Atmos  21-May-2008


Take your time to understand what is going on in the world at present, and place it all under the heading of change. The way must be prepared for the new to come in, and it is quite a feat to bring the changes together so that they inflict as little harm as possible. I talk not specifically of human involvement, although that is of major concern but the effect upon your business community and employment of the masses. There will be days and weeks of uncertainty, as the old world falls into the abyss of transmutation never to return again in that form. Meanwhile the new paradigm gradually emerges, and will be recognised for its ability to deal with any crisis that arises. The planning that has gone before is your assurance that the new path for Man, will be quickly established.


Using your terminology, we shall say that the rot has set in, and no amount of shifting and changing will save the old regime and its ways. The whole structure is crumbling, and the remedy is beyond the power of Man to overcome it. Vast changes are required with some degree of urgency, and they are receiving our attention. We closely follow them and are allowed to limit the damage that they do. These were always going to be volatile times, but are held in check to minimise their effect. Weather changes are to be expected as your Sun takes control of the Solar System. However, these are also in part due to the interference of Man, with weather control and its manipulation, together with the changes to the topography through deforestation.


What you have been experiencing are the results of Manís progress without sufficient spiritual application and understanding, placing his own judgement above that of the Laws of God. You cannot ignore your responsibility to all other forms of life, and you are meant to be the Guardians of the Earth, that has been in your care. Look around you and be honest, can you really be proud of what you see. These are strong words and not directed at everyone, as it is a paradox that the lower you slip into the dark, the more Light is brought to bear upon you. How far will you go before you rise up against what you see, because these are your last chances to do so before the cycle ends?


We know that many of you take matters very seriously, and are setting a shining example that others can follow. The challenge is there to take a stand against the failures of the past, and make a start on the road to new horizons. The goal is harmony and balance in all things, and the creation of a new environment that will lead the way into the New Age. We are here to give of our help, but restricted until we can come openly amongst you. Then we shall go roaring ahead and renew and repair the damage that has brought the Earth to her knees, as our goal is for complete restoration.


For all we have said it is you who are the most important Beings, and it is within your capability to rise up above any crisis or beat any challenge that is presented to you. You are Light Beings of the highest order, and can surmount whatever obstacles are placed on your path. You have been doing it ever since you started this cycle, with a subconscious drive that has urged you ever onwards without realising your goal. One experience after another has led you to this present time, and now you stand poised for the greatest one ever, your Ascension. It is no mean feat seeing the depths to which you have plunged; yet your Light has shone through.


Thank goodness that you are unaware of your many lives, as it is not without reason that you have been veiled from them. To carry those memories would distract you from your present path. Having gone from one extreme to another, you have gathered a wealth of experience that will serve you well in these trying times. The end is in sight, and opens up into a new beginning of unimaginable splendour and beauty as you move into the Golden Age. Physicality as you have understood it will have been overtaken by crystalline wonders, and magnificent Light that will be the very essence of everything that exists.


It may all seem a dream, but it will come true as you take a quantum leap into the future. It is the past that will become as a dream that will be soon forgotten, but the souls who have experienced it will forever remember their link to each other. No one will be but a thought away from their loved ones, and able to share their love, happiness and joy forever. As you are already discovering, the power of thought is capable of changing anything and everything. It is growing within you and requires a responsible approach to life, as you can do as much harm as good if it is used unwisely. As time goes on, you will continue to rise up into the realms of Light, becoming more purified until you are Pure Light. It is a natural progression back to Source, which is the driving force that ever urges you ever onwards.


Think of what lies ahead, and the short time that you will remain in duality. Every tear and heartache will have been well worthwhile to be here at such a momentous occasion, and one that is unique where Ascension is concerned. You are privileged to be taking part in such a process that allows for your upliftment as a fully conscious Being. It is not a reward in the strictest sense of the meaning, but nevertheless is something you have earnt through hard work and dedication. We shall open your eyes to your true selves, and you will know of your greatness.


I am Atmos a Sirian, and we have many of our own working with you. We are linked in quite a special way, from earlier contacts with you that you go far back into the mists of time. Like many other civilisations we have come close to you in the past, and it is our duty to see that you rise up and complete this cycle in a victorious manner. It will be thus completed as the ending has already been written. We look at you and see who you really are, and our love goes out to you without reservation. We Are All One in Love and Light in this great experience, and we look forward to greeting you as the newest members of the Galactic Federation.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.