SaLuSa  28-May-2008


The Earth is the point of focus for us because of its need to complete its cycle very shortly. The Galactic Federation otherwise covers a sector in Space that is enormous in size, and our responsibility as civilisations that are linked with you, is specifically directed to this solar system. Nevertheless our members can join forces if urgent needs arise, and distance is of little importance because of our ability to travel inter-dimensionally. As a Federation we stand by for any eventuality, and even the size of it presents no problem as we have unlimited resources to call upon. Therefore dealing with the cleansing of Earth is a task that is well within our capabilities.


We have travelled with you for eons of time, and respected your freewill to determine your own destiny. At times we have experienced great sadness to observe what you have done to yourselves. You have not really understood until recent times, how great your responsibility has been to yourselves and your Earth. Now the realisation has dawned upon you that you are the caretakers of your home, and steps must be taken to reverse the harm that has taken place. To that end we have ensured that matters do not get out of hand, and that is why we have been authorised to prevent the further use of nuclear weapons. They have caused so much damage to you and Mother Earth, and yet knowing the consequences of their continued use your military and governments would use them again.


It would be an understatement to say that Man has lost his way. What you are learning is that power without spiritual application and consideration for all life forms, threatens the very basis of your structure that keeps all in balance. We have warned you many times about the path of destruction that you are following, but it has fallen largely upon deaf ears. The arrogance of your dark ones knows no bounds and they selfishly only see their own goals, forgetting that what you do to one you do to all. Power and greed are coupled with corruption, and at present you are unravelling the extent of this poison that has penetrated many areas of your society. What was hidden is being revealed, and you would be in shock if you knew the full extent to which it has gone.


Clearly without a change of course Man would simply career into the bottomless abyss. This is not however the Plan for Man, and despite the fear that can be generated by what you observe happening around you, a grand change of course is well advanced. You darkest hour has passed and as the Light permeates all corners of the Earth, the dark energies are losing their power to continue causing chaos. Of course they will cling onto it for as along as possible, but they are no longer in total control. There is so much Light appearing all over the Earth, and it is linking up to form a powerful energy for change.


Time as ever is continuing to speed up, and there is expectancy in the air of the coming changes. The Light is bringing a more balancing influence to you, and there is a strong feeling of the return of your individual powers. It is important that your new found power is handled with care, and that you aware of your ability to alter your reality through the sheer power of thought. What you visualise is helping to create the pathway to Ascension, and also hastening the day when we can finally unite with you and continue the journey together. We will do it with the goal in mind, and that is to complete this cycle with a successful Ascension.


Once the dark forces have had their power removed and can no longer interfere with your evolution, we shall all go speeding ahead. That time comes closer and we see the truth becoming your peaceful weapon against them. No one can escape the truth and eventually all have to face their own part in the cycle of duality. There are lessons to be learnt by everyone, and it will remain in the consciousness of Humanity to serve you well on future occasions. What is growth but an expansion of the human consciousness, as you are one within the Mass Consciousness that you have created. As you evolve you will find group consciousness quite normal, and it in no way takes away your individuality, and on the contrary enhances it.


You have been led to believe in your separateness, and that isolation has been the cause of much difficulty. Man has always searched for the Source of his being, and it is a journey that is now ending as the truth is revealed. It has however led you along many false pathways, but now you are to take a quantum leap that will restore your full understanding. Even so, it is not imposed upon you and if you are unprepared for it, you will be given more time to assimilate it. In reality there is no time as you understand it, and you have all infinity in which to evolve.


If necessary you can continue your present experiences elsewhere, as there is no limit to the vastness of space and the different civilisations that can offer such an opportunity. It will be your choice, and your freedom that is God given will remain with you. We do not expect you to comprehend the extent to which life exists in the Universe, but it embraces every conceivable set of conditions that you could imagine. The constant factor is that All Life Is One and will always remain so, and you will forever move towards a closer relationship with all of its expressions. It is a never-ending journey of discovery that will take you through the many mansions in Godís Kingdom.


When you become able to move through the higher dimensions, the door becomes open wide to the most illustrious experiences and beauty beyond words. As you go higher so the perfection of all you see becomes even more refined, and Heaven becomes a reality that will totally encapsulate you. You will be able to remain at any stage for as long as you like, but will never lose that urge to keep rising up. As you do so you will expand your consciousness even further, and super consciousness will make you into an all-knowing soul.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel so privileged to address you, and it is heartening to see you responding to the Light and finding that love within that knows no bounds. It is changing your world and all life upon it, and cleansing away the old that has served its purpose. New Man, and the new Earth are quickly emerging from the ashes of the past, and that which has no further place in your lives will disappear. Your vision of the new Earth helps manifest it amongst you, and your focus is required upon all that will bring balance and harmony to it.


I assure you that much is happening that is drawing matters to a close, and the Light is putting so much pressure upon the dark that it cannot sustain its power to affect you much longer. All is coming to a sudden conclusion that will allow our entry onto the scene, and from thereon it will be one way forward. All that has been promised to uplift you will come into your lives, and you will be well prepared for the end-times. Whatever you do enfold with your love, and there is not much more we could ask of you. I leave you with the blessings and love from all of your friends that wait to come to Earth, and eager to celebrate our coming together.          


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.