Diane  25-May-2007


Dear friends you are certainly in a reality where your dreams and fears are played out. They are ongoing and spread over many lives and at some stage are fulfilled, although not necessarily in the way in which you might envisage. Many souls come into your life, if only to momentarily cross your path to leave you with an impression that may nevertheless become important to you. Sometimes the greatest tragedies bring about a most important awakening process, whether it is on a personal basis or one that affects the whole of Humanity. There are few of you that do not experience times of great sorrow and despair, where your loved ones are concerned.


You come together to be the players that bring wisdom and learning to each other, and so forward your evolution. Do you not have a saying that ”a trouble shared is a trouble halved” and how true that is. The strongest bonds are made within family units, and that can apply to any groups who are not necessarily blood related.  How do you imagine the troops who are in Iraq or any other place of conflict feel, when thousands of miles from home and confronted by scenes of death and destruction every day. They are there because they chose to do so, and I talk of their life plan to experience in this way. So many give of their lives to bring home the futility of war, so that Humanity may at last come to peaceful solutions.


Sacrifice is service to mankind regardless of what form it takes. It comes from clearing karmic responsibilities in a way that helps others to see the Light. You do not necessarily need to experience everything firsthand, but you are nevertheless still touched by the energies generated. All experiences make an impact upon you, clearly some more than others. You carry them with you buried in your sub-consciousness, and they determine how you view life. All of the time you weigh up your experiences, and they will have a bearing on how your outlook and conclusions of life are formed.


In the present period it would seem to you that chaos is the order of the day, and to a large extent that is so. It is promoted by a media that is led to follow the dictates of the Illuminati and their minions. News is often overstated and presented with fearful consequences, and this follows the policy of the dark to create fear amongst you. We tell you many times that they feed off your fear, and without it they would lose their power and ability to manipulate you.


To balance your lives, we of the Galactic Federation and many Beings of the White Brotherhood encourage you to connect with our energies. They are beamed to Earth in a continuous stream that is gathered by you. Soon you are to receive a great out-flowing that will occur on the 7th July, but awareness and intent to allow these energies to flow through you is necessary. Neither the dark or Light energies are imposed upon you, you choose them and they come to you by the Law of Attraction. Over the last few decades there has never been so much energy sent to Earth in such a short period. It is all part of your upliftment and in preparation for the great event of Ascension.


Lightworkers are at the front of the battle to repel the actions of the dark, and succeeding without raising a hand in anger. Visualization and words that carry the love vibration are powerful, and you will one day learn of how you have already carried Man through the period of the Millennium. Your collective consciousness is the factor that determines how quickly you draw peace to Earth. Have no doubt that it is coming, as grids of higher energy are settling upon it. Transformation is often sudden as a critical point is passed, and at present your mass consciousness is near to bringing about major changes.


You work a great deal on the basis of faith and we ask you to never allow it to waver. Godly Beings with your future in their hands look down upon Earth, and smile with loving appreciation at what you have achieved. For them your victory over the dark has already occurred, as it is assured and will soon become apparent to you. The darkest hour is before the new dawn, but already we see the Light permeating your world. The Light goes on forever, but the dark energies cannot be sustained. Bear this in mind and know that you are very much instrumental in restricting their power.


There is so much going on that is bringing the final solution into place. More of you are beginning to understand your true selves, and realize that you are being held back from a great leap forward that shall occur on many levels. Physical changes are vital to restore Earth and throw off the dross of ages past. However the most important ones concern Humanity, and you must be in readiness for the next few years that will prove so important to your evolution.  You need an open mind and a heart that responds to the Light, as it is the time of acceptance that you are great Beings. No longer need you accept old doctrines and teachings that tell you otherwise.


You are not powerless, far from it and we encourage you to accept that it is your Light that determines the path you are taking. Use it to create your ideal existence and you will surely find it manifesting for you. You have all Infinity in which to realize your dreams and visions, but you are going through a unique opportunity to bring them into being now. All that is wonderful and the stuff of dreams can become your reality very soon, and it is blessed by the desire of the Creator who has decreed the ending of this cycle of duality.


Your impression of time is changing, as you head for “No Time” and the freedom to travel anywhere through the power of thought. Oh yes, things are to dramatically change from what you have been used to, yet you are simply returning to a state of complete freedom that was yours before you entered duality. You will therefore take to it quite naturally, and soon the memories of struggle and want will rapidly fade away and be of no further consequence.


I am Diane of Sirius come once again to embrace you with my love, and assure you of success. All is in order and proceeding well and in accordance with the plan; allow for upheaval but do not let it upset you as the peace you seek is so near to manifesting. 


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.