Ker-On  26-May-2008


Greetings Dear Ones, how we love your tenacity in the face of all the difficulties you encounter.  There is so much going on that could distract you from your journey into the Light, but you have not allowed it to remove your focus from your goal. Consequently we see the Light growing so rapidly, that it is at last overcoming the power of the dark to reap havoc amongst you. What you will gradually notice is changes in Human behaviour, with a lessening of the uncontrolled emotions and the resultant harm that it causes. There is a distinct upliftment that is also bringing out the love in people, and together in moves that are about to change the society you live in.


Clearly not everyone is responding to the Light in the same way, but be assured there is not one soul that is unaffected by it. It cannot fail to bring upliftment to Earth, and it will ensure a certain state of readiness for the greater changes that are so near to manifesting. There is so much awareness now than at any previous time, of the way in which you are used to support the agenda of the Illuminati. You are not only breaking away from their hold, but weakening their ability to further their plans. They are facing your opposition to their way of working that would have eventually enslaved you.


You are not alone in your fight for a different Earth to what you now have, and our presence is accelerating the day when the very threats to your existence are removed.  What a change around will occur in a relatively short time, from upheaval and discontent to an orderly and peaceful life. We know that people are ready to move on and tire of the old ways, and that they yearn for the freedom that only comes with peace. Be assured that it is not far away, but naturally there will be work to do beforehand. All shall be explained in good time, and our objective will be to keep you well informed of our plans. We are to work together, and we know you will put yourselves wholeheartedly into it.


Although it may seem that Mother Earth is becoming more active than usual, it is not fact doing much out of the ordinary. However, physical changes are unavoidable and all part of the cleansing that is in hand. Do not allow events to make you fearful, as against the numbers of the whole population the adverse effects will only be minimal. As you are seeing at present, major occurrences that cause injury, death and homelessness are bringing countries together, They are learning that working together overcomes the barriers that have been placed between them through fear, and often solely for political reasons. Left to their own devices people are much more friendly than is imagined, and ready to see the common bonds between each other.


Would it not seem natural that having a common Source and sharing the same planet, that you would feel a mutual friendship to all other fellow travellers. You have allowed divisions to come between you believing that you are separate from each other. Dear Ones we tell you often that you are One, and the sooner you understand that there is an immutable link between you all, the quicker the obstacles will be set aside.


We of the Galactic Federation come out of our love for all of you, seeing no difference in one to another. We see beautiful souls fulfilling their roles upon Earth, and seeking their purpose in life. Many and varied are the paths you are taking yet all eventually lead you to the Light. We come not to prevent you from experiencing the life you have planned, but to offer help should you need assistance. Our overall presence is to ensure completion of the cycle with Ascension, and we jointly working together with you to that end. Because events on Earth are reaching a critical stage, we must stay tight-lipped but can assure you victory is within our reach.


Our position is as one that oversees what is happening on Earth, and it is our duty to lead you out of duality and onto the path of Ascension. That has been our brief ever since the cycle commenced, and we have been with for all of that time. Orthodox views and opinion often hamper people’s search for the truth, and before the end of the cycle your true history will be revealed. It will help release a number of false beliefs, not least of all about your God and the Creator. Religion has set apart many groups of people, and often set them against each other. Once the truth is known, you will see that you have a lot more in common in your beliefs than you may have imagined.


Since we are your future selves you will understand why we are so close to you at this time. We wish to quickly bring you up to our level of being, and your destiny is to be one with us as Galactic Beings. Meantime we stand by for the command that will signal the start of our First Contact with you, where we can openly declare our presence and arrive upon Earth. It will be the precursor of many rapid appearances all over the world, that will serve our desire to introduce our peaceful mission to you.


Using our ability to remain undetected, we are more frequently on Earth than you suspect. We monitor activities that are taking place, and those of your military are of particular interest. When the right time comes we shall bring about a cease-fire to all wars, with a view to dismantling the war machine for once and for all. Peace loving people have no need for weaponry, and as a member of the Galactic Federation you receive our full protection.


Our ships are being moved nearer to Earth in anticipation of our call to action. Massive Motherships carry all that is essential to complete our tasks, and thousands upon thousands of personnel each dedicated to specialist tasks concerning the cleansing and re-building of Earth. We see that you realise the chaos that is occurring threatens to completely pull the world down, and that our help is essential if you are to recover from it. Our mission is also to reform those industries and establishments that are necessary for a smooth running society. All shall be on a new footing always with a priority towards the real needs of the people.


I am Ker-On from Venus, bringing its loving vibration with me that I share with you all, and ask you to remember that love is the key to all that you do.


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.