Atmos  12-May-2008


The physical happenings in your world naturally receive more attention than the ongoing growth of your consciousness. They tend to deflect your attention away from the great movement of Lightworkers who are continuing to bring even more Light to Earth. Everything is affected, and you will for example find increasing numbers of stories relating to the changing consciousness within the animal kingdom. This is fulfilling the prophecy that “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb” and gradually even more remarkable stories will surface. It is providing you with the truth that the Light is bringing about changes that are inevitable and cannot be halted.


Everything contains consciousness, and to differing degrees will change as it is lifted up into the higher vibrations. However, that which has no structure that allows for such changes will disappear, and eventually only that which has a place in the new Earth will remain. It is all part of the inevitable changes that are carrying you forward to Ascension. It is the cleansing that leaves no stone unturned, and ensures completion of this cycle as decreed. You are facing a quantum leap forward that shall remove the power of the dark, and will emphasise the incoming Light.


Already changes are being considered that will hasten your advancement, but just for the time being the opposition defiantly stands in the way. Those who stand to lose their power are reluctant to make way for those who are clearly in tune with the new vibrations. Peace must come to Earth very soon, and the American people who desire a new form of government must give the lead. Your rights must be restored, and from this platform the laws reviewed and revised accordingly. You will give others a lead showing how change can be successfully achieved, and they will follow suit.


Man’s consciousness is like a simmering forest fire, and will suddenly break out everywhere to start a new peaceful revolution for change. The old ways are now seen to be self destructive, and no longer serve the people of the Earth. Your souls cry out for change, and the plans for bringing it into fruition are well advanced. With many of you there is undoubtedly a strong feeling of the undercurrents of change, but few really understand its true meaning. Your focus needs to be on your highest vision of the future Earth, that is descending even now as you look for signs of its emergence. Nothing will prevent its full manifestation in accordance with the plan for the end times.


We must remind you that what you are experiencing is an event of universal proportions, and it will go ahead regardless of what happens on Earth. Fortunately you are awakening to the task of lifting yourselves up, and as it continues to gather pace your future is assured. You are coming out of a prolonged period of darkness, and the light is revealing all that no longer serves your highest desires. It is largely up to you to reject that which is of the old, and has no place in the emerging new society that seeks the Light. There has never been a better time to lift yourselves up, and place your consciousness firmly within it.


Meantime, we are seeing the results of our joint efforts to create the conditions that will allow your last cabal to be removed. It is the key to the next stage in your evolution that will see dramatic changes take place. We of the Galactic Federation are very much involved in the affairs of Earth, and we guide our allies so as to ensure your success. You are on the verge of a great victory that will place you firmly on the road to Ascension, and see the rapid cleansing of Earth. In actual fact, we have always contained the damaging effects that Man has brought about; otherwise your present conditions would have been far worse.


The dark have such a myopic view of life that they destroy the very structures that support the Earth. They plan to escape its demise that would otherwise have already occurred but for our actions. However, there is no way out for the denizens of the darkness as we are aware of their plans. You are blessed with the love of your Creator, and your upliftment is to be the closing glory as this cycle closes. Your move into the higher realms is already taking place, and those who have dedicated themselves to this process are experiencing changes both within and without.


Your loved ones that have left the Earth wait for the changes that will also affect them. Ascension is an option open to every soul within your Universe, and it is a free choice that many will have made already. When karmic responsibilities have been completed, many of you will find a great weight lifted from your shoulders. You will suddenly feel free, and become aware of the Light that draws you into the higher vibrations. A sudden expansion of consciousness can take place, and the path forward suddenly becomes clear.


You have many unseen souls working for you, and unless you deny the Light and allow yourself to be pulled down into the dark, you have every opportunity to expand your consciousness to a new level of understanding. The aim of the Higher Councils is to see as many souls as possible moving into the higher frequencies of Light. Angelic Beings are appointed to accompany you on your journey, and as soon as you turn to the Light you are inviting them to work more closely with you. They will guide and protect you, and in your quiet moments of meditation if you will listen carefully, they will place their thoughts within your mind. You call it intuition, and very often it is prompted by outer influences such as your Guides.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and we are linked with Dear Ones that are known to us often from eons of time ago. We never desert our own and keep a link with them as their guides and protectors. In the Galactic Federation are many member civilisations that have a strong link with you, and very soon you will be introduced to them. That time approaches when the final barriers to our open visitations will have been removed, and we look forward to joyful celebrations. The peace that has eluded you will come to Earth, and a great sigh of relief will quickly turn into a wonderful happiness that will lift everyone up. It is manifesting now, and will soon become your new reality.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.