Diane  14-May-2008


My Dear Ones there are stories circulating amongst you that are producing a wave of fear that could engulf the Earth if it remains unchecked or unchallenged. It revolves around Planet X that is referred to “as coming” towards your Solar System, and is going to cause untold death and destruction. Its arrival is viewed as imminent, and certain countries are alleged to have already started preparations in their defence. A picture is being painted of a Star Wars scenario, which is being encouraged by the dark forces. Can you not see that this is the last bold attempt being made, to undo all of the good work carried out by the Lightworkers? There are forces at work that seek to prevent your ongoing journey to Ascension.


I would ask you, do you really think that we would stand by and allow the path decreed for the end times to be assailed or changed by threats against the people of Earth? We of the Galactic Federation are your protectors, and have been your galactic parents ensuring that you become the Cosmic Beings that are your true destiny. Although we have defined lines of help that limit what would be seen as “interference” in your self determination and freedom of choice, we have responsibility for the greater plan of this Universe. Even if the threat of Planet X were real, it would have been prevented from entering this Solar System. There is the Creator’s Plan for the completion of your journey in duality, and it cannot be changed or usurped by any member of the dark forces.


Let us put your minds at rest, and inform you that Planet X is already in your Solar System, and the reason it has been allowed is because it no longer poses any threat to you or planet Earth. The Annunaki have had a history of presenting themselves as Gods, and leading man into the darkness by playing upon his lower vibrations. That period subsequently led to hundreds of years of conflict right up to the latter part of the last century. However, they were shown how they could help you out of your descent into total destruction, and at the same time settle some of the karmic debts they owed you. After all, the cycle of duality is destined to end by 2012, and with or without their help it would have been achieved. Now they wait hidden away in a location behind the Sun, to return to Earth at an appropriate time to atone for their actions and undo the harm they caused. Let it be said that the vibration upon Earth attracted them in the first place, and they fulfilled Man’s search for the Gods that gave their favours to those who supported them, and cause their “enemies” to be smitten.


There is no longer a need for a violent end time as imagined by those who believe in Armageddon, and whilst it was possible before the end of the last century, that time has passed. The Light has awakened the consciousness of great numbers of you, so much so that you have changed the end time reality. The Supreme God of this Universe does not take sides, and loves each and every one of his/her souls without any judgement whatsoever. You can now lay aside those biblical stories that tell of the false Gods, who have pitted Man against Man. It is also time to leave behind those prophesies that were relevant until Man rose up into the higher consciousness, out of the darkness to create the opportunities that now lead to Ascension.


You may wonder how it is that so many realities exist side by side, and it is because Man has created them with such great energies that they have become powerful thought forms in their own right. You attach yourself to one by choice, and for you it becomes your reality. The dark feed those that serve their purpose, by continuing to play upon your fears. However, you are entering a new era on the path of Light breaking your ties with the past. Now you are clearing your karma and experiencing the great cleansing of Earth, as all preparations are being made that will enable your upliftment, never to return to this cycle of duality.


Times are rapidly changing but people are still sensitive to the negative energies, but they must not be allowed to take you away from the new path of Light you have created. The dark are in their death throes, and are lashing out to create chaos and fear as a last attempt to divert your attention from your goal. You are being subjected to fear laden predictions, and it is essential more than ever before that you stay focussed on the Light. Trust your intuition, and know that your guides come near to you at this important time, and will impress you with the truth if you so allow them. The remaining months of this year are vital to your future, and should herald the first major changes that will ensure your victory over the dark forces. We do not believe for one moment that you will succumb to the attempts being made to entrap you, ones that lead you into believing the lies and misinformation that are meant to take your attention away from the pathway of Light. However, the energies of fear are disrupting and upsetting, that if you are not focussed they can open you up so that you are susceptible to them.


There is a battle between the dark and Light, but you have the advantage of being able to deflect the lower energies by firmly staying in your Love and Light. It is the most powerful force in the Universe, and your help is needed to send it out to those who falter and in their uncertainty become lost in the whirlpool of mixed emotions. Fear as we have often informed you is the weapon of the dark, and they feed upon it to still try and advance their plans for total control of Earth. It will fail and is collapsing, taking its leaders with it and very soon the truth will become more widely known as to how you have been manipulated and used to fulfil their ambitions.


The Earth is beginning to “shake” out the negative energies as it reforms its body, and it is unavoidably necessary. However, we unbeknown to you lessen the effect to keep damage and loss of life to a minimum. Suddenly the more emphatic changes will quieten down, and with First Contact coming near we will be able to interact with you all the more. If necessary we shall temporarily move you to safe areas until the more physical changes are completed. Do not however worry about the souls that are passing on, as they will be treated with great love and tenderness to quickly release the experience of their trauma. They will have no regrets as they learn that they were part of their life contracts. You are immortal and have infinite life, and have spent hundreds of lives on your Earth. In the future you will not have need to experience death such as you understand it now, and you will move from one life to another with complete ease and in full consciousness.


I am Diane of Sirius and open my arms to bring you into our Light and Love, and have spoken to you on behalf of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Councils that oversee your evolution. They determine your path, so as to ensure its completion in accord with the greater plan of the Creator. Ride through the next few months with your eyes focussed on the outcome, as out of the apparent chaos will come opportunities to leave the old behind, and bring the new into being. Believe in your highest concepts, and become that great Being of Light you really are and always have been and you will be contributing to the upliftment of Earth.


There is nothing to fear, and your evolutionary path is opening up for you. Soon the dark will be forced to give up its hold upon you, and then you shall see the Light in all its glory. This period of confusion will quickly pass, to allow a great coming together of the people of Earth in complete unity and purpose. You have strived long for this time, and now you will see the final acts played out as the dark forces are removed, and their influence no longer able to harm you. The energy of Love now pervades the Earth, and you are those who will ensure it is safely grounded. We are with you all of the way, and our help is at your call and beckoning. We Are All One for Evermore.


Thank you Diane

Mike Quinsey.