SaLuSa  04-May-2007. 

You will know by now that everything is energy, and it is continually changing as it is affected by the power of thought. Even now you are determining the way your reality is manifesting, although there are greater energies that give considerable upliftment at specific times. There has always been a plan to gradually ease you into the higher vibrations, and it has gathered pace as you head for the final thrust. We can determine the levels of energy that are best suited to you as a whole, and it allows for sensible progress all through the spectrum of Light. 

There are powerful Beings who oversee your progress who could change you in an instance, but that is not the manner in which the end times have been planned. It is intended to allow each soul the opportunity to rise up through their own choice and endeavours. Accordingly there is much encouragement given and continual enlightenment as to what is taking place. You talk about those who have ears to hear, and this is the crux of the matter as not everyone will respond. There are various reasons for this and many feel uncomfortable with a truth that is different to their present perceptions. 

We apply no pressure at all on anyone, but as soon as the responses indicate another awakening soul there are many helpers that give guidance. A simple indication of intent to break out of the mould of ages past will come to our notice, and a new path will be designated. We help clear what are often confused and erroneous beliefs that otherwise block a souls progress. There is no judgement as the cycle of duality is in some ways a trap for the unwary. For too long you have been led to believe that materialistic wealth is a desirable goal, and compete for a greater status and position in your society. 

The idea that you should be satisfied with enough and thus share with all others according to their needs, is not a concept that has been taken up by very many of you. You are for example programmed by advertising to believe that you must have certain standards of living, which are continually fuelled by the desire of wanting the latest model or version. The most insidious development has been the encouragement to acquire wealth in never ending amounts. This can be patently seen as the cause of greed, and means that wealth is in the hands of the minority thus denying others of an equal share. 

One of the changes you will experience in the not too distant future is a dramatic change in how wealth is distributed. A re-distribution of it will take place, and as a result it will be seen there is sufficient for every single person that will cover his or her needs. It will evoke a new way of thinking that will come so naturally to most people, and with it a realisation that it will abolish poverty. At present there is an imbalance that is causing so much hardship and distress, and it will be addressed by the monumental changes planned. 

You have to understand that any successful society is based upon the coming together of a multitude of different skills. Some will be professional members having the necessary qualifications to give such vital services such as doctors. Others will take their place giving to society according to their abilities, but clearly not all can command a place in the better paid occupations. A balance has to be achieved to ensure a fully functioning set up, where the needs of everyone are catered for to ensure a fair standard of living. This does not always happen, yet each person is a vital cog in the smooth running of any society. Recognition of the value of every personís contribution will eventually eliminate the unfairness in monetary rewards that exits today. Eventually, you will find that money has no place in an enlightened society that has recognised the equality of each of its members. 

Following First Contact, there will be such technological changes that all of your basic needs will be covered. Free energy will be the basis of much that will come to you, and immediately it will eliminate the need to continue using methods that are polluting your earth, air and seas. At a stroke it will enable changes that will ensure that once the present damage to your environment is reversed, there will be no further usage of methods that have caused such damage. Without help we have to say that the inadequate attempts to alleviate the situation would not prevent the disaster that is waiting to happen. 

Your Earth is presently dying and eventually so would the Human Race. We do not make these comments to chasten you as it is simply a fact of life. It results from your Industrial Revolution, and is not helped by the more recent suppression of alternative methods of clean energy, that could have greatly eliminated the damage to Earth and all of its life forms. We have foreseen it and often taken steps to avoid an greater catastrophe. Certainly there has been no intention on our part to stand by and allow life to be decimated. 

However, there has always been a plan that involves your evolution, and it is part of your experience to understand the result of your actions. Sometimes it saddens us to have to stand aside and witness the collapse of your eco-systems, but how else will you realise that it is a result of your own actions. You have been given freedom of choice, but with it comes responsibility, and fortunately there are great numbers of you who are now awakening to the truth. 

Your voices demand change but your pleas fall upon deaf ears because you are in the clutches of the dark forces. They only consider their plans for a controlled Humanity and see you as a dispensable item. They care little that millions die while they push ahead with their plan for global domination. However, the dark cabal and their minions are running on borrowed time, and soon will be prevented from continuing with their assault upon your freedom. 

I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, and pleased to confirm that the actions of the dark are being limited. The scenario is rapidly changing thus allowing us to implement our plan that will see First Contact manifest. You are our Brothers and Sisters, and we have that bond of love that exists in such relationships. We care deeply for you, and can already feel the joy and happiness that will come with our re-union. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.