St.Germain  23-May-2008


By and large, Man works from the conscious mind, which has been programmed through eons of time to perceive life in a certain way. A matrix is created that forms the reality in which he lives, and the manner as to how he reacts to it. Now with the upliftment of mankind and a heightening of your consciousness, it is necessary to be more open and ready to move into a new perspective. This will enable you to appreciate a more expanded view of life, and lift your mind onto a new level of understanding. This will see you being able to centre yourself, and become less reliant on the interpretation of others. Even now, many people are in denial of what they see happening before their very eyes, because they are unable to think for themselves.


In the midst of the far-reaching changes is the first real sign of what is to come. It is a withdrawal from the old paradigm that set you in ways that no longer serve your purpose. You are linking with the new levels of consciousness that bring knowledge and understanding of the true purpose of life. Duality is the experience of many lifetimes, that makes you face the darkness that Man has brought to this Earth, and it is Man who must now participate in its cleansing. As you know, you are not in fact alone in this venture and are fully supported by the Galactic Federation and The White Brotherhood. Each has specific responsibilities towards you all, and the successful completion of the Ascension of both Man and the Earth.


You have come a very long way since the time this cycle commenced. When it started you were aware that it was your last opportunity to overcome the dark forces, and knew that your task would be very difficult. To your credit you have risen above the negative energies, and have brought much Light to Earth that has assisted its upliftment. Changes have therefore become inevitable, and either you move into the Light or remain in the darkness of yesteryear. Everything has to do with attraction, and your thoughts and desires create your pathway ahead. If you wish to break out of the old reality, it is necessary to create the new one around you. Your thoughts are powerful tools, and used in the correct manner will elevate you to a higher level.


If you link in with us and our thought streams, we can in turn help you on the way. We will surround you with our love and protection. We will guide you to higher levels of understanding, and place the truth before you. From there, it is up to you to grasp the opportunity to open up to the Light. It will bring much peace and contentment into your life, and no longer will you be pulled this way and that. You set your path and progress at a speed that suits you. There is no pressure on you to do other than what is acceptable to you. You can place around yourself a protective energy that allows you to walk unscathed through the negativity that abounds on Earth. As you detach from the old energies, they lose their ability to hold you back. The fight has been well fought, and the dark are in retreat and their future is sealed.


Heaven such as you refer to is a real place, generally any level that is above Earth and in the Light. There is no specific dimension but stories of life after death are centred around what many of you call Nirvana, the land of beauty, harmony and love. A level that replicates everything on Earth, but in a way that does not carry the ugliness or decay you see around you. Lands that shine out and are in continual Light where the darkness is shut out. You can in effect travel back in time, to see those souls who continue their experiences in the familiar surroundings that they left behind. For you personally there is the creation by thought of your idea of beauty, and a homestead that awaits your arrival. However, even these levels of Light will pale into insignificance compared with the Golden Age that you are about to enter.


How can your mind grasp levels of perfection and beauty that have no words to really describe them, or convey to you the power of the energy that surrounds you to give a feeling of Oneness? To be free of all worries and earthly concerns and find all of your needs at your fingertips. Levels where Unconditional Love abounds, and every soul is linked into this energy with each other. It is exactly what awaits those who have aspired to ascend, and perhaps more than any other dream you have, this is your Heaven.


I St. Germain, and the Masters together with other great Beings of Light are able to move into higher levels where energies become even more refined and are of astounding beauty. These levels move into Infinity, and even to our understanding have no conceivable end, except that there is the Source of All That Is. You were never meant to stay in the lower dimensions forever as they are not your true home, and simply serve your need for experience of the dark as part of your spiritual evolution. Service to others is a most natural desire that comes with growth and understanding of your true selves as Beings of Light. On Earth much of what you do is for gain, and of course some of it is necessary for your survival. You do however have a culture that invites you to make as much wealth as you can, and many consider that to be their goal.


Very soon there will no rich or poor in that context, as the wealth of the world is to be shared in a fair and equitable way. It will help remove that element of competition that unfairly denies another of their entitlement. Sharing will become commonplace, and quickly bring people together in a common purpose for the good of all. Materialism has run its course, and with its end will disappear all the inequality that has caused so many divisions upon Earth. These are steps that will prepare the way for your Ascension, and you shall soon see Love on Earth bring about a great revolution, where Man takes on his true responsibility for each other.


The separateness that has divided Man will cease, and he will realise that he is his Brothers keeper. You only have to look around the world to see what occurs when there is a lack of caring, and much of it is perpetrated by your leaders who should be setting a better example. Conditions on Earth are deteriorating fast, but waiting in the wings are the remedies and means to reverse the trend. Have faith; it is all about to permanently change, and love will descend upon Earth and bring about a great upliftment. You will be freed forever from the shackles of darkness that have kept you down for so long.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.