Ker-On  28-May-2007


Almost everyone is in a state of anticipation, and people’s idea of what they seek in life differs very much one from another. Unfortunately you have been led to believe that your material needs are paramount to all else, and in some cases of poverty and homelessness it is certainly an answer to the problems. If you found your true selves, and realized your potential to bring help to those in need, those problems would disappear in short time. Where financial aid is concerned there is more than enough in your world of plenty to handle it. Fortunately, you will eventually benefit from the program that started out as NESARA and is now an integral part of First Contact.


Those in control of the wealthy countries, recognize the problems of the poorer people that are mainly in your Third World. They have not however addressed them with the desire to completely eradicate the problems. Regrettably, most see that some help is sufficient to promote the idea that they are fulfilling their obligations, but not even to the extent that their agreements have covered. The fact is that by keeping certain areas for example such as South Africa in a state of need, it allows for gradual control of their economies and also the people.


The dark have a policy to keep you in the “dark” and through deliberate planning in your place. It is to be subservient to them, and they control all factors that dictate your quality of life. Money and labor markets are manipulated to suit their needs rather than yours, and they fund their plans at your expense. Needless to say, wars and all of their requirements have to be supported by you, whether you like it or not. War is their most potent weapon that keeps mankind in a continual cycle of violence and death. It also allows for draconian measures to be taken that demand more from your income and labor force, and the curtailment and denial of your sovereignty.


I am not really telling you of anything you are not aware of, but you need to know that what goes on around you is not by chance. Events such as 9/11 are conceived by those with the most to gain from such happenings, and there are many more such instances that litter your history. The blame is often placed upon those who are considered to be your enemies, and events intentionally manipulated to cast blame upon them. Fortunately there is cast iron evidence to show whom the real terrorists are, and you can lay guilt much nearer to home.


Now you realize how you have been deceived over eons of time, the dark have greater difficulty in fooling you with their latest schemes. The terrorists have been created by the very people who now oppose them, and it has always been the ways of the dark to slander and belittle those who get in their way. Greed and land grabs go together, and historically Man has always eyed up and taken over the land of others. Nations have evolved through these developments and become powerful, and in retrospect some changes have eventually proved to be beneficial.


You have spent many lives experiencing the various life styles in different countries. Home is wherever you are now, but you will have had all manner of different abodes all over the world. In reality you are multi-cultural and whatever you have learnt lies within your subconsciousness, and does have some bearing on your present preferences and views of life. It is intended to bring you all together and recognize that you are One. There must come a time when you see yourself in each other, but not the outer appearance and instead the soul inside that is expressing itself through its physical embodiment. You should be coming to this realization now, and it is no coincidence that it is a time when the vibrations are rapidly increasing and the truth is easier to comprehend.


As many of you already know, the cycle of duality is ending and would it not therefore seem appropriate that there was some way of evaluating what you have learn?. Some way that enabled you to take with you all that enhanced your understanding, so that you would not have to go through those experiences again. That opening is here now and pointing to the higher realms, and it is called Ascension. Can you not feel that the period of learning about matter and Spirit has reached a turning point? For many the earthly experiences have provided sufficient lessons to enable them to now step up into the next levels. This will always be so as wherever you are, you move on when the time for change is reached.


However, before you rise up into your ascended state, you will experience a final period where to your delight all that is dross and has no place in the Light will be removed. You will be part of those changes, and as you become more “lighted” so will Mother Earth. Abundance will remove lack and want, and you will find that once the wealth of the world is re-distributed so many problems can be quickly eliminated. A principal need is for a change of leadership that reflects the new mood and understanding of the people. This you shall have, and already you can see those dear souls who have undertaken this task arising amongst you.


Look more to the positive changes that are stirring, and listen to those who are visionaries and speak the truth. Those who lie and cover up their true intentions are being revealed for what they are, and through their own actions will show their real agenda for all to see. The more they try to force their plan through, the more it will become apparent that they operating a subterfuge for their own gain.


Seek to become that Being of Light that you already are, and know that all you need to achieve it is within. Find time for yourself and get to know the real you. Deflect attempts to pull you down and bring fear into your life. Concentrate on your Godself and find all that is good and wholesome, and if another can be helped be there for their needs. You have an inherent love that can be brought to the fore when needed, and it is this energy that is lifting you up. You are all by nature loving Beings, but many have become subdued and succumbed to the negative energies that has shrouded their true selves.


If only you had the eyes to see, you would realize that everyone is a spark of God. You are One and shall always remain so, and recognition of this fact will open a new vista for you. You will see all in a new Light, and as brothers and sisters on a journey that has brought you together. The journey is ever expanding as you traverse the many dimensions ahead of you, ones that are glorious and beautiful beyond your present imagination. You seek happiness and balance that has been denied you on Earth because of duality, but now it comes to you through Ascension and is so near to manifestation.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and like many of my kind participating in your Ascension. We are just a few of a massive organization that you know as the Galactic Federation. This one is on your side, and made up of numerous civilizations that have already progressed to the higher realms. We have long recognized what you are just realizing, and that is your obligation to help others rise up. We stand primed and ready to arrive on Earth at the correct time. That will be preceded by suitable announcements, and we are coming ever closer to that time. We clearly see how the battle of dark and Light is progressing, and are happy to report that you are on the verge of victory. Many thoughts and much love goes from us to you all of the time, keep pressing on and you will find success is not far away.


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.