Atmos  18-May-2009


People will have different interpretations and reasons for the changes they see taking place all around them. However, you of enlightened awareness will know that they are the positive signs of the final days of the cycle of duality. It has run its course not just through your cycle, but previous ones that saw your older civilisations come into prominence and then fade away. Each one left a legacy behind of stories and spoken traditions that remembered the last days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Virtually all of you have had lives in one if not both of these civilisations, which spanned some 50,000 years or more. Their demise came at different times, but there were periods when they existed together. Your still retain sub-conscious memories of your own experiences of those times, and they have influenced how you react to present day experiences. Many of you lost your lives in the cataclysms that sunk both continents, and today fear still exists as many of you sense another such ending. However, your destiny is not to experience such an ending again, and no major land loss will occur.


Physical changes are inevitable, but with our help the threats to you can be minimised. Also by raising your consciousness levels, you are lessening the likelihood of Mother Earth needing to make drastic changes to the land. Problems such as the pollution in your seas, in your soil and air can be largely left to us, as they present no problem. The bigger concern is with regards to the negative energy that is around you and also runs deep within the earth, and must be removed to enable an increase in its vibration. That is however covered by the work of many of our allies, who are in groups and use their expertise to transmute such energies. You have Lightworkers all around you working quietly away at bringing the higher vibrations to Earth, and collectively they are doing wonderful work. Many of you have incarnated upon Earth specifically to be here for the end-times, and selflessly serve Humanity and Mother Earth to ensure a pathway of upliftment onto the path of Ascension.


You have a saying “that every little helps” and that could not be more apt where your future is concerned. Simply acts such as sending out the Light to help other people and Mother Earth, means that their power is exponentially increased by such action. You are powerful Beings when your desires bring you together, and that applies regardless of which path you are on. The Illuminati play on the fears and dark thoughts of souls who are caught up in the lower vibrations. Without realising it, such ones are contributing to the chaos that takes place, but the Light is beginning to penetrate their darkness and awaken them to what is happening. The present changes are far reaching, and it is the only way to show people that the old controls and methods are no longer acceptable or adequate for the new Man that is emerging. There is a need to draw the whole world into a new way of looking at life, where everyone works in the best interests of each other. Let there be pride in being one Race, and serving each other so that all may share in the fruits of their labour. Greed and corruption would soon disappear in such a civilisation, as there would be no “lack” such as now exists.


You Dear Ones are going to be very much involved in the changes that will alter the face of your civilisation. We will guide and assist you, giving of our technology where it will speed up the changes. However, it is not our intention or are we expected to take from you, your opportunity of making good what has occurred through your many lives over millennia of time. It has become your collective responsibility, and it will release you from any further karma. Our concern is for your preparations that will enable you to move into the higher energies, and thus set your sights upon the Ascension path. Do not worry if you feel unprepared at present, as in the near future you will have more than adequate guidance. We of the Galactic Federation come not just to introduce ourselves to you – or simply to help in the cleansing of Earth, but to give you every possible assistance in raising your vibrations. No one is excluded unless they do so of their own choice. We have no desire to force ourselves upon you, and that should already be apparent over the last century. You have seen much evidence of our craft, although we have kept contact for but a few who have been receiving our messages, or were selected to have direct contact with us.


Whatever happens on Earth we will come out into the open, and prove to any remaining sceptics that we are in your reality. We have explained many times that we are inter-dimensional travellers, and distance presents no problem to us. When you are of a higher consciousness and have dropped your warlike ways, you too will be permitted to travel outside of your solar system. However, you are not allowed to take the lower vibrations into the higher levels, and it is impossible to do otherwise as it is the Universal Law.


What lies ahead of you is wondrous and exciting as a whole new chapter in your lives commences. To become a Galactic Being is will find your true reality amongst the stars, and endless opportunities to explore other worlds. Ascension is but a step towards achieving full consciousness, and taking your place with the Masters. It must seem to you that such a great leap forward must be beyond your ability, but be assured that you will receive every possible help each step of the way. What a prize to set your sights upon, and one that is within your grasp. In the time that remains we urge you to concentrate on your personal progress, and allow all else to pass you by. Becoming a Being of Light should come quite naturally to you, as after all you originally came from the higher dimensions.


I am Atmos a Sirian, playing my part of the plan to gradually prepare you for First Contact. It helps you to familiarise yourselves with Space Beings, and you will find that they are not so different from you, as the humanoid form exists all through your Universe. It also allows you to get to know us and our ways, and how we relate to other forms of life. You will find us as benign beings bringing you peace, and happy to lead you forward to take the wonderful opportunity to ascend and join us as members of the Federation. We await the pleasure of your company, and together we shall travel as Ones carrying the Light and Love of the Creator.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.