Ag-agria  30-May-2008


Not many people on Earth are aware that they lead a double life, and have a secret life in the higher realms. Very few of you realise that when your present life is finished that you return to the higher one, and that it is ongoing. You may choose to continue experiencing that which has gone before, depending on whether you consider the lessons it offered have been learnt. All life is for that purpose, with the ultimate goal of rising up on your evolutionary path.


Whatever happens to your physical body, your consciousness carries you forward into the next phase of your life. This search for progress is ever moving onwards and is always planned with a view to your upliftment. Once on Earth the plan is forgotten, and it would seem that you alone determine your future. However, you have Guides that are assigned to the task of keeping you on track, and bringing into your life those experiences you have elected to go through. It can be quite complicated with many souls sharing your experience, and more likely this is for karmic reasons.


Nothing that happens in your life is without reason, and all experience contributes to your overall development. It is almost like your first experience of school, when you are prepared to take your place in higher education. Out of it you find the purpose of your life, and sometimes it seems pointless and leading nowhere, but all of the time you are gaining experience. Often it is by observation, and not directly being involved in other people’s lives. You can learn in many different ways, and you live different situations through your mind games.


Your freedom of choice can open a number of paths that lead to events planned in your life, but eventually you will reach those that are essential as karmic responsibilities. Your life is your own, but your freewill has usually been exercised before you incarnate upon Earth, and it is not in fact in your interest to alter your plan. Matters can impinge upon you that affect your own life, so there can always be changes to your experiences. The school of life will nevertheless ensure that you leave it with much to contemplate, and it is not until you review it that you aware of how you handled it.


The criterion for all experience is whether your actions or words harm others. As the judge of your life, you will be the hardest critic of what has taken place, and from it is determined what lessons remain or are necessary for your next one. Remember that you undertook to come to Earth, for the purpose of furthering your spiritual evolution. You never stop learning, but once you have risen above duality your path will become clearer and much easier, and you will travel in full consciousness.


In the present period on Earth you are quickly awakening to your true self, and this is necessary for you to take your place in Ascension. If you feel that you are failing to grow in awareness, do not be harsh upon yourself as you will overcome all obstacles. It is just that you cannot see beyond them, but be assured that no conditions that assail you will last indefinitely. How you have chosen to live out some of them will depend upon your pre-life plan. You can change your situation but if it goes against it, you may find it creates more difficulty. Accept what comes to you as carrying an important lesson for you, and to progress make sure that you integrate into your consciousness.


Often you will carry resentment about something that has happened in your life. Try to see things from the perspective of your Higher Self, and accept that there will be unpleasant experiences and that these will certainly be karmic in nature. Ambition is fine, but you cannot have everything you set your minds upon. Quite often thoughts arise from your sub-conscious mind, and they may relate to previous lives and experiences that you want to continue. That is not always possible but the urge may remain with you for your lifetime. Preferences of many kinds do surface, and will strongly affect your choices. For example it can be seen in your style of dress, or decorations in your home. It certainly influences your interest in foreign countries, which is why some more than others are particularly appealing to you.


Past life experiences can also lead you to follow certain beliefs that remain in your sub-consciousness. These can be in respect of religious beliefs, and some of you will feel at home with those of another country. Where you have had an illustrious life previously, it will have a stronger impact upon your present one and may lead you to follow the same ways and customs again. There are many strange things that happen in your life that are explained by previous life experiences. Meeting souls that are already known to you is often accompanied by an immediate feeling of already being familiar with that person. Links with your past are never completely broken, and you are just as likely to move through your different lives with many old friends. They may become part of your family, and often such units continue to stay together.


The truth about you and your many lives is often stranger than fiction, and when you return to the higher levels you will be able find such information recorded and available to you. On Earth it is as well that you do not have access to it, as it would distract you from more important things. Some people have psychic powers and can look into your past lives, but it is controlled and they do not have free access to everything. Some information would not be desirable if it looked like disrupting you present life.


Whatever your beliefs about previous lives, know that life has a purpose and in this way make sure that your experiences count for something. If not, you may be sadly disappointed that you did not make the best of it. Allow other people to see out their chosen experiences, and if it involves you try to help them along in a positive way. Setting up negative situations will help no one, and thoughts such as revenge against someone who has hurt you will simply pile up karma for you. As you are often told, love is the most important aspect in your life and you need to be generous in giving it out. It is the balm that soothes many a difficult situation, and mends broken lives.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, bringing love for you all and your upliftment. 


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.