Atmos  14-May-2007 

You are in a very active period when nevertheless it is difficult to pinpoint which specific actions are destined to be successful. At times it would seem that you come so near to bringing about the changes that are so important to the final stages of duality. What is encouraging are the various paths that are being explored that will ultimately result in achieving the change of leadership, that is a first requisite to a greater purge of the dark. However, it is apparent to you that a great awakening of hearts and minds is occurring. 

There are human issues involved that even the most obedient servants of authority are questioning. Despite the efforts of the minions of the dark, the people see the wrong direction that is being taken. Materialism seems to have become the byword for unparalleled wealth to be the made by the few who control your industries. Greed has become rampant, and corruption the method by which much of it is gained. It is glaringly out of control, while many suffer through lack of essentials that a caring society should provide. 

At heart there is a natural tendency for people to be fair-minded and help those in need. Many work for little if any monetary reward, having responded to their higher consciousness that can see where society has become neglectful and gone astray. The Light is growing in the hearts of many, who see that the only way forward is in providing for others who are often unable to do so for themselves. As you grow in understanding, so you realise that Humanity cannot progress without offering a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. Service to others becomes an essential part of life, and it is in this willingness to provide it that a new era is being born. 

It does not matter what dictates you follow, and whether you claim religious truth or otherwise. Man is inherently a loving soul that has an instinctive desire to help others. You could perhaps consider that after millennia of time experiencing many lives and facing so many different challenges, that you are subconsciously seeing in others what you have already experienced. You know what it is like to suffer pain, hunger and homelessness. You have also learnt that the gift of love to others is an energy of such immense power, that it can bring about miraculous changes. 

The lack of love shown to some people has been identified as the cause of much disruption in some families, and it equally applies to the family of Man. Have you not been taught that you are your brothers keeper? And is not apparent that love is the glue that bonds people together? These are the lessons that you repeatedly experience, until you can express yourselves with Unconditional Love and provide for so many that are disadvantaged. 

In the higher realms there are Beings of immense wisdom and love, who oversee your evolution. They decide how you will be led to accept the Light, and present opportunities for your progress time and time again. They do so until of your own freewill you become once again that which was always the real you. You are not being forced to accept any particular lessons, but when you return to the higher realms and understand that you have been experiencing exactly as you chose to do so, your determination to succeed becomes so much stronger. 

Your present stage of evolution is about taking that great step forward that will release you from the cycle of re-birth. Never has so much help and guidance been given, and there are great hopes of exceedingly high numbers reaching that level of attainment that enables an easy transition to the path of Ascension. You have worked towards it for such a long time and now the challenges will take you forward, providing you recognise your Godself within. That sleeping giant can overcome any obstacle that is placed before you, and faith plays a large part in your success. You do not necessarily need outside proof of your divinity, and providing you allow for your Higher Self to lead the way you will come to the realisation of your connection to All That Is. 

Order and purpose are around you if only you scratch the outer surface. See that even the opposition to the Light serves to awaken you, but in responding re-act by spreading your Light as far as you can. The dark divides and controls, whereas the Light brings all together into one great energy that grows exponentially. This is why you have no cause to doubt the victory for the Light, and need only look back to the end of the last century to see what gains it has achieved. From the near annihilation of Humanity, you have created another path that has led souls away from the predicted doom and gloom. Now the Light and promise of Ascension is in your sight, because you have desired it to be so. To ensure its manifestation, you have attracted the direct help of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation. 

Behind all great Beings is the power of the Creator and a plan for the upliftment of your Universe. Failure is not even contemplated although it exists in the minds of Man. The Creator’s word is a command that brings instant response, and all already exists in the perfection of the original vision. You are drawing that vision to Earth, and suddenly it will be with you in the twinkling of an eye. It cannot be any other way, so you can walk tall knowing that your Love and Light is linking with the Source. You are manifesting your Godself and becoming a powerful Being, that is playing a great part in transmuting the energies all around you to the higher levels. 

I am Atmos, a member of a large group of Sirian's that serve the Galactic Federation. We are where you are destined to be in the higher realms, and only one of many different groups that have an affinity with Man. There is no doubt that so many of you accept our benign presence, and we know you are ready to become a Galactic Human. It is your natural progression as you return to levels that were your home before you accepted the challenge of Duality. We absolutely love you for what you achieved, and it is your choice of service to others. The reasons are soon to be revealed, and we shall enlighten you as to the decisions you took in the mists of time. Mighty Beings from all over have come to witness your imminent Ascension, and they accompany you with immense Love and Light.  

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.