SaLuSa  13-May-2009


The Human Race is greatly protected, and it is as if you are in the Stadium of Life whilst many watch your activities. You are virtually two teams known by your loyalty to the dark or Light, and you play the serious game of life. It was never meant to totally consume you all, and Universal rules have ensured that you have reached the end game. That is of course exactly where you are now, and we of the Galactic Federation and many others of the Light are monitoring the final phases. Understand that the outcome has already been determined, and this is why you have the chance to leave the cycle of duality. It is a golden opportunity to rise up and take advantage of the higher energies that now continually beam to Earth.


The wake-up call has been with you for a long time, but with the approach of the closing of the cycle a greater impetus is put into getting more of you aware. It is not just a once in a lifetime opportunity, but once in a cycle of thousands of years that physical Ascension is possible. Many wish to move out of duality as they weary of the lower vibrations, and the constant battle against the dark forces. Different paths are chosen that fulfil those aspirations, and as long as you firmly hold on to your intent to rise up, you will assuredly be successful. The Higher Councils defend your right to choose your pathway, and that in turn is in accordance with Universal Law. You were not, as it were thrown to the lions, and your evolution has followed the course set by the Co-Creators. Their power is phenomenal and if required, they could at a stroke place you on another path, on another planet.


The high and low points of your experiences are carefully balanced, so that in the long term you go forward and are neither static or overcome by your challenges. Your Guides closely follow your progress, and they will help you fulfil your life plan. A soft and easy life is not usually an option, as the purpose is to face situations that you learn from, and where you see wealth you often believe that is desirable, but it sometimes poses more problems than it overcomes. A simple and uncomplicated life is preferable, where your attention is not taken up by a false way of living. Dire poverty is also undesirable, but some souls feel that they learn more from being in “want and need”. The fact is that your life style is like everything else, part of what you have planned. This is why your Clairvoyants can see your future possibilities with some accuracy. Freewill still applies, but why would you change what has been decided as your best options for evolving.


Dear Ones, we keep our distance from you when necessary, as we have no desire to interfere with your personal plans. However, when instructed we will influence outside events that impinge upon you, and keep you out of harms way. Generally, you get so much attention yet in most cases have little or no awareness of it at all. We are not your gods and neither do we pretend to be, but in the past other Space visitors have been accepted as them, and that is not surprising to us. As we often tell you, we are your future selves and what you see as miraculous and sometimes beyond your comprehension is simply advanced knowledge. You are to learn all that will carry you forward to reach our level, and we see you being prepared to make the necessary quantum leap.


The times you are in are perfect to put your spiritual understanding to the test. Almost on a daily basis you have to face challenges, and it is your chance to gauge how far you have progressed. Can you maintain your composure and stay calm when chaos is around you, and give of your love to every soul regardless. To reach that state of full consciousness that is necessary to ascend you will need to work at staying centred at all times. Do not despair if you sometimes fail, and remember as always that help is all around you. Call for help if you need guidance, as many helpers are with you just for that reason. Of course there is help from your fellow travellers, and they excel in all aspects of spiritual guidance. Your Internet has opened up so many opportunities to find what you want, and it also carries news that your media would rather you did not know.


Currently your dark forces try to continue with their plan, but they do not have the degree of control as prior to the last Presidential election. The appointment of Obama has changed people’s expectations, and there is a strong movement that is growing in his support. He still requires time to stamp his authority on matters, but will eventually come into his own. It would not be in his interests to attempt to change too much at once. Simply make allowances, for his hands are tied in many ways whilst he has members of the Illuminati around him. The dark are still active but all advances quite satisfactorily, and after the settling down period is over major decisions will be taken that will awaken people to the truth. Many sources are becoming more outspoken, and the people that were hitherto living in the “dark” are opening their eyes to what has been going on in their name.


Political Institutions all over the world are being pulled apart, and their shortcomings and inadequacies becoming publicly known. It is resulting in powerful calls for change in the way they operate, so that they can be seen as answerable to the people, and have policies that are also in their interests. For too long they have worked for party political ideals, and not necessarily for the people. Politics has become corrupted largely because of the Illuminati and their ability to get “their man” elected into top positions. That will change and many souls of the Light wait their opportunity to show their credentials, and lead people back into fair and open politics. You cannot possibly know all that is going on behind the scenes, and our allies initiate much good work. It is leading to the opportunity to root out the old remnants of your last Presidents team, and there is a lot of work to undo what has been done to support the dark agenda, and patience is called for as its foundations are chipped away.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to address you with my thoughts and knowledge of what is happening both on and off Earth. Be assured we are aware of your desires to get the changes into being, and progress continues to be made towards the great victory that is to be yours.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.