Ag-agria  16-May-2008


We have a constant check on the rapidly growing consciousness upon Earth. It is delightful to witness what is taking place, as the Light creates a new paradigm that will carry you safely forward to the completion of the present cycle. It is greatly satisfying to us and other Higher Beings who have worked tirelessly to bring you out of the darkness of duality. We are not forgetting all of you who have also taken up the challenge to be our allies upon Earth. It is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when a firm objective is in sight. It is true that the end-times have always been planned to provide you the opportunity to ascend, but there has been an element of chance as to which way Humanity would turn. You have more than fulfilled your desires to bring about change, and they gradually manifest to provide you a richly deserved success.


Many of you who are relatively new to the idea of Ascension, have joined the Lightworkers with a sincere and dedicated intention to prepare yourself for it. However, you wonder how you will feel if you are being successful, as often it is difficult to know what to expect. There are truly many changes taking place, and it is firstly within your bodies that you will feel them. People are experiencing many symptoms as their cells change, and often fatigue that comes on at virtually any time of the day. There is also a feeling of expansion where the consciousness is concerned, which will at times seem to extend well outside of your body. There will also be a heightened intuition and an ability to just ”know” what is about to occur. It will serve you well in present times of much activity, and help you to know where to place your trust.


The positive work that is taking place all over the world gets little recognition, and your controlled media focuses on matters that are intended to keep you in a continual state of fear. You can now see through the tactics used, and no longer can you be fooled by the inevitable rhetoric of your governmental representatives. Instead you have the ability to recognise the truth and know who is trustworthy. It is by no means easy to keep your feet firmly on the ground, when so much is taking occurring on a daily basis. Concentrate on the greater movement that is creating the conditions for a new Earth to manifest, along with your upliftment.


Completion will come regardless of any attempts of the dark to stall the process, which is already far advanced. It waits only for that divine moment when a number of well prepared events will propel you into a period of cleansing and renewal. We are major players to ensure you take a quantum leap forward and speedily reap the benefit from it. There may be personal disappointments and upheaval, but in the build up to the final preparations many changes are needed. Trust is essential, and we can assure you that all will work out satisfactorily in the end. Where you experience lack, there will eventually come abundance. Also guidance will come through many sources, so that you are in no doubt as to what is taking place in the interests of the whole.


Changes will be dramatic and follow on each other quite quickly, as speed is of the essence. We of the Galactic Federation will have total control over the changes, so that they are co-ordinated and completed as planned. They are only a short time away from becoming your reality, and it is as well that your focus remains upon them. Short of taking part in series of landings, we cannot do a lot more to convince the sceptical amongst you who still deny our presence. We are appearing to you much more frequently, and pleasantly surprised at the response we are receiving. With a little thought you can immediately see the benefits of our advanced technologies, and equally as important our pure intent to help you out of love for Humanity, and not for our own aggrandisement. We are not alien to you or bringing you a different creed. Our God is also yours, and we have great respect and understanding of the Creator Source from which we all have our beginning.


We come for your upliftment so that you may join us and move into the higher dimensions. There is absolutely nothing to fear, it will be a grand event of immense happiness and joy. Your soul has looked to find some way out of duality, and we have come in answer to your desires to lift up out of it. You have sensed that it is time to move on, and there is no reason whatsoever to remain in your present dimension. You may do so by choice, but that is a decision that you alone will make. We come to offer you the means to complete this cycle and cut the links that bind you to Earth. You will not lose anything as a result of the changes, but gain immensely in ways that are not yet apparent. It is about Self, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking steps to elevate yourself beyond your present level of existence.


As you move further into the Light, you will find a new strength within and a knowing that is beyond words. Your consciousness will be expanding at a faster rate than any previous time, and you will find peace and contentment by being able to detach yourself from the often chaotic happenings around you. It is possible to control anger or any other negative traits that assail human beings. Part of your learning upon Earth was to experience emotions, and understand that they are within your control. You tend to believe that they rule you, but that only occurs when you allow it to be so. You are often as children and your actions are quite spontaneous, however, self-control is a quality you will need to nurture. You natural state is one of an all-loving Being that can express yourself on an unconditional basis. It is easy to give out that which is in abundance, and the more you do so, the more will come to you. The fountain of love is inexhaustible and its energy is the glue that holds everything together.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and very soon I shall be one of many walking amongst you, and it will be a wonderful time of consolidation between our civilisations. We will come together once more, and reveal the mysteries of life that surround your past and will open your future. We are but one of many civilisations that wait to openly meet you, and all are dedicated to the Love and Light having reached that pinnacle that you are about to climb.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.