Ag-agria  05-May-2008


It is an important time upon Earth and know that no matter how testing events are, that you came into this lifetime for these very opportunities. Many souls desired to be present at the end times, but not all were given the privilege that was granted to you. You have special roles to fulfil and may yet wait to be called upon to play your part. Each of you are players in a great finale that shall see the old ways rejected, and opportunities created for the new to come in, and do not doubt that you have something to contribute.


Your roles are so varied, and the smallest is equally as important as the most prodigious. It is a coming together of those souls who are moving higher in to the Light. As you do so it becomes much more powerful and spreads even further afield. It is so to say, causing a dampening down of the ability of the dark to continue at their present level, and rather than being able expand their own influence they are losing that ability. With the coming presidential elections they hope to continue as before, but are facing challenges and difficulty in getting their own kind into the White House.


Our help concentrates as ever upon your awakening consciousness, and you have taken leaps and bounds since the turn of the century. Working with your guides, we can direct your interests in such a way that you get opportunities to work for the Light. They can come in a multitude of ways, and once your attention is focussed on the Light we can help open up a path to your fulfilment. Merely being aware of the significance of these times is to step onto a path that will enable you to assist others. It is about enlightenment and being able to see beyond the conditioning of ages past, and sharing your knowledge and understanding with others. It does not matter whether you are at an advanced stage or not, it is the invoking of interest and ideas in a new way that releases the old. You have been fed only that which serves the dark, and has masqueraded as the truth for millennia of time.


The truth is absolutely astonishing when compared to the traditional understanding of your place in the Universe. It takes an open-minded person to accept that your origin is amongst the stars, but it does not mean that you have to give up your belief in God. We are all from the same Source and connected for evermore in the great Light and Love that emanates from it. We are not too concerned at this time if you are caught up in inaccurate teachings, as when we come to Earth there will be mass education on many subjects. We are not out to indoctrinate you, but simply place before you the Truth so that you may uplift your beliefs onto a higher level of understanding.


The Truth is quite simple as we see it and not at all complicated, and it will become the mainstay of all people’s understanding. There has to be a starting point to enable you to re-assess your own personal beliefs, and it will be a landmark when you accept that there is only the One Supreme Creator. This clearly tells you that you too are also One in essence with each other, and will bring you closer together.


The different religions will have to accept a new understanding; otherwise they will simply fade away from lack of support. They can however play an important role in creating the very opportunity for traditional thinkers to come together, in a new Church that is firmly based upon the Truth. It is not that you need to identify with any particular Church, but there will be a transition period before people can totally handle the truth. However, in the latter stages of Ascension your consciousness will have opened up to the degree that all truth will be found within. You are ultimately heading for Superconsciousness and all knowledge and abilities will become yours. There will nevertheless be some souls that will become overawed by what will projected as your future selves, and feel unprepared or unable to grasp the full meaning of it. As we often inform you, there is still to be a place for such souls to continue their choice of learning experiences.


It is getting tougher on Earth at present as the full effect of years of malpractice and mismanagement is breaking up your society. It is a time when cool heads are required to see that the demise of the old systems is necessary. They are collapsing, as they cannot be maintained in the light of a new wave of thinking. What is needed to move you forward is known, and it only requires that moment of opportunity to bring it in. We are fully supporting our allies, and with the blessings of the Creator shall ensure that the plan for you to open up a new pathway, commences very soon. It must manifest for the final stages of Ascension, by creating a platform of knowledge and understanding so that everyone has the chance to move into it. It is not too late for anyone to have a turn of heart and create a new path for themselves even now.


There has never been so many Dear Ones taking it upon themselves to bring the Truth to Earth, and your Internet remains the most useful source of information. However, as with any situation in life there are always a number of options open to you, and discernment together with intuitive selection should see you through. The Galactic Federation is as it were the engine room for all activities on Earth, and much comes under our direct control and influence. We are far more involved than we are prepared to reveal at this time, but after First Contact you shall learn of our part in your evolution. Many aspects of your understanding will need to be refreshed and you will be presented with the undeniable truth.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, inviting you to acknowledge your expanding heart centres that are opening up to the Truth of your Godself. You are recognising your ability to express yourself as the beautiful souls you are already, and finding your true power within, yet it is of gentleness and loving understanding of your connection to All That Is. Do not doubt that you are great Beings breaking out of the cocoon of darkness that has held you back. The Light is illuminating every dark corner, and the cleansing will remove the last vestiges of the dark empire and their controls. You are destined to claim back your rightful place in the Light as channels of the Creators Love.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.