Ker-On  30-May-2007


I am Ker-On and have come again to address you and enlighten you, as the Heavens sing their praise for Manís progress out of the darkness of ages past, and into the Light. Although it was considered it would be achieved successfully, nevertheless with total freewill to choose your own path it was not an absolute certainty. Having recently reached a high point in expanding your consciousness, it is now in a forward motion that cannot be held back. This is why we can tell you that the plan will conclude as originally conceived.


For too long you have experienced the low points, and the lessons having been learnt you are on the high road to the achieving your release from duality. Your role has been to find the Light from within, and bring it into your conscious world. To live the way that brings harmony and balance into your life, whilst understanding the Oneness of all life forms. You are the Guardians of the Earth, and the time has arrived to reverse the trends that have led to its destruction. Before you can take that giant step forward, you must accept your responsibility for making good all that is less than the original perfection.


When you first came to Earth it was fully prepared for the advent of Man, and was truly Paradise. It took a million years or more to seed it, and many other civilizations contributed the flowers and fauna to bring a unique beauty into being. All lived in harmony for a very long time, and Man still in his higher state was totally aware of his responsibilities to nurture and guide the evolution of all life. However, in becoming more individualized and still with creative power, an emphasis on self-empowerment caused a division amongst Man.


Gradually over time the vibrations were allowed to slip from their previous high level, and the group consciousness collapsed into a divided civilization. The Creator gave power to Man to create, and even up to today that still exists but Man no longer had the control to instantly manifest his desires. Over a long period of time Man experienced his creations, and went from highs to lows through cycles of opportunity. At times a high Spiritual level was reached, and through the Law of Attraction many great Beings were enabled to walk the Earth. Conversely, there were times when the dark influences held power and chaos reigned.


The cyclic nature of life is known, and it offered continual opportunities to experience in such a way as to enhance your evolution. Your own history shows that within solar cycles are smaller ones, that have been brought to you by a blending of the different energies as you move through different phases of the Zodiac. Man of old identified with such energies and knew how to use them to his advantage. Many of your standing stones were placed at nodal points to capture them, and ground them safely within the Earth. This knowledge has largely been lost and forgotten, but will be restored as part of the Earths rejuvenation.


Man in his ignorance has abused nature, but as his awareness continues to grow will realize the error of his ways. Man has the responsibility to work with and guide the evolution of Earth, and will participate in returning it to a pristine condition. When it is feasible and safe to be amongst you, contact will be made by members of the Galactic Federation. This will allow for plans to go ahead with the cleansing of Earth, which has become a priority due to the massive pollution that has taken place. With new technology to replace the old, there will be no return to methods that have been at the root cause of your problems. Already many forward thinking people have recognized the gravity of your situation, but their ideas are held back or denied by those who control your world.


No longer will the Earth be held to ransom while millions of souls toil for a living and are deliberately kept in poverty. The dark forces cannot hold back progress indefinitely, and a big shift forward is soon destined to take place. Everything is poised to take off, and it only remains to remove the power from those who have forgotten their connection to the Light. Look around you and see the result of policies that are calculated to keep Man down, and stifle his natural desire to evolve. Progress has been made but confined to the advantage of your military forces in pursuance of world domination.


In an ideal world, Man would acknowledge the sovereignty of all life forms and seek to lift up all together. You are as One, yet do not fully understand your responsibilities to each other. Shortly a great change will come to Earth that will lift it up out of the cycle of duality, but before that can take place there is much to undo that has led Man to the brink of destruction. A wonderful awareness is already growing very rapidly, and it is a signal to the higher forces that all is proceeding in readiness for the great upliftment that is waiting to carry you forward to Ascension.


The amazing strides forward that you have taken over just the recent years is phenomenal. We see it as a glorious achievement having the ability to comprehend the full picture, and every credit is due to those untiring workers that have contributed to it. There has of course always been a plan to ensure that the opportunities for success are there for you, but we could not know until now that you would achieve it in such a wonderful way. The efforts of millions of individuals who have discovered their purpose in life, has brought considerable Light to Earth. It has become anchored and grows exponentially and more souls are awakening to its presence. You have come a long way to reach this important point in your evolution, and it will not pass you by. Everything you have worked for over a multitude of lives has been to lift you up, and provide the opportunity to leave duality behind. Now proceed with the full realization of your Divinity, and claim your place in the realms of beauty and peace that call you home.


I am Ker-On of the Galactic Federation and excitedly waiting our reunion, as be assured we are no strangers to you. Your consciousness has been closed to the truth for a long time, but soon it shall ring out loud and clear Ė We Are All One, and we are embodied in Universal Love that flows for all eternity.


Thank you Ker-On.               

Mike Quinsey.