SaLuSa  09-May-2008


We of the Galactic Federation have promised you that we will increase our activities in your skies, and we have done so. For over 50 years we have gradually made ourselves visible to you, although for various reasons it has suited us to remain largely invisible to the prying eyes of your military. You must realise by now that your Government has amassed thousands upon thousands of documents covering sightings of our craft. Now their cover up has become futile, as there is so much evidence to support the reality of our presence. We can unequivocally report that we have never engaged in any form of action against you that could have been viewed as dangerous or harmful. Where we have been in close proximity to your aircraft, spacecraft or installations, matters have been under our total control.


Because we can accurately project what your dark forces are planning, we are always ahead of them in the cat and mouse game that is played out. Our hands are tied as to what action we can take in response to attacks against us, and we would not become offensive. Our way is one of peaceful negotiation and avoidance of outright conflict. However, we do have the right to self-defence, and where our craft have been chased or threatened we have often taken evasive action. That is not difficult given the acceleration and speed we can generate in a split second. Often our sudden disappearance is simply because we have become invisible to your eyes, and we also disappear off your radar screens.


However, with the presence of the Greys and their craft, and also those of your own military it is not always possible for you to be certain as to which ones you are viewing. The general yardstick is that the larger the craft are the more certain they are to be ours. Our Motherships can be enormous, as much as a hundred miles long or more, but normally these are stationed well outside of your Earth’s atmosphere. When they need to release their scoutcraft they advance nearer to you and they appear immediately within it. Our various craft are designed to meet a number of requirements including inter stellar travel. We are known throughout your Universe, as are the Ashtar Command who serve in a similar manner to ourselves. It may sound an impossible task to monitor such an enormous area, but the technology of our craft and our instantaneous communications are incredibly advanced. As individuals we are also adepts at “mind to mind” contact and distance is no obstacle.


As you experience your personal changes, you too will begin to realise that you are developing psychic skills. You have only to look at the large numbers of you that can now contact us by going into an altered state of consciousness. You are also experiencing bodily changes that are taking you to a level where you have immunity against disease. You are rising up into the higher vibrations, and also throwing off the limitations imposed upon you by centuries of mind control. You are rapidly awakening to your true potential and nothing will now stop your march forward. Many of you are in thought and deed becoming more like us, and we represent the ideal that you are reaching up to in readiness for Ascension.


Believe in your power of thought to mould a new reality, and focus on all that is wholesome and pure. You are Light Beings of such immense potential, and have far more influence on the end times than you can imagine. You are energising a quantum leap forward, that will release you forever from the clutches of the dark propel you into your future. It is a grand time to be on Earth, and you can rightfully feel excited and invigorated by the prospect of change. You are cutting your ties with all that is of the old and no longer serves your purpose. You are finding your own kind as you are drawn together, and a separation from the lower vibrations is inevitable and to be desired. In reality your natural home is in the higher vibrations, and you have only dropped into the darkness as part of a grand experiment. It is all but over and the opportunity is there for you to lift up out of it.


You are for the time being still human but you should start to think of yourself on a galactic level, as you will gain your freedom to travel the highways and byways of your Galaxy. You are becoming responsible citizens and members of the Federation of Planets, and that is only given to those who have totally moved into the Light. There is order and responsibility in the higher realms, and love and consideration for others is a prerequisite for any soul that aims for these levels. Simply set your sights upon it, and immense help will be given to you. Indeed, it is already taking place and the higher you rise up; the closer we can come to you.


We have no religion, but as individuals recognise our Godself within. We serve the Light by bringing you out of your darkness, into the full recognition of who you really are and encourage you to become one with your Higher Self. All you need to know is within, but we will show you the path that is opening up that will carry you to Ascension. You far from lose any part of your individuality by such a process, and instead become so much greater as One with the Universal Consciousness. We acknowledge and revere the Creator as the Source Of All That Is, and work to bring Light to all souls everywhere.


You too can join us, and in any event for many of you it will be a reunion with those you can rightly call your family in every meaning of the word. The Earth has shown you beauty to counterbalance the dark, but it has been but a glimpse of the higher realms. Allow your imagination to take you there, and not only think of the fantastic colours, shapes and sounds, but live them and bring them into your life now. Release all thoughts of pain and the drudgery of life in duality, and couple them with happiness and joy, and you will have some idea of what the future holds for you.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we really do look a lot like you, and are not alone in this respect. The human form is common within your Universe with many variations, and all are connected to the Source. To call them alien is not quite correct, and you will find that they are similar to your higher vibration of love. Life abounds everywhere and much is unseen by your eyes. Be ready for your upliftment and your welcome into the family of the Stars.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey,