St. Germain  21-May-2007


Many souls have awakened to the changes on Earth and understand their purpose, yet others who have touched upon the them are confused and not ready to accept such ideas as Ascension. However, once it has been considered it rests within the subconscious mind waiting its opportunity for further illumination. As time proceeds, the idea that change is a personal issue to be decided will become more pressing.


It is apparent that Mankind cannot continue on its present path to destruction, and a different one must be followed. The question for many is perplexing because Man is in upheaval, and it is difficult to see how major changes can be instigated when all around society is crumbling. Where is the force that can bring a new path into being when the dark seem to have taken control? Some will continue to embrace the idea of a Second Coming of Christ, or an Avatar, who will turn peoples attention back to the Light and lead them into a new era.


The drawback with the traditional and long held idea of being saved, is that the old teachings paint a picture of upheaval and disastrous events before the Savior appears. This belief therefore becomes part fulfilling because of the heavy focus upon it. In the Christian teachings, much emphasis is put upon the damnation of those who are perceived as sinners and are condemned to purgatory. As we have told you previously, no soul is excluded from the opportunities to ascend as this cycle closes. In the great drama being played out upon Earth all are evolving and it is their ultimate destiny to rise up.


It is never too late to change the course of your life, and you will find opportunities coming your way that offer an opening. You are invited to step into the Light and leave guilt behind for past misdemeanors, as we see nothing greater than a soul who “has seen the Light”. As you begin to understand the reasons for your previous darkness, there can be self forgiveness that will release you from its hold. The ideas of punishment or retribution are to be consigned to the past, as these were never part of the truthful spiritual teachings, but are those of Man.


The cycle of duality is one of experiencing both the dark and Light, and you can contemplate the reason that the Creator would invite you to do so and then punish you for it. Of course part of your experience has involved accepting karmic responsibility for your actions, but this is by way of opening your understanding as to what harm you may have caused others. You have accepted it as a means of rising up and overcoming the negative energies. Overall it is a means of evolving back to the levels that will enable you to leave this cycle behind. You were never intended to remain in duality indefinitely, although some souls have progressed slower than others and are still unable to make that necessary step into the Light of Understanding.


Be assured that encouragement is given to every soul to help change their path, and none will ultimately be able to truthfully claim that they were overlooked or denied the opportunity to find the Truth, The present period is one where the energies are being transmuted as great swathes of Light are reaching Earth, as Great Beings in the Heavens play their part in raising the level of vibration upon it. It is a paradox that many souls on Earth are sacrificing much to bring Light into being, and it often involves great suffering. Through the example of others there is a great awakening brought about. Your Third World is such an example, where for centuries people have lived meager lives and have been exploited by others. The live in dire conditions and suffer through neglect, and attacks upon their lives and livelihood.


In an ideal world that was founded on Love, there would not be the imbalances that you have at present. Yet the Masters have taught that you are responsible for the well being of each other. You have all at some time experienced want and deprivation but when you have incarnated into a more pleasurable life of plenty, you have found it easy to forget such experiences that lie within your sub-consciousness. You know what it is like to be denied and suffer, and events such as the great Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina have brought this home to you. Here you have the very examples of Beings who have undertaken to experience such happenings to bring out the Light in you.


Those who have awakened to their Higher Self are strongly aware of their duty of love to others. They will be found giving of Self, and able to do so in a way that shines the Light upon those who need their help. They are deeds that leave an indelible mark upon their consciousness, and in the receiving of such love and devotion they are lifted up. How else do you evolve except by sharing your Love and Light with others. Wonderful spiritual teachings are capable of opening your hearts, but the measure of success is to put what you have learnt into action.


The wasted life is one where everything is centered upon Self, albeit that lessons are learnt that will be a stepping stone to a greater understanding of the purpose of life. Man has been led to believe that the material life is the most important, and that has invited greed and self-aggrandizement. Look around you and see the point that Man has arrived at, because if changes do not take place the negative energies could destroy Mankind. Do not fear however, as I give only an example of how close you have come to oblivion. Fortunately, many have awoken to the ways of the dark and now understand how they are being led into the abyss of complete chaos and destruction.


I am St. Germain, and looking ahead I see the glorious victory of Light, carrying you into the realms of utter beauty and great happiness. Become godly through recognizing your Higher Self, as you have everything within that is required to help you rise up. The dark will then become unable to influence you or draw you from your path of Light. You will see more clearly what needs to done to ensure your Ascension, and how your example assists others onto the same path. This way, you do not impose yourself upon them, and you allow them to reveal their own Light. Be patient and compassionate with others, as it is a very personal decision to change course in mid-stream. I send you my Love and Blessings to help you on your way.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey