Dear Friends, I am off once again for a long weekend break. Because of my wife’s medical problems making travelling difficult, it will be the first one we taken for 7 years. We are going on a coach tour in the beautiful Lake District of England. I will back with my next message on Monday 14th May.

                                                                      In Love and Light. Mike. 

Ag-agria  9-May-2007 

All progresses well, indeed our combined efforts are coming together in such a way that we foresee major happenings before too many weeks have elapsed. Our present position gives us many options to remove the last U.S. administration. With it, other designated actions are going ahead, and our timing is such that matters will continue to go speeding along.   

We would dearly love to reach even more people than at present, but some will remain distant and uninterested for some time yet. One distinct advantage we have is that once First Contact has started, we will ensure that communications are opened up that mean everyone will at some stage know of our reason for being here, and our intentions for your future. We know it is important that we overcome any prejudice against our arrival, and also remove the ages old concept of aliens attempting to take over your planet. 

Our presence is to be the key to your release from the oppression that has taken away your sovereignty, and take you out of poverty and want. There are already more than adequate resources and technologies upon Earth to fulfil this desire. We will also deal with the necessary requirements to re-create a base from which you will become protected by the original Constitution. A happy and free society is a necessity if we are to work together. You cannot concentrate your efforts on restoring your Earth, if you are constantly worried and beset by lack of the basic necessities. 

We also have the task of re-writing your history in such a way that it can be supported by facts. It will be presented to you so that it will answer all questions, and show you the “where and whys” of how you have deliberately been mislead. Accordingly, you will see that we have always been with you on your journey, and helped you along without any direct interference with your freewill choices. Whatever you have chosen in the past, you are now in the time when matters must be brought to a conclusion. The dark know this, and desperately and obstinately cling to their ideas of global domination. 

However, your destiny is not in the hands of mortals, and by divine decree the end times shall come as planned. Whatever precedes this grand finale is of no real consequence, as it cannot delay or prevent Ascension. As we often remind you, what is happening is of Galactic proportions and Earth will change regardless. You will also change and your progress is well under way, but there are of course different degrees of attainment depending on how awakened each soul has become. 

As people begin to see the truth through the mire and misleading teachings of ages past, there is a period of adjustment which is what you are in now. As a result there is an interim period where confusion still reigns, as beliefs that you have carried for eons of time are addressed. Be assured that the Light of Truth is all around you, and be true to your own understanding. To follow another souls truth is often misleading and will cloud your path. Be satisfied that once you have vowed to open up to a greater truth than previously, your Guides will help direct your attention and activities in the right direction. 

Unfortunately you will find opposition to change, and those who are dear to you may not understand what is happening. Be gentle and kind to those who would challenge you through their fears, as they are wrestling with the possibility of accepting change themselves. By your demeanour and peaceful co-existence with others, they will realise that you have found the Light. It will baffle them yet attract their attention, as deep down they also yearn to find that inner peace. Some will continue to deny the truth and that is their prerogative and right to freedom of choice, as all of you have. 

The great Truth is that you all have the means and wherewithal within your subconsciousness to become an enlightened Being once again. This is why we encourage you to keep aside those quiet times of contemplation or meditation that are so important to your understanding. In the near future, much of the “noise” that plagues modern Man will be removed, and your surroundings will be more conducive to peaceful and relaxed conditions. A great factor in such changes will be the removal of your present modes of transport, to be replaced by virtually silent means that do not use combustion as you do now. The free energies that constantly flow around you will be utilised in so many ways, you will be quite astounded at what changes can been made. 

Dealing with the poisoning of your environment is to be a top priority that will be immediately attended to with First Contact. As the pollution of many years is treated so will your health be assured, and you will certainly notice the pleasant changes it will bring. Nature will be restored and nothing that is un-natural will be carried forward. For example plastics have served you well, but in the main are not self-destructing and carry toxins that blight your Earth. There are numerous examples we could give of vital changes needed that are of this nature, and the residue of drugs and chemicals are ones that pollute your soil and waters. 

I am Ag-agria, and one of Michael’s Guides, coming to you as a Sirian  member of the Galactic Federation. It is our task to ensure that the necessary changes are carried out, and all is now prepared for action. Through the realms that go into infinity the intention is service to others, and our presence is one of Love for the Creator and all creations. We come in Love to bring peace to your world, and lift you up in readiness for the great going through that is upon you. Find your Light within, and you will soon begin to rise up into the higher vibrations that are your rightful home.  

Thank you Ag-agria.

 Mike Quinsey.