SaluSa  18-May-2007


There is an inherent desire within each soul to create, and is a driving force that manifests through each ones vision. You are continually creating different possibilities, that become paths that you can choose to follow. At present Man is faced with many choices, but as an intelligent Being knows that his evolution is best served through upliftment. Whether or not it is known that it is an ever on-going process, there is always that prompting and desire to seek greater and more fulfilling experiences.


As the veils of forgetfulness are lifted, so you will find memories of beautiful and breathtaking images entering your mind. You will eventually have the ability to tap into the ethers that hold a record of all that has ever been, and will be able to visit such levels through your power of thought. Presently few of you have developed such abilities, but in time it will become a quite natural occurrence. Once you achieve your destiny and status as a Galactic Human, the doors to the Universe are opened up to you.


Meantime much negative thought still abounds upon Earth, but it is contained within certain magnetic boundaries so as not to contaminate the levels beyond it that go out into Space. If this were not the case, such negative energies would be attracted to fertile grounds and would spread very quickly. Bear in mind that total perfection does not exist except at the Source of All That Is. Therefore there is a responsibility placed upon souls at all times to create only from the highest level of their understanding. However, with your growth and ventures into the higher levels your thoughts will be clothed in Love and Light and this will be your protection.


Man does not realize that as a mass consciousness you are constantly re-creating your experiences, and it is you who have determined your future path. As individuals you have already set your path into motion, and will have known before you incarnated exactly what your aims would be. At times the negative energies have become so powerful that they have been the dominant force. Whilst such conditions have remained the Light has become overwhelmed and suppressed. This has caused many periods of darkness that have threatened to destroy the very fabric of society, and bring chaos.


Fortunately, you have found sufficient strength within to overcome such threats to your very existence. By doing so you have found the ability to rise above the lower energies and establish the Light upon Earth. Having done so, it has forced the dark to be revealed as they openly show their true colors. The challenge remains to take every opportunity to bring more Light into being, and finally defeat those who would pull you down with them. Every day you are being confronted with the result of actions that are not of the Light. Your task is to use your love and power of thought to nullify any possible effect upon you.


Duality is intended to reveal how the dark and Light use the same energies of creation. It is only their application that determines whether or not they are lifting you up. All is experience that will mould your understanding so that it serves you well in all future times. Emotions are another area of experience that is vital to your evolution. Over millennia of time you have fed your ego with grand ideas of your importance, and when they are challenged you often resort to aggressive behavior. You allow yourself to assert your self-importance often against what is best for all. This has promoted greed and maintained the differences between people, instead of coming together in a common purpose. In the higher levels there is a natural desire to be at One with all else, and it is continually growing until it embraces a greater number of souls.


You are already beginning to understand the power of love, and when you apply it to all situations in your life others will become more important to you. One of the greatest teachings you have been given, is that which reminds you “that what you do to others you do to yourself”. Within those few words lies a great truth that when understood will guide you towards a higher expression of your soul. You are responsible for each other, and yet you exist in a world where there is so much inequality. There could be abundance for all if caring and concern for your fellow travelers was achieved. Particularly as Mother Earth has made available to you more than enough to sustain and nurture each one of you.


We see a wonderful awakening amongst so many of you, and your voices grow stronger for the changes that will remedy the problems that beset you. You realize that they could all be overcome through having the right people leading you, and the moves to remedy this situation are gathering momentum. Things will change for the better, and very soon you shall see clear signs of many actions coming to the fore that are destined to achieve victory for the Light.


Look at your history and see that many times tyrants that have attempted to take over and control the Earth, but they have failed. The Roman Empire at one time controlled large areas of your world and seemed too powerful to fall, but they did. Be assured that any regime that is founded upon the energies of the dark cannot last, and will always be the architects of their own downfall. It may take time, but it cannot sustain itself forever. The Light however is indestructible and can be subdued, but will always return to a position where it will become the greater influence. You are in such a time, and you will observe the sudden collapse of the present dark empire and its plans for enslaving you.


Events can change quickly upon Earth but we see the next few months as critical in bringing out the result of much work that has taken place, to lay down the foundations of great changes. The groundwork has been done, and our allies are primed and ready to do their part. With us behind them they are able to handle the many ruses and subterfuge that the dark use to maintain their position.


I am SaLuSa and pleased to be part of the Galactic Federation that has committed itself to the release of Earth from the clutches of the dark. Pleased also that we are charged with guiding you towards Ascension, but first there will be much work to restore Earth and bring peace and happiness to the people. Your current problems arising from lack of abundance have caused so many imbalances, but that again will be addressed. Great days beckon that will put all of your fears and worries behind you, and there is nothing that blights your lives that cannot be remedied.


Your health and well being are high up on our list and we shall introduce you to methods of healing that will be quick and efficient, without the after effects associated with your present method of drug treatments. What we shall show you are natural ways that involve sound and color that can deal with most of your problems. The surgeon’s knife will become a thing of the past, and generally speaking we shall restore you in accordance with your original blueprint. Each of you has a perfect body that is waiting to manifest, and all shall experience these changes in readiness for Ascension.


I leave you with the promise that we shall not let you down, no matter how many times events seem to take a downturn. There is only one result that can take place, and the plan is well advanced for the removal of the dark and your return to the Light. Love will abound upon Earth, and a great happiness and joy become your natural way of life. We are already what you are to become, and therefore best equipped to take you forward. Look to us for your inspiration, as our love and guidance are there for the calling.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.