St. Germain  07-May-2008


My service to the Light goes well beyond Earth, but my attention is focussed upon you as your intent to bring about change strengthens. So many of you have not only awakened to these end times, but have also found an outlet for your energies by serving others. Some of you are in positions of influence where you can confront the dark forces, and through your endeavours are bringing their activities to the attention of the public. This is most vital in a situation where censorship prevents the truth from becoming known. It is opening the eyes of others who would otherwise remain ignorant of what has been taking place. Be aware that very little is actually as it is presented to you, and that the influence of the dark extends to all major corporations.


As beacons of Light you are bringing the truth into the open, and the great awakening continues to accelerate. It takes an open mind to comprehend what has been taking place over millennia of time. As your mindset has been fixed through the continual repetition of warlike behaviour, and words that concentrate on the “enemy” who are necessary to the plans of the dark. A new vision allows for all people to come together and create a oneness of purpose to work for the good of all. Never have you been so close together, and perceived differences are accepted as the beauty of your various cultural upbringings. Now you travel the world with ease, and find the riches of others who complement your own history with their experiences. Earth has brought together souls from all over your Universe, and they have expressed their ideas from subconscious levels of knowledge of different lives.


As individuals you have so much experience of other lives in the various counties of your world. As you put it to good use, you draw upon it for the benefit of Mankind and your evolution. You cannot stand still as all is flowing continually, and your aspirations to lift up are always carrying you forward. Within your subconsciousness you have a wealth of experience to call upon, and with the final acts being played out upon Earth, you need it to rise above the negativity and claim your true heritage. Many have advanced to those levels where they cannot be touched by the dark energies, and their presence on Earth is most essential to the outcome. Everyone who rises up is one less who can be swayed by the dark forces, and more importantly they hold fast within their Light unperturbed by the outer events.


The most valuable service you can do at this time is to spread the Light, and when you link with others also serving in this way you become a powerful force for change. Changes will come regardless of your response, but what you can do as Lightworkers is to lessen the effect so that they are not so disruptive. You have just experienced a major cyclone in Burma, where the negative energies attracted such a force. It has resulted in the extensive loss of life, but be aware that those souls desired to leave that area after many years of brutal military rule. See that when families leave together they immediately move into the peace and joy of release from their oppression. Such happenings also send out a warning to other regimes, as the dark energies will eventually turn in upon them and implode.


We know that at any time of major physical changes on Earth, there are Dear Ones who are concerned that God allows them to take place. I must therefore remind you that it is the hand of Man that causes them and not your All Loving God. Intervention would simply curtail the lessons that are there to be learnt, although your Galactic Nations temper them with the knowledge that your Earth is slowly being restored to its original beauty. If your vibrations were sufficiently raised up, you would alleviate the extent of physical damage and the cleansing would not be so severe. Without any judgement I will tell you that over millennia of time you have created the scenario for these end times. What is pleasing to us is that unlike earlier cycles, you have avoided the total destruction of your civilisation.


You will understand that the cleansing of Earth has to be completed so that Mother Gaia may also prepare in readiness for Ascension. You are rising up as One and your participation is most important to the outcome. We charge you with becoming One with the Light, and help all others lift up. You have immense help from many great Beings who continually send their Light to Earth. It is being grounded upon it, and setting up a grid all around it that is attracting higher energies to you. The new Earth is manifesting even now, and appears in the etheric realms that some of your psychics have already glimpsed. The trauma and distress that takes place on Earth is but a small burden to bear; it is but a blink of the eye in the whole scheme of things.


To many it appears that you fight your battles alone and against great odds. The truth is that each and every one of you are known to us, and take each step with a myriad of helpers. We love you dearly, and recognise your godliness even if it is shrouded by the lower energies of Earth. You are very special to us, and we allow for your wayward actions as part of your chosen experiences. It is all about your evolution, and who are we to judge your choices. Freedom is God given to you, and no one shall interfere against your wishes. However, we hear your calls for release from the dark forces, and we come with the Legions of Heaven to ensure they are answered.


The White Brotherhood works quietly and at a distance with your Galactic friends, who stand by ready to broker those changes that will remove the last cabal. If you knew what was planned you would have no worries, and full confidence in your future that is tied up with the final years of this cycle. You are breaking your bonds with the dark forces that have dominated Earth for so long. Their days are numbered and having served their purpose, they too shall move on to a new cycle where they can continue their experiences. All roads eventually lead back home to God, and no soul is destined to stay within the dark forever. There is unlimited Love and Light for each soul if they so desire to bring it to themselves.


I am St. Germain and my task will not be complete until I have lifted you all up into the Light. I shall walk with you all hand in hand in the Oneness that we are, and shall always remain, and So Be It for evermore.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.