Diane  02-May-2007 

There are so many problems that beset the Earth and her people, and we understand how easy it is to get caught up in feelings of depression and sometimes hopelessness. That is how the dark would like to see you struggle and lose sight of the greater plan. These times more than any others are when you must apply yourselves to keeping your goals in mind, and your focus must be strong and resolute. It is not intended that you should worry or concern yourselves as to how your victory over the dark is achieved, although we accept that you yearn for an end to their actions. Leave us to pursue the many avenues that present us the opportunity to forge ahead, and know that we are progressing albeit slowly by your reckoning. 

Of course we enlighten you as to our position and we encourage you to maintain your faith in us and the higher forces. The finer details of our plans are necessarily guarded, as we are engaged in a battle for your minds and hearts. We ask that you remember who you really are, and that you are invincible providing you stay within your Light. Put all of your energy and intent in seeing the outcome as victory for the Light, and fulfilment to end your journey in the manner decreed for these end times. 

On a daily basis it would seem to you that there is a never-ending catalogue of events, that are designed to weaken your stand against the dark forces. In linear time this is unavoidable, which is why we direct your thoughts to the outcome that will bring into being the new Earth. You are one with the great Mother Gaia, and united you are a formidable force of Light. You can help her by bringing the Light to Earth and drawing it to yourselves and down through your crown chakra, and passing it through your body and into the Earth. All your efforts of this nature are speeding up events, and lessening the likelihood of major catastrophes of a physical nature. 

Everyone is participating in these last days whether they realise it or not, but those of the Light hold the key and power to influence the outcome. It is a collective effort that is bringing the Light to bear upon those areas of darkness, and you may be assured that it is resulting in the desired changes. The awakening of mankind continues at an acceptable pace, and indeed is gathering an unstoppable momentum. Every little helps the cause to bring Light to Earth, and we are well pleased with the progress that has been made. 

On a broader front the Lords of Karma play out the end times with an allowance for grace, as whilst it is a time of clearing away the old it will not be allowed to interfere with the pathway to Ascension. For most of you this period in your lifetime has been exceptionally busy, clearing away the attachments and unfinished business that has followed you through many lives. Consequently, it has been very challenging and difficult but know that you have much support from your Guides and also Angelic protection. We marvel at your strength and fortitude to achieve success, and we see this as being the result of your long journey in duality. You have overcome adversity and the most appalling oppression, yet for all that you have come up even more determined to succeed. 

Your experiences have been set up to show you the reality you have created. It has been chosen through your mass consciousness, and from it you have learnt that your direction must be influenced and guided by your spiritual understanding. Progress is inevitable and obviously welcomed, and the cycle of duality has been considered of sufficient length to serve its purpose. It is your evolution that has grown through your experiences, and it has given you both strength and purpose as you have returned to the Light. 

Your progress through the last century has been phenomenal, and this has fulfilled the plan that opened your eyes to the Light in spite of the extreme actions of the dark. However, the dark as also the Light have operated within the allowance of freewill decisions, but at no time has the balance been allowed to get out of hand. Great Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy have overseen your progress, and as now command the great energies that are rapidly manifesting your future. The effect of them is far reaching and is lifting up both Humanity and also Earth. They also transmute the dark energies and as a result their power is slowly diminishing. 

The picture we see is one of great encouragement, and your direction is clearly evident. There is a wonderful movement of Light that is intent on bringing such power to Earth, and nothing of a lesser vibration will be able to stand in its way. The changes are soon to culminate in a great leap forward, and to this end we play our hand accordingly and it is calculated to assist such an event. The planning for such a time is vast and complicated, yet our knowledge of such occasions and the demands they impose means that all will proceed in an orderly and satisfactory way. 

We know each and every one of you from the point of view of your abilities and undertaking to play a certain part in the end times. Your life plans and progress are recorded by our computers that link directly to your consciousness. Each of you has a unique vibration that is your signature, and consequently we can if necessary pinpoint exactly where you are. This is how we are able to rescue ones who may find their lives at risk, and lift them off until the danger is over. We must of course respect each individualís life plan, as some will have planned to leave the Earth as a result of major calamities. These ideas are difficult for some of you to comprehend, but when your purpose has been fulfilled you will have made your plan to exit life. 

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and wish you to know that we support you and line up behind those of the Light. We are at the command of the Hierarchy who comprehend an even greater picture than we do, as they directly link with the Creatorís plan and ensure itís outworking. There is a great unconditional love that accompanies all of these actions, and every soul can call upon the Higher Beings. We are here to serve you through the higher forces, and our presence is to ensure your path to Ascension. Keep your eyes as ever on the goal and know that you will get there as decreed, 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.