Ag-agria  23-May-2007


Does it not seem remarkable to you that the Galactic Federation that comprises of so many different members, can operate on such a vast scale as to confidently handle the great occasion of Ascension. Not only that but to allocate and organize all the different activities that it involves, and also the cleansing of Earth. We achieve it through a common purpose, and by massive co-operation that is unparalleled upon Earth. True we have the advantage of highly advanced technology, but at the heart of everything is a harmony that makes for great friendship and love between us all.


I mention this aspect of our manner of working, because it ensures our success. Unlike your leaders, we have ones who are spiritually motivated and we respect their wisdom gained over eons of time. We have various Councils and Conclaves that meet to make important decisions, and they are revered and honored for their ability to find solutions to the most difficult problems. In all decisions the emphasis is on what is best for all of the souls, and the objective is to ensure their ultimate upliftment.


Your experiences through evolution are known to us, whether as individuals or Humanity as a whole. The Creator’s plan is also a vital consideration, as by following its intended path we know it will lead to a satisfactory conclusion. If need be we can also take our questions to ever Higher Beings, who have a greater overall understanding. Those who minister to others in this way are in their positions because they have proven wisdom, and are appointed on the basis of their greater spiritual insights and experience. This creates absolute confidence in their judgement, and it is accepted without question.


We operate in the Light and can express our unequivocal love for all life forms, as we recognize them as coming from the Source Of All That Is. Earth and its life forms have reached a major point of change that requires a great leap forward in consciousness. In relatively short time you will achieve full consciousness, and already you are on that path. Many of you are able to see that you have become very much different in your outlook, and your understanding of the purpose of life. Not only that, you can now accept how much your consciousness has risen since the Millennium.


Your collective path to Ascension could have been so much more enjoyable, and as you might say “plain sailing”. You have however been distracted and even mislead by events occurring around you. Accepting the fact that duality will always bring the opposites together often in confrontation, you are unavoidably going to find obstacles on your path. What is often lacking is harmony even amongst those who are of the Light, and time is lost over petty differences that hold up progress. With us there is acceptance of principles that ensure every decision is based upon the Laws of the One.


Harmony is essential to your future, and there will be no place for one individual holding sway over others. If you are of the Light progress will be easy, as you will be working together for a common cause. At present you appoint your representatives with little or no consideration as to their spiritual understanding, or whether they have a proven record of working for the betterment of all. Fortunately, the events of the last few years have been of sufficient impact to open your eyes, and you realize that you have allowed the dark to infiltrate all organizations that effectively control your lives. Bear in mind that they have planned such agendas from way back in time, and have slowly hoodwinked you into a false sense of well-being. However, they now find themselves in a race against time, as they are aware of the greater plan that will soon release Humanity from their clutches.


Events on Earth are reaching to a crescendo as the stakes are lifted, and the dark are racing towards actions that have absolutely no regard for your lives. They have long had an agenda to reduce the Earth’s population, and they are desperately trying to speed up their plans to this end. Fortunately, we of the Galactic Federation are authorized and indeed commanded, to monitor such plans and control the possible outcome to alleviate its effect upon you.


You have so many honest and sincere people that are prepared to stand up to the dark. They need your support, and if you could only put your personal views aside you could ensure that they made a big impact upon the existing Administration. This applies wherever there is a government that has stopped listening to the people, and it is time for people power to come to the fore. You can do it, and particularly if sufficient of you came together in harmony and love. Your latent power is frightening to the dark, and they are taking away your rights and sovereignty to prevent you using it.


We have our allies working hard to bring major changes about, and their dedication and loyalty to their cause is without question. It would however be uplifting for them to find that they were receiving general support from the public. Certainly some groups are forming that are bringing out the truth of 9/11, but they are beset by attempts to sabotage and delay their work. Your strength lies in numbers, and eventually you will reveal the truth and it will be unstoppable. It needs only one great push to bring many matters into the open, and we are certainly with you helping to the extent that is permissible.


Dear Ones I am Ag-agria and as a Sirian close to you in many ways. We understand your difficulties, and recognize the actions of those who are bravely and without fear speaking the truth. We would say get behind those leaders who are emerging and shining out their light. They need to be seen as successfully galvanizing people into action, and this will send a message to those in power that a revolution is under way. The dark will not achieve their aims for global control, but the sooner they are aware of the mounting re-actions against them the quicker they will lose their aim for total control.


Look at the greater picture rather than promote personal interests, as political or religious interests should be put aside for the greater good of ALL. Know that together we will have the victory that has been predicted and promised. We continually send our Love and Light to enfold and protect you.   


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.