notable event in their life. This is often related to the demise of a loved one, and the feeling of wanting to help others in a similar position. The answer is to fully take the opportunity to progress while the idea is dominant within your thoughts. Otherwise it may become an opportunity missed.


If you aspire to become more of the Light, do not set your heights too high but allow life to unfold in its own good time. Once you are on your true path you will find things just slot into place. Remember that you are not alone, and you will be helped in many ways both on and off Earth. It is you who choose the pathway of your life, and many spirit helpers who ensure you travel it successfully. The ups and downs are inevitable, but the overall result will be one of progressive and constant evolution.


Whatever challenges present themselves simply do your best, as even if you experience failure there will have been lessons learnt. That is what life is all about, and every experience carries you that bit further along your path. Nothing is ever lost, and rarely will you have to repeat one exactly as previously. Life can be wonderful and at times also frustrating, and it is the contrast that allows for understanding and progress. The pleasures of success are so uplifting, but take care that the emphasis is on wholesome and positive experiences. Only you are responsible for your life, and your unseen helpers respond to your requests even when you make your freewill choice to go astray. They will try to warn you if you are making the wrong decisions, but ultimately it still comes down to you.


There was a time that for some still exists, when the male species was seen as weak and effeminate if he showed love for his fellowman. That was the work of the dark from eons of time ago, when hearts were hardened and spiritual love was suppressed. Even now you see all around you the continuing disregard of Manís rights and the blatant taking of life. You label another as your enemy, and that is taken as the authority to kill with impunity.


Dear Ones by now you should realise that all life is sacred, and no matter what excuse you use for the taking of life it is murder. Thousands upon thousands die every day throughout your world because of the disregard for life. It comes back to haunt you because karmic responsibilities are being piled one atop another. The vibration of Earth is affected as the negative energies go deep into it, and Mankind as a whole suffers in consequence. Ultimately those energies have to be transmuted, and for Mother Earth that means shaking them from off her back. Therefore, what you give out comes back in the most unexpected way.


Fortunately, there is a balancing that comes from the Light, but some adverse occurrences are unavoidable. As Mankind you experience what you create and that is ever true according to the Laws of God. In the closing of this cycle you are separating yourselves by choice, and those who have stepped onto the path of Light will soon leave the dark energies behind. Those of goodwill and love for their fellow travellers will not have to endure the negativity for much longer. They will leave it behind to continue following their path, as they take another great step forward into the higher dimensions.


I am Atmos from the Galactic Federation and also from Sirius, and we have a special interest in your evolution. We have been closely associated with you for a long time going back deeply into the distant past. As then as now, we assist you to achieve advancement, and wait our opportunity to come openly to you again. All is progressing well, and we shall open your eyes to what lies ahead and accompany on your path to Ascension. It is our pledge and also duty to see the end times bring the completion of this cycle according to Divine edicts.


As always we confirm that on a higher level you already have victory, and it is just a matter of bringing it into manifestation upon Earth. That day approaches nearer than ever, and your year of 2008 will be a decisive one in this connection. Never waver for one moment, as the Light is always supreme.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.